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We started traveling 6 years ago and we have been to over 50 countries – here’s a post with one carefully selected photo from each country we’ve been to. What initially was a year off to travel around Latin America became a lifestyle. Now, we work and travel at the same time, no matter where in the world we are. People who work location independently using a computer are called digital nomads these days. Read this article where Ashray explains how he became a digital nomad, the hardships involved, but also the rewards that come with it!

Travel is not just about moving geographically. We have come to love our way of life, especially because we now understand how, in a way, travel can make you younger! And no, we’re not talking about some miraculous elixir of youth. But simply about the fact that travel and being surrounded by new things give you the perception that your days are longer. Change of place and mindfulness come hand in hand for us. Have you ever thought of travel as a form of meditation? Here’s what we think about that…

Even though a life of constant travel might sound amazing at first (and, of course, it sure is for the most part!) it doesn’t mean that there aren’t downsides to it. We don’t like to write exclusively about the highs of travel and rose tint our experiences. We don’t think it’d be fair to showcase this lifestyle in such an unrealistic way. That’s why we have also written about the hard things of long-term travel.

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