About A & Z

We are Ashray and Zara from India and Portugal. Until 2011 we were living in a far away land called Dubai. It was where we met and fell in love. However, for a number of reasons, life in Dubai no longer appealed to us, so we decided to sell all our stuff, pack our bags and travel the world!

Back in 2011, our plan was to travel for one year. But as it so often happens, destiny had different plans for us.

Since then, we’ve time traveled in Cuba, got engaged in Machu Picchu, learned how to surf in Costa Rica, swam with sharks in the Galapagos islands, eaten grasshoppers in Mexico, discussed Bollywood in Ethiopia, seen the Northern lights in Norway, and participated in exotic festivals in Thailand.

Backpack ME started as a small project to share our adventures with friends, family, and a few interested readers. Today, we share our stories with tens of thousands of readers around the world! We’ve worked with major brands to inspire our readers to travel more and explore this fascinating world we live in.

Our life and responsibilities have been structured in a way that we can be completely location independent. We work online and live in different places across continents for as long as we choose, and often, as long as our visas allowWe have not had our own house since 2011.

To give you an idea, recently we’ve spent time in Istanbul, Taipei, New York City, Puerto Rico, Antigua (Guatemala), Helsinki, and Stockholm. We often intersperse short intense periods of travel and exploration with longer periods of staying in a new city and catching up with work. We feel like we are taking full advantage of the 21st century economy by working online and living a life that isn’t tied to just one location.

On Backpack ME we write about our experiences traveling, working online, meeting different cultures, getting the most out of our money, and our life as global citizens.



Ashray in LisbonI like to call myself an entrepreneur and world traveler. I am a software engineer and have a number of other projects online and this makes me someone who travels and works at the same time.

I grew up in India and my parents loved to travel. We traveled all over this beautiful and enormous country. Then I moved to Dubai. I traveled a bit around the Middle East and Asia during my time there. After living in Dubai for 5 years I got sick of the superficial lifestyle, the horrible summers and the obvious disparities. I decided to take my sweetheart and leave on a jet plane – that makes me better than John Denver at least ;)

I decided to take my sweetheart and leave on a jet plane.

So here we are. Traveling around the world has been a dream of mine and now I am living it. I write about working as a programmer on the road, my challenges traveling with an Indian passport, and about what it means to live life on the road.




Namaste ZaraI am half Portuguese and half Spanish but, obviously, belonging to two countries wasn’t enough for me. I have always wanted to travel around the world but, as many, always thought money would be an issue.

After working my butt off for many years, I managed to save some cash. Only later I understood that time is way more valuable than money and the freedom of movement is what you really need to get going. For all of the people that tell me: “you are so lucky, I wish I could travel!” my only advice would be to put yourselves out there and make a move. If you don’t, there will be a day when you regret dreaming more than doing.

Put yourselves out there and make a move.

I consider myself a very lucky person for finding Ashray, the perfect travel companion. He keeps me entertained, inspired and grounded. Traveling with your partner could be considered “the true test of true love”. If you can travel long term with each other and still be together by the end of it, there is definitely potential! I would recommend all lovers to travel out of their comfort zones to test how strong your connection can be.

Right now, I am enjoying life to the fullest and hope our articles, photos and videos inspire you guys to do the same… whether it’s traveling long or short term, go see the world and open up your mind. It will make you a better person!

I write about how food connects you to different culturesdigital nomad spaces in different locations, and lots of quirky observations about the places we visit. I have also written a book about Portuguese food.


A&Z at the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina


Why we are different

It’s well known that the world is full of travel bloggers, traveling couples, travel guides, and more. So what makes our experience unique?

To put it simply, everything we are makes us different! We’re east meets west, yin and yang. Don’t get it?

We’re from India and Portugal. We grew up in our respective countries and we bring to the table a unique mix of eastern and western perspectives. Most travel guides that you will find, are by westerners, for westerners. This creates a huge gap in perspective as well as challenges faced. A very simple example of our unique trials and tribulations is the famous Indian Passport. Unlike most people with USA/European/other-awesome-passports, the Indian passport is unique. It does not get you visa on arrival or visa free entry in most places. This becomes a great challenge for long term travelers. We deal with this and write about it and our experiences will help people who don’t possess such passports (most of Asia/Africa/etc.) travel with greater ease.

Another thing that makes us different from most travelers is that we do not have a home to come back to. We come from different sides of the world and, although we used to live in Dubai, we do not have a house over there any longer. So where are we going to settle next? We really don’t know. We’re seeing as much of the world as we can, before we decide on a new home.

That’s just the beginning of how our experience is very different from other travel writers. You could imagine that our perspectives on food, culture, etc. are unique as well!


Everything we own..

Everything we own..


Our mission

We have traveled to more than 50 countries around Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. As we make our way around the world, we write about the unique challenges we face as a couple working on the road, without a home to go back to.

Join us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for live updates. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Travel Channel for around the world adventure videos!


Some of our adventures:

If you’re new on Backpack ME, dive in by reading about some of the good and bad things that have happened to us over the years. You can also explore the menu at the top of every page to navigate around the site. Here are a few of our articles to get you started:

We got engaged in Machu Picchu and then married in India.. and LAS VEGAS!

- How we got mugged in the Salvador Carnival in Brazil

- What it’s like to travel in a multicultural couple

- Why terrorism should not stop you from traveling

- Why we think Chile is the most beautiful country in the world 

- How we stumbled upon Little Portugal in Newark

- We tell it like it is, the HARD things about long term travel


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  • “That is if your new found paycheck doesn’t blind you to the obvious that’s all around you.
    We decided that we didn’t want to be part of a society where living a lie is an everyday reality. So we took off!”

    Great stuff, well said, much respect! Keep it up!

  • Judging from your “about” page, and the comment you left on my blog there should be plenty of good reading here, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Rosario Says

    I’m just trying if I can comment on your website LOL! I’m so proud of you two, always. I haven’t been able to read all your posts until today. By the way, this is Rosario, the one with the cat who adopted a boy from Zimbabwe named Marshall, has a husband who usually asked Ashray about gadgets and stuff and we spent one Christmas in your apartment – if you guys does’t remember me at all, I don’t know what would work! -:) I am definitely going to Costa Rica, not this year though but next year (No inshaalah in this!)

    • Zara Says

      Hey Rosario… as if we would have forgotten you! You sound crazy as usual!! :P
      How come you are going to Costa Rica? Nice one though, it’s pretty cool place.
      How’s Dubai?! :)

  • Pedro Ribeiro Says

    Love your site. I envy you….loved to do what you´re doing!!!
    Good luck…in some countries you´ll need it!

    • Zara Says

      Hey Pedro!

      Thanks a lot for your nice words!
      Well, I hope you get to travel a lot too if you say you’d love to do that!
      One thing I can guarantee you: once you get started, you’ll always want MORE!! :)

      • Pedro Ribeiro Says

        Hope you´re having fun!
        It´s nice to know that a fellow countrywoman is trying something so amazing for living!
        Good Luck!!!

  • Karen Says

    hi both
    I climbed a mountain:
    the full story is on my blog:
    off to the Amazon tmrw to raft for the bears – rafting 180km down the Amazon to raise money for a bear sanctuary in Laos
    you guys continue to inspire

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox Says

    Nice travel blog folks. I have an Indian passport and am all too aware of the vexing visa issues faced by us Indians. I would love to backpack across Latin America just like you folks, so thanks for all the info.
    Also, I was looking into going to Belize for a diving trip, but the visa process for that country seems particularly frustrating. If you guys want a new challenge, I would suggest that you try Belize and show me the way.

    Happy Traveling

    • Zara Says

      Hey Zaphod!
      Thanks for the nice words! :)

      Well… we left out Belize from our route for the exact same reason. Not only their visa policies make it complicated, they are quite racist in fact! Not only for Indians.. Chinese citizens, for example, would have to pay something like US2000 for their tourist visa (plus a security deposit of around USD4000) – how ridiculous is this?!

      If you want great diving nearby, Mayan Riviera in Mexico is great! Not only you can dive in open sea, but also in “cenotes” (sinkholes in the floor with the most stunning surroundings). I don’t think Belize deserves Indian money getting inside their country.

      So… whenever you go for it, have an awesome time!

  • Mohan Kumar Velicheti Says

    iam inspired with your view of the world, ofcourse with an Indian passport. Though travelled a little in Brasil and Colombia during my temporary work permit days a year ago,now, following your advice to set off footloose from this week in South America.

  • Ashray & Zara

    love your story…! love your uniqueness! love your website…!

    Yes, traveling as a couple is quite an amazing journey… We too feel so privilege to have found each other, sharing the same desire of traveling the world forever…

    Carou LLou (& Mitch , my husband & Mystery photographer!)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Carou!

      You are so right… it is such a privilege to have found one another and share a passion for travel!
      I read about way too many stories of people who end up relationships to travel as they can’t do both at the same time for differences with their partners. We do feel privileged! You’d know what I’m talking about if you’re doing the same! ;)

      Cheers and happy travels!

  • I have been following and reading many travel bloggers and so far I agree with you. It is true – visas can be an issue to some citizens like mine..

    Anyway great blog and both of you are an inspiration.

  • Lt Cdr(Ex) Angshuman Kotoky Says

    A & Z, Great Staff, Keep Walking/Traveling…All the best for the wedding….

  • Lt Cdr(Ex) Angshuman Kotoky, Assam,India Says

    Make a trip to North East part of India…PLZ go to South East Asia via Steel well road….The Road less traveled and made during World war….

  • Ruth Says

    I don’t know how you guys found me on twitter but thank you for following me, and I am now your fan!

    This is how you do travel blogging! Hoping to meet you guys soon on my next travel! :)

  • I am happy to have stumbled across your blog. I am also an Indian traveler who is looking to travel around the world on an Indian passport. Even I write the hassles of traveling on an Indian passport. So far I have been traveling alone :-) Congratulations on your marriage and hope to meet both of you some day in India or around the world. Cheers and interesting travels.

    • Ashray Says

      That’s awesome Sankara! We need more Indian people on the road! Your blog looks really good, looks like you’ve been on the road for a while. Hope to meet you soon too!!

  • Franca Says

    I know how you guys feel about traveling without having an home to go back to. I travel with my partner Dale and we have a background similar to yours.
    I’m Italian and Dale is English. I moved to the UK years ago and it’s where we met. We left the UK and have been traveling for one year and we don’t own much anymore a part from our travel gear and little clothes that we take with us.
    Like you guys we don’t have a place we could really call home and we aren’t ready to settle anywhere as yet, traveling is too much fun! :)

    Happy travels!

  • This is awesome! Keep it up you guys. Safe travels and make it a point to visit Ghana if you can. Beautiful country:-)

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Nicole!
      We have Ghana included in our never ending travel wish list, of course!
      We might take our take, but we’ll get there one day! :)

  • Lucas Gomes Says

    Uauu! Estou muito impressionado com a vossa história! Fazem um casal muito bonito.
    Outra coisa que me impressiona é o seu inglês Zara, eu sou português e acho que por mais que me esforce nunca vou conseguir falar um inglês tão bom e fluente como o seu. Acho que com este blog vou poder melhorar o meu inglês enquanto leio sobre as vossas histórias, etc.
    Espero um dia também poder fazer tantas viagens como vocês. Vamos ver o que o futuro me espera.
    Os meus melhores cumprimentos para vocês e boas viagens.

    • Zara Says

      Obrigado pelas palavras simpaticas, Lucas! :)
      O meu Ingles melhorou imenso desde que fui viver para fora e o meu dia a dia comecou a ser em Ingles! Havendo necessidade, uma pessoa consegue sempre desenvolver. Agora tenho e de treinar o meu Portugues para nao ficar esquecido!!
      Fico muito contente se ao ler o nosso blog o seu Ingles tambem melhorar.. sao viagens e linguas tudo num, optimo! :)
      Espero que consiga viajar tanto como deseja.. tudo de bom! Cumprimentos!

  • mark Says

    We are Mark and Stefy, Italian travellers
    We have been impressed by your site and inviting you to visit ours:

    We were wondering if you are interested in a links exchange
    I mean: I could publish your link in my friends links and you could do the same with mine,if you feel like
    Let me know

    we would be honoured if you join our free and not boring newsletter and our facebook page:

    we are opened also to be interviewed if u like

    uor video is amazing and very inspiring

    • Zara Says

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for visiting and for introducing us to your site.
      We’re not doing link exchange at the moment.. but shall definitely visit your site anyway!

      All the best and happy travels! :)

  • Hi, thanks for following me on Twitter… because of that, I was able to know about your blog! Awesome experience and I look forward to reading your adventures!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Grace!
      Glad you found us now.. we look forward to reading your adventures on Sandier Pastures too! :)

  • Madhava Murthy Says

    Nice to know you guys. I am a traveller by choice, like Sankar Subramaniyan, I am also lone traveller. I hope Sankar gives me a company., Z & A must be born for each other . As couples in daily life cross many paths in their Love Life, ZA, are crisscross crossing World, sharing their dreams, disappointments. God Bless them with Good Health, Wisdom and some wealth to carry out their dreams.

  • Love your guys blog! And I’m glad you guys touch on the subject of passports and visas, we have gone through (and still are) many hurdles just to get Yeison to the states and it’s been a nightmare. So many travel blogs are just from North American point of views and it’s refreshing to see a different one. Keep up the great work and you guys seem like a great couple! If you are in Costa Rica, drop us a note and we’ll get a drink :)

    • Zara Says

      Hey Samantha!
      Thanks for your nice comment!
      We were actually in Costa Rica last year.. no idea when we’ll be back, but really had a great time over there eating yummy casados! ;)
      Well.. happy travels and good luck with the visas!!

  • I am struck by how alike you are to my husband and myself, we are on a mission to see all 50 of the United States and we write a travel blog too. However we have not given up all our stuff or jobs though sometimes it would be nice! Happy travels and if you are looking for something to read follow us at

  • Hi you guys!!! big salute to both of you, i have respect for this Indian boy, who properly used his Indian passport and live his life on his way, because i am an Indian and doing same as both of you doing, and a proper namstay to ZARA that you exploring the world as well, guys go on, because for some people travling is life.

    • Zara Says

      Namaste right back at ya, Shakti! ;)
      And thanks for your nice comment! Always happy to read about other Indian travelers!

  • Hi guys! I literally fell in love with this post! What I’ve just read is beautiful! I think you’re both extremly lucky to have found each other and I hope that same thing would happen to me one day (I mean, travel the world with the person I love the most) I wish the best of lucks (as we say in Argentina) for your trips and your life! And if someday you end up visiting Argentina PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

    • Zara Says

      Muchas gracias Gonzalo!
      We also think we’re lucky to have found each other! ;)
      Last year we were SO CLOSE to Argentina and, after spending so much time in neighboring countries, never ended up making it there. But we knew if we didn’t visit Argentina then, it would be a great “excuse” to come to South America again very soon. So we might see you there in 2014!! Let’s keep in touch!

  • manmohan singh Says

    Hello dear,
    Happy married life,,,,,,may GOD bless you all the happiness of life.

  • Kudos! Anything that makes up happy is worth applauding ..

    Love the piggyback :)

    Ps.. There a A guy who made this beautiful way to make memories of places he travelled to by dancing in front of the monuments .. A funny dance …14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands who danced ” the happy dance” with him

    Made me happy n smile watching it..

    Where the Hell is Matt? 2008
    Matt Harding
    Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

  • bharat Says

    Hi A&Z,
    i like your story & your other travelogues ………. well contented & true in the sense…. especially on India.
    one thing, would correct here on ‘Sex Up India’ YES we do have temples & Books on Sexual research. But why we lack it in present life……you might be aware about Islamic invasion in this beautiful land…..destruction came after that & we lost our values to Islamic way of life. Scared people covered themselves afterwards & it became part of their life generation after generation. you can ask it to A …Ladies had a right to choose their Husband in SAVYAMVAR (as been described in our holy books & Other epics)but Islam drastically effected it real life ….so now a days we are victims of arranged marriages.
    anyways !
    a lot to talk about but next time…….wish you great Journeys ahead.
    beat of luck

    • Zara Says

      Thanks for your comment Bharat!
      I had never thought about the arrange marriages in India having anything to do with Islam – as they are so prevalent in Hindu culture. I guess that’s a way of looking at it. I just wished people in India did give more importance to love (as in falling in love) and spiritual connection, independently of religion, castes, region of origin and all that stuff.. Bollywood idolizes falling in love and people dig the movies so much! Why not following the same principles in real life?!

  • Arvind Says

    Hi A & z
    You guyz are amazing….yesterday night while surfing on youtube i found some ethopian boys are crazy about bollywood …really i amaze i saw all your post…really hatts off for your work…i wish i could join you guyz some day …

  • Wielbert Says

    I have been in dubai for 6 months and got my self bored. i read about ur blog regarding dubai and i was fascinated by the truth you mentioned in ur blog. I came to dubai only to work for my family. I realized on ething “Money is not everything”. Few more months i will save cash and start travelling around. May be i would do what u guys are doing but i need a few years to do so. Would you suggest Oman, Turkey, Bangkok to start off? Anyways, you guys are doing a great job. Continue ur great work.

    Indian Expat ( Dubai )

    • Zara Says

      Hi Wielbert.. as you say, money is not everything! We have met so many expats in Dubai who left their countries to work and raise money for their families.. while in some cases it was an act of desperation, in many others it was a case of people wanting to make more money to have a more comfortable life. These people will make money to send back home to their family but, in so many cases, spend years without their spouse, not see their kids grow up, loose touch with other friends and family.. so one has to really consider what is worth it, and what is not.

      We have only traveled to Oman, Turkey and Thailand, but never lived there as such, so it is difficult to advice you. Wherever you go (amongst these 3) is probably better than Dubai. Wishing you all the best! :)

  • dergumwong Says

    That’s pretty cool, and you’re my idol, I also want to travel with my grilfriend all around the world. Give me some advice!

    • Zara Says

      We could give you some advice but you’d have to be more specific.. what kind of tips are you looking for? :)

  • Hey Zara, thanks for leaving a comment at my website! I can see now why said you’re glad to be born just in time to work online. I’m seriously fascinated that Ashray made his first website when he was 13. That’s amazing!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Deia!
      He’s very hardworking since a young age.. and that has really paid off! :)

  • Cool story of yours, guys!! I think you got me as fan :) I love people like you that leave everything, superficial stuff and go to discover the world!! Great pleasure! :)

  • Taharra Battle Says

    Wow!!! I am truly inspired by the both of you. I have always wanted to travel. If anything it has been a dream of mine since the age of 13. I traveled to Tamil Nadu, India in 2012 which fueled my hunger to want to travel even more. Both you are motivating and encouraging to those of us who want to make our dreams come true! Safe travels and have plenty of fun :)

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Taharra!
      We’re glad Backpack ME inspired you and we hope you get to travel as much as you want to too! :)

  • vijay Says

    HI Ashray N Zara,

    Vijay here, a.k.a Art Vandelay…hehe. I hope you guys remember us, Shruti and Vijay, your neighbors in Discovery Gardens. oh..i need to mention about Sayuri, our 3 month old daugther is “us” now.

    We were just talking about you guys yesterday, when we thought we should
    look you up, in case you’ve made a blog and there you go…What an
    awesome blog and travel journal!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your wedding! If you ever pass by get in touch.
    it would be lovely to catch up with both of you.All the best guys..I hope
    you have loads of fun and adventure.

    - art vandalay…er… Vijay

    • Ashray Says

      Hey Vijay!

      Of course we remember you and Shruti! We often miss the good times at DG and your picture perfect house!! Congratulations on the new addition to the family, that is SO AWESOME! :)

      Hope everything is well in Dubai, your hands must be full with a tiny toddler!

      Say Hi to Shruti and Sayuri too! We’ll definitely look you up if we’re in Dubai!

      - Ashray

    • Prakash Says

      Namaste zara and my indian bro i’m note fluent in english but what i want to tell you is that people like as u is rare in d world and i am going to do same as u r way will start my journey from new zealand as i dreamed i am an indian citizen fall in love with u r blog nd it teach me alote it is what make me dreamed i dont like to live the boring life i always like to fly like a free bird ….. u guys r rocking keep it up

  • Gia Says

    Thanks for being so honest and so inspiring. I just started both journeys of blogging and traveling alone having left my life. Feels is to find so many beauties who have done this, gives me strength in knowing that I am only as crazy as some others, not off the charts, sometimes it feels that way. Haha. Looking forward to exploring your posts on India which is where I am now.
    ~ blessings ~ gia

  • vishnu Says

    Hey Ashray and Zara:

    I loved the video and the places you travelled. the best part of the video was the last 25 seconds :)

    I am planning to go to Equador-Inca trail and also do some hikes near La Paz, Bolivia. Equador mainly for Galapagos islands.

    I have 2 questions:

    (1)I was looking at the cruise prices for 4-5 days and they seem to be a bit expensive, but I found some info that if you make it to Puerto Ayora there is a high chance that you can get cheap deals. What was your experience in the islads? concerning the cruise deals?

    (2)Did you do any hikes near La Paz?

    have more adventures on your travels



    • Zara Says

      Hi Vishnu,

      Nice to hear from you!

      (1) We didn’t take a cruise in the Galapagos, instead, we did “island hopping”, that is, going from island to island on day trips with tour companies and also on the regular transportation rides that take tourists and locals from one place to the other. You can indeed find last minute deals for cruises once in Puerto Ayora.. but depending on the time of the year, I understand that it can take more or less days of waiting around.. if you have the time, then great.. otherwise, it’s probably better to book in advance or explore the Galapagos by “hopping” around like we did. See here what we did:

      (2) We didn’t do any hikes near La Paz, so sorry can’t recommend anything. Give our Travel Blog Search a try and you might be able to find some other fellow bloggers’ suggestions:

      Cheers! :)

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  • Beatriz Says

    wait gurl, you appeared on an episodeof portuguesees no estrangeiro right? i think i am recognizing you!

  • Fascinating blog, Ashray & Zara! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  • Bharti Says

    Dear A+Z,

    You guys are simply awesome! I landed on your page by chance when I was looking for Cuban visa on an Indian Passport. Are you serious? I really don’t need any visa from India? Cause my travel agent sure gave me a big fat quote :0

    I dont have a blog but love travelling beside my full time boring job. I made it 8 times abroad last year and it is a secret better guarded than the recipe of Coca cola as to how I manage to do so with the kind of peanuts I earn.

    Other than that – you guys are awesome! Please mulitply make bazillions of kids and grandkids, so the world is full of awesome people like you.


    • Zara Says

      “bazillions of kids and grandkids”??!! oh boy, THE PRESSURE! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by, Bharti! We’re happy to read you’re enjoying Backpack ME and we hope you stick around for a long, long time! Cheers!

  • Mehul Pithadia Says

    love both of you so much. if any time u r in India, I would like to host a lunch/dinner for both of you. God bless and keep exploring :)

    • Zara Says

      Thanks so much, Mehul – this is really nice of you! :)
      Where are in India right now, for a little while!..

  • Jack Sparrow Says

    I have just read your intro so don’t yet know much about you.
    However, Ashray say’s he is a entrepreneur having created the some of the biggest sites in the world.
    Does this site provide the revenue that enables you to travel so freely.
    It seems you advocate travel but I find this is very easy to do when you have the unreserved means.
    Zara, what is your contribution to this freedom.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Jack,

      Our intro is exactly that… an “intro”, not our mémoires.
      Of course Ashray’s site provides income to fund our travels, same as the other projects we work on do. There is no difference between this kind of work and other “regular” jobs – work funds whatever expenses one might have in life. The advantage for us is that we can take work on the road and, as long as we have an internet connection, keep on working. We both work remotely, not only Ashray.

      We do not have “unreserved means” to travel as you assume in your comment. We work, just like anyone else in this world and the fact that our job is not a typical 9-5 office gig doesn’t make it any less valuable.. On the contrary, I can’t tell you how rewarding it feels to be your own boss!

      We will keep on inspiring people to travel, that I can assure you. Some people might have to work harder than others to gather the money for it… but everyone has a way and we will keep on feeding Backpack ME’s followers wanderlust as much as we can!

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  • Very Inspiring, reading your ABOUT makes me want to packed my bag and go now!

  • Elena Says

    Hey guys! I love your site and your story. first thing I thought about reading your “about” info was how beautiful your kids would be one day (Indian-Portuguese-Spanish mix, wow!)! Anyways I wish you happy travelling and I hope one day my blog is eligible for your traffic exchange (its on Blogspot domain).

  • Anindya Chatterjee Says

    Stumbled upon your website while surfing for latin american visa for indans, myself worked in dubai and stayed with family for 11 years, now back in Kolkata, India. Planning to make a tour of South America. Loved your threadbare reality and pray to God for all blessings upon both of you, very true and different from by westerner for westerner travel blogs/sites…

    • Zara Says

      Hi Anindya!
      Thanks a lot for your nice comment.
      We hope you found useful info regarding the visas here on Backpack ME.. have a great trip! :)

  • Leena Says

    Hi Zara,

    I came across your blog while checking up on options in Mexico & Cuba. And we really loved it.

    Me and my husband love traveling and have spent the last 10 years visiting “different shores” and generally having fun. My husband has been heading a mid sized corporate entity in India and as he turned 50 has taken a long sabbatical to spend more time on what we love – travel & photography.

    We plan to visit Mexico & Cuba in July maybe 7 to 10 days in each of these places. We love heritage, scenery , wildlife?? and fun.. We normally like to hire a car and drive around. To give you a perspective, Zara, last year we did a 24 days Spain – Portugal trip starting at Madrid, hired a car at the airport …Madrid on to Salamanca, Coimbra, Fatima, Lisbon, Albuferia, Seville, Cordoba, Malaga, Granada, Valencia and finally Barcelona. It was a great experience as we we right in time for the Lisbon festival.

    As you have spent some time in Mexico & Cuba, I would really appreciate if you could advise us on
    1. Places to visit in Mexico & Cuba ( I know 15 days is too short)
    2. Is it possible to hire cars in Mexico & specially Cuba as not much is available on the net? is it OK? Will India driving licenses be ok
    3. How are the vehicles and the drive, —-Safe??
    4. Any other suggestions you may have

    Thanks & regards





    • Zara Says

      Hi Niharika,

      So cool to ‘meet’ another traveler from Assam!
      Thanks for sharing your blog.. we’ll come over and have a look.


  • William Says

    Zara, I found your comment “I am half Portuguese and half Spanish but, obviously, belonging to two countries wasn’t enough for me” to be very beautiful and witty! You guys have a great site, keep up the enthusiasm and keep on travelling :- )

    William (Publisher of NomadHead – Your Guide to Gap Year Travel:

  • Rakesh Neelam Says

    Hi guys, I have just received a beautiful post card from Portugal (from you). It made me happy and inspire me to travel to Portugal. I keep visiting your website for your travel updates and tips. And yes, I always crib about my Indian passport. I have started traveling since 2008, visited 3 international and many domestic places. Your website inspires me a lot, thanks for all the information. All the best!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Rakesh,

      I’m very happy to read that you got our postcard from Portugal and that it might inspire you to visit my country! :)
      Send us a photo of you and the card if you’d like.. we’ll put it in our little “wall of travel fame”, see here:

      If you do decided to head to Portugal, you know who to ask for travel tips suggestions! ;)


  • Vyne Says

    The best Sunday morning stumble on a website!! :)

    Many things about you guys resonates with me. I’ve lived and worked in Dubai and also chucked my job to do all the things I never had the time for…travel being top of the list. I love Latin America and dream of seeing all the countries there before I leave this planet.

    Excited about reading your posts but couldn’t wait to write to your guys and wish you a great time ahead. Will certainly be contacting you more once I start planning my next trip. More soon…Cheers

    • Zara Says

      Great to read that, Vyne!
      And do let us know when you start planning your next trip.. we’ll be happy to share some tips if we can! :)

  • SUPER COOL couple running this blog. I was just hovering over all the page titles and saw the ‘Visa for Indians’ bit and was a bit surprised. I expected this to be a westerner-run blog as usual, and wondered what this extra India love is. Glad I ended up digging deeper. Loving your lifestyle!!

  • Kumar Says

    I have travelled a lot but have never found a website that helped Indians with travel advise, especially with the visa stuff, and you guys have nailed it! I have a similar story to yours except that my girlfriend is French :)

    I also love your travel blogs and I’ll be visiting Cuba with my girlfriend soon! Keep up the good work!


    • Zara Says

      Thanks Kumar!
      We’re always happy to share with others the things we learn during our travels. Hopefully, the Visas for Indians section will keep on growing bigger and bigger!

      Enjoy Cuba! :)

  • Amiya Says

    Dear Ashray & Zara,
    Thank you tons for the lovely postcard from Portugal! In the summer of 2013, when I visited Spain, I was in two minds about visiting Portugal since time was a constraint for me. Your posts since then have made me regret that enough, and next time I plan a travel thereabouts, I’m definitely not missing Zara’s home country (okay, one of two). Your blog is brilliant. Keep up the awesome work… it’s inspiring! :)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Amiya,

      We’re happy our postcard from Lisbon reached you!
      Don’t worry… Portugal is still as awesome as back in 2013… you must go and visit soon!! :)

      Cheers and keep on reading!

  • Supriya Says

    Wow! that sounds really great. Hats off to you guys..!!
    I’d like to do something like this myself. I’m Indian woman and did some short trips as single solo traveler to Germany, East Europe and Asia to 15 countries so far in last 4 years. I’m working in MNC but still manage to take atleast 2 or 3 short breaks in a year. Believe me its an refreshing experience.
    I agree getting visas on Indian passport is rather an hassle as initially when my passport was blank I’ve 2 rejections each from UK & US. But still denials of visas didn’t discouraged me for my travel. I’m still continuing on travelling across globe…I’d even love to take long subbatical for it.
    Keep travelling..!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Supriya!
      Nice to hear about all your traveling too! Any trips coming up soon?
      Keep that love for traveling alive and feed it well! ;)

  • Bayta Says

    Found your blog when looking up the Chilean visa process for Indian citizens. You guys are living my dream. It used to be a distant dream, then a few years down the lane dream, but now I think I’m pretty close to following right in your footsteps. Don’t want to spend the best years of my life in corporate drudgery. I think it’s time to take the plunge. So I’ll be hitting up your blog lots to plan my own travels. Thanks a bunch for this invaluable resource!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Bayta!

      Welcome to the club! I’m happy to read that you’re “taking the plunge”. NOW is always the best time! And yeah, who wants to spend the best days of their lives contributing to the corporate world anyway, right? Please feel free to use and abuse Backpack ME and if you have any questions, we’re here to help.

      Happy planning and happy travels! :)

  • We have just started our big trip after quitting corporate London. Love your videos – good quality

  • Wow. Such an inspiring to read about you both. I loved your photo of ‘all that you own’. Hehehehe. Now will read all your travel experiences.
    I also loved the USP that you spelt out – Indian passport. Now I know where to check for planning aspects related to visa for an Indian passport holder:)

    Such a cute couple.

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Suyash!
      We hope all the info regarding visas for Indian passport holders here on Backpack ME will come in handy and you get inspired for many adventures! ;)

  • Surindar Paul Singh Says

    Hey Ashray! Glad to know a fellow Bitsian is flying high! Love from the BPD community. The stuff you both are doing is something truely beautiful and inspirational, especially when I’m being a frugal traveller myself!

    “We decided that we didn’t want to be part of a society where living a lie is an everyday reality. So we took off!” -very well said.
    Keep it up and goodluck!

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  • Rahul Roy Says

    Hey Ashray & Zara Superb guys …. Your way of Love & travelling is exciting and inspirational…Hope your travel around will go be success….All the best :)

  • Rocio Says

    Congratulations!God luck and all my best wishes!! ;)

  • Wow. Such an inspiring to read about you both.nice means of A-Z….best of luck…..

  • True Citizens of the World! Really enjoy your Tweets and will RT them often. If only world leaders could do what you do there would be an immediate understanding of how real human beings live, human life would be more valuable rather than expendable and the sound of egos deflating would be deafening! You hold the answer to understanding why we are on this planet. happy travels to you both – from the New Forest UK

    • Zara Says

      Thanks for spreading the love, Christina!
      You are so right… we need to get our of our little corners of the world more often, to understand each other better and co-habit in peace.
      Stay well! :)

  • Hey you two wild spirits!!

    So it appears that I have a connection with the both of you; I am a Indian & I am from Goa. Ash would know well that Goans are of Portuguese heritage hence we face a identity crisis everyday.

    I have plenty of ideas on travel; check my eco travel fb page. I am connecting with you two further. Let’s talk!!!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks for getting in touch. There’s a bunch of interesting travel suggestions on your FB page – thanks for sharing! :)
      And let’s keep in touch!

  • Hey Guys,

    This is absolutely brilliant!!

    I completely understand problems of an Indian passport, I have a Pakistani passport – try travelling with that.

    Despite my corporate life in Dubai, I also tend to travel a bit here and there. Soon i believe i will give in to my wanderlust.

    Good luck for the future.


  • Hi
    Great page. Looking forward to follow your travelogues :)

  • Ken Says

    In fact geography of your travels is rather standard. It covers a mix of territories of ethnic+political+historical+cultural origins of both of you (for the latest 1000 years or so) with addition of some standard touristic locations.

    It looks rich and wide only from the first sight, and only for people who don’t know history and geography.

    It is just a note.

    • Zara Says

      Considering that both of us come from different sides of the world and you mention “the latest 1000 years or so”, I’d say our coverage it’s not that bad!! ;) In any case, we’ve been doing this for 3 years, and it is certainly just the beginning!

  • Aditi Says

    You guys are such an inspiration! I really wanna do this. I hope it works out! Thank you so much for this! I can’t thank you enough

  • Jes Says

    Hope your website keeps on being awesome so you can spend all your life travelling the world! It would be so great to quit my job and travel full time. I’d especially be interested in TEFL teaching English as a foreign language and other fun volunteering projects.

    • Zara Says

      A lot of people travel the world with the money they save up teaching English in different locations around the world. If you feel like this is for you… you should totally go for it!! :)

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  • It was wonderful to receive a postcard of Chile from you both. My wife is really very thankful to you. I have expressed our thoughts and feelings about your simple, yet magnanimous gesture, in a blog on our travel blog site:

    Thanks once again. You both rock….!

  • Hello Zara and Ashray;
    Glad to meet fellow travellers and bloggers. Congrats on your amazing video’s, photo’s and posts. Keep living the dream.

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  • Akash ( Angelo) Says

    Im really amazed with your Incredible Journeys all over Latin America and various different places. I do believe the adventure is quite biggest experience in the life. I would definitely love to join you guys and subscribing you up now. Youtube videos are really fantastic.
    As about me, been to Argentina and Brazil, after a long time living in Australia but honestly, Nature what South America has is astonishing and hoping forward for some more adventure in coming months. Yes I do speak Portuguese fluent and Spanish basics too, would love to hear from you guys.
    Have fun Ashray and Zara!!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks a lot for such nice comments, Akash!
      We have a soft spot for South America too. Maybe we’ll meet there sometime, who knows?! :)

  • wow amazing energy you guys spread with those awesome vibes of yours! adoro o vosso site e a maneira como encaram a vida! I wish you happy travels and all the best. any time near south Morocco please join me for a cup of mint tea! Abraço desde Marrakech!

    • Zara Says

      Muito obrigado! :)
      Morocco sounds tempting, as it’s a part of the world we haven’t been to yet.
      If you head that way anytime soon, I’ll make sure to be in touch.

  • Anurag Says

    Hi Ashray & Zara,
    Your site and the you tube videos is so enjoyable and at the same time so informative..For example, I never knew that Bollywood was popular among people in Ethiopia… Everything is so awesome.. just tell me how many countries have you visited so far and how many are left ???
    Anyways, good work.. keep it up..

  • Rajiv Ranjan Says

    I love to see the passion you both carry to see the world. I was wondering, many keeps the dreaming of exploring the world (including me), but how does dream gets fulfilled in terms of finances, from where money come. We are not a rich person.

    Any advice on this front, so that we can also fulfil our dreams.

  • nancy Says

    just wondering…do you guys have any plans of settling down anytime? kids, job? What will you do when you get older? Traveling sounds amazing, but I don’t think I could spend my entire life doing something like that.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Nancy!
      We will eventually have a base yes, even if we would like to keep on traveling often. This would most likely happen when we do have kids. On the job front though, we already have jobs! It’s just that we do not need to go to an office to do them, and rather work with a self-managed schedule.
      Different phases in life involve different life-styles indeed… we shall adapt as we go!

  • Nag Says

    You guys rock..!!

  • Kartik Cordeiro Says

    What a lovely blog. You two clearly don’t go for the average touristic experience , having been robbed in Salvador and what not! Btw, please do try visiting Goa in India sometime, where I’m from. It was a the Capital of the Estado da India Portuguesa for 450 years and you’ll find some beautiful Portuguese architecture , especially in the latin quarter of our capital, Panjim. I’d like to see you write about my home state :)
    Um abraco!

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  • Fantástico!
    sou Indiano,Estou a fazer o meu Mestrado em Lingua Portuguese and Estudos Lusofonos aqui em Goa. Fico muito feliz depois de descobrir esse blogo com a perspectiva do terceiro mundo e primeiro mundo.

    Abraço a todos.

    My Portuguese still isn’t up to the mark haha So, I am going to end in English. Language is the way via which I can connect with the hearts of the people and I hope i will start my journey soon.

    I am really happy to come across your blog, keep doing the good work,keep travelling :)

    • Zara Says

      Ola Avneet, nice to meet you!
      Oh, if you only knew how much we love (and miss) Goa.
      We hope to meet you one day… in Goa or Portugal, who knows?! ;)
      Obrigado for reading us!

  • Sanket Raskar Says

    Dude, this blog is just the thing I wanted. I mean I know how it is to travel with an Indian passport, ohh the hassle surrounding it. Not saying I am not proud to be an Indian sure I am. So yea I am still in my early stages of travelling around, next is (hopefully soon) Chile for me. Eager to read more of your experiences. Not denying connected more with this website especially coz of the Indian passport :) :)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Sanket,
      Nice to have you around and read that we have a thing or two in common! ;)
      Chile is an amazing country.. let us know if you need any tips when you get there.

  • Super cool guys and inspiring!! Life is beautiful….. JAI MA!

  • Hello A&Z,

    I am the Author Relations Manager at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine,fast growing eMagazine globally. Came across your blog and found your content interesting and your journey of life is very inspiring, We’re hoping to work with you in featuring some of your travel experiences in our Travel and Adventure category.
    looking forward to hear from you guys

    Thank you,
    Author Relations Manager

  • S . Mani Says

    Hi A & Z…u guyz r awsome….hatz off to u for what u r now…. Best wishes for future…..
    I’ve been with u people since few months…. Following in Twitter & FB…my post card not reached yet, loL….
    U people r living not only my dream… Grt.
    I’ve been to different parts of India, basically from Kerala( hv u ever been??).

    I wanted to( as every followers of BKPK.ME) travel world wide… I’m inspired very much, but I’ve no idea how to put it into reality¿¿¿
    Hope one day I can reach some where (never like u guyz)…
    Go on :-)

  • Kay Says

    Finally someone with an Indian passport who is travelling and writing about it! Most travel blogs are about people who don’t have pesky issues like VISAS! :) The visa process is so frustrating, but it makes the trip all the more worthwhile. Thank you for all the tips!

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  • Neha Malik Says

    You Are The Nice One Who Make This Site And Share Such A Great Stuff.

  • Pingback: Ashray & Zara, de una pareja inspiradora

  • Mithun Says

    I have gone through the site. Really amazing to know that you both have decided to challenge the status quo.. Kudos for that.. I need one help on Cuban Tourist card. I have heard it not no more Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens. Any advice on this please?

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Mithun! :)
      Where have you read that regarding the visa? We don’t know if there’s been an update on that, haven’t heard about it!
      The safest option is to always contact a local Consulate to double check.
      Enjoy Cuba if you go there!

  • Seble Says

    I stumbled upon your blog via another blog and I am so glad I did. People like you restore my faith in mankind (haha). No, seriously, I think what you’re doing is wonderful. A perspective from people who are traveling without the usual western passports is important and probably not as common on the internet. I hope you never discontinue to inspire and give people the courage to leave their comfort zones and see what is out there. I, too, very much enjoy traveling (in fact, it’s part of the reason I continue to work in a restaurant while I am enrolled as a full time student at a university). Aside from needing capital to pay for university, that is (US is not so generous when it comes to investing in the shaping of young minds).

    Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you on behalf of the general public for being awesome. Keep on keeping on and good luck with EVERYTHING.



    • Zara Says

      Hi Seble,

      Thanks so much for such kind words!
      For sure, we’ll keep on writing Backpack ME for a long, long time to come. And we hope you keep on reading too! ;)
      All the best for you!!

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  • Mickey Says

    Hi guys,

    I started reading this site off your chronicling why you decided to leave Dubai, it being somewhat a similar experience to my own. After reading the 2 part entry I began to look around a bit more on the site and I have to say kudos guys. It isn’t very often I come across a lively, organized, thoughtful, and motivating site – a lot of stuff nowadays doesn’t quite leave much of an impression.

    Kudos to the pair of you. I hope whatever you’re doing with your lives continue to take you to interesting places and result in great adventures. But also, for my own selfish pleasure, I hope you document some of those journeys here.

    • Zara Says

      Thanks again Mickey.
      You can count on us to keep sharing our travels on Backpack ME.. thanks for following! ;)

  • Shruti Says

    Hey guys, your story is truly inspirational. My husband and I quit our jobs earlier this year and while we were planning our trip last year, we referred to your blog quite a bit. Kudos to you for chasing your dreams and inspiring couples like us.
    We have started to blog our adventures as well and while they are as detailed as yours, any sort of feedback from you will be useful –

    Shruti (part of Arranged Travelers)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Shruti,

      So nice to hear form you and to read that our blog came in handy! ;)
      Congrats on starting a blog too.. we shall check it out.
      Wishing you both plenty of happy travels and adventures!

  • Amina Says

    Good idea, nice to see like this example of couples travel around the world, by sharing there experiences and adventures. Its seems your love is too much strong, which will make your life easy to survive in every place around the world.

  • Darshan Says

    To be honest, I haven’t completely explored your blog and just stumbled upon it today. I really loved your story and there is no greater joy than living a life of your dreams. I do love travelling and keep satisfying my cravings whenever I get a chance to. With a family and two kids it does get challenging though, but boy life is all about challenges. I wish all the luck to two of you. Happy Exploring !!!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks so much Darshan! :)
      We hope you get some time to read through Backpack ME in more detail and that, here, you find inspiration and tips for your upcoming travels too.
      Wishing you and your family the best for 2016. Cheers!

  • nisha thomas Says

    love you guys and sending you blessings on all your travels…you are blessed to have each other and that shared bug for travel.
    keep walking…

  • Patrick Robinson Says

    why all the people must share their stuff, cant believe it…its so introperspective and unwordly..what a pity

  • Hi there Z&A,

    I really loved what you had to say in your “About” section, especially the part how both of you are a combination of “east meets west” – and your blogposts reflects that. I reckon the blogosphere lacks that perspective as most of it is tailored to the western world. Its something I can relate to as well, since I am half english half malaysian (east meets west too :D). So glad I found this blog!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Amalina,
      It’s great to read we have a few things in common! :)
      Thanks for stopping by… keep in touch!

  • Gina Burgos Says

    Hola/Hi Z&A

    I stopped by this website after my own great expierence vacation Dubai, yes as the word says it ‘vacation’ not living. I agree with you on the fact of permanent living is always different from a holidaytrip, where everything gets done for you. A very inspiring website and hereby I want to make you a true compliment of your courage for the decision you made to travel around world. High respect for that and I wish you a lot of adventure and fun with it! I am half Dutch half Peruvian ((sí entiendo español)and living in the Netherlands right now. So if you ever around in my small but also tolerant country, free feel to come by and be our guest.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Gina,
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave us a comment.
      Let’s keep in touch then.. hopefully we’ll visit Netherlands again sometime in the future! ;)

  • nainy Says

    Hey A&Z, your blog has been of great help to us! We were struggling to figure out Colombian tourist visa (we are indian passport holders) for us and i got to the right page through your website! keep up the good work. However I was wondering if you have know the tourist visa policy for Uruguay, South America?

    • Zara Says

      Hi Nainy,
      We’re glad to read that! :)
      We haven’t been to Uruguay, so I’m afraid we can’t give you tips on that one..
      Have a great trip!

  • Saji Pillai Says

    Guys I am in Sweden on a Short Term Work visa and will be there during the Christmas holidays when the whole of Sweden will be holidaying. Since I cannot go back to my home country suggest me how I can spend my Christmas in and around Sweden ( I love to go to Romania on a BackPacking adventure but is it feasible in 3-4 days )

    Saji Pillai

    • Zara Says

      Hi Saji,

      If you only have 3 or 4 days, it might not be worth it to make a trip all the way to Romania. Romania is lovely, don’t get me wrong. But I think you don’t have many days to enjoy it and you’d spend so much time traveling anyway! Where in Sweden are you? It might be a good option to look into a short trip within Sweden itself.. or anywhere else that has a direct flight from where you are, so that you don’t spend too much time traveling, and get to enjoy your destination for longer.

  • Ravi Katam Says

    Hello Ashray and Zara,

    I stumbled up on this site when I was searching for Guatemala Visa requirements for Indians. I live in US and I am planning my visit there to volunteer. You guys are awesome!!! I have been to Peru and it is the best place I have visited so far. You guys inspire me and I am already plotting how to work while traveling. Wish you guys the best!!!!


    • Zara Says

      Thanks Ravi!

      What type of volunteering are you going to do in Guatemala?
      I volunteered at Hermano Pedro in Antigua, and would totally recommend it. You can work directly with kids and/or adults who have special needs and who live or simply spend the day at this hospital. They need people to help with all sorts of things and you get to feel like you really contribute, because everything is very “hands on”.

      Let’s hope Guatemala will be as great as Peru was for you! ;)
      All the best!

      • Ravi Katam Says

        Thanks Zara! I hope so too. I will be volunteering in and around Antigua with children and elderly for a week.

  • Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on this super blog and wishing you many more happy journeys. Like the two of you, I am Indian and my wife is Colombian. I lived in Dubai for 33 years. :)

  • Prateek Joshi Says

    Let me start with how did I land up on your website. I was searching for the Vietnam visa for Indians. And with Indian came Ashray, and then Zara, and then west/east and then I just got lost reading your about A & Z. Now ask me why?

    I am Indian. My wife is Swiss. We met in 2011 :) Got married in India too, in Pondicherry. And we are based out of Zürich now.

    You can imagine how reading your story stirred emotions within me. I am very happy to have come across your page. Just few hours before I had booked our trip to Algarve in May. We love to travel too. You can find us on Instagram – Global Locals

    Wishing you both very happy journeys. Take care.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Prateek,
      We’re so glad you came across Backpack ME!
      Wishing you a nice trip to Portugal.. where we happen to be at right now!
      Keep in touch! ;)

  • Milind Says

    Hello A & Z,

    I just came across your website when I started researching about traveling with Indian passport.

    I and my girlfriend stay in Ireland. I knew her just as a friend before but really got to know her when we were traveling to Germany, Vienna, and Budapest. As Zara said, long travel can certainly act as true test for love.

    Ashray and Zara, Thanks for your effort. There are not many blogs out there which gives us idea about traveling with Indian passport. Happy traveling !!!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Milind,
      We’re happy you came across Backpack ME.
      Keep in touch and happy travels for you and your girlfriend! :)

  • Avi Says

    Hi Zara, Ash,

    Love your travel stories.
    How many countries has each of you travelled to so far? And any goal in terms of a number?

    Avi from paris.

    • Zara Says

      Bounjour Avi!
      We’ve been to about 55 countries each – most of them are in common!
      We don’t have a goal in terms of number.. we’re enjoying traveling at our own pace.. slowly, but steady! ;)

  • Chris Says

    We have many similsrities.
    Left the US to travel the world and find place to call home .
    Once duscivered Morocco it was no turning back.
    If you have not been there yet, you are welcome As I purchased a place in casablanca close to the ocean. Also with an Indian passport you will have no need for a visa.
    You guys are inspiring.
    I agree Dubai is one of the most prejudice countries in the planet, a beautiful country with the devil in the belly.
    Love and peace.

  • Samuel Says

    I want to go tour visa for poland first,also i want to go many country for meet church father’s how is posible ,can you give any idea wich country easy get visa ,with in two day pleasy inform thankyou.

  • Arf Zahia Says

    Dream life ❤ i Would give away my soul to live a life like yours :) i am so inspired,i wish i had someone in life like you,that positivity u have would keep me alive,only today i found you while doing some randomisée research about living and working in Dubai..U guys r amazing,that s the life i want,u owe a little but u live much,himanity is coming out of your eyes ☺ that s the life i am wishing for ☺ i have nothing myself,but i have that need to live this way and experience something simiter, away from from this sad would problems and artificial shit.Already fell in luv with u and with ur story,i will try to read the rest of your posts to learn more about your experience.Enjoy your life as u r doing and keep us in touch.

  • Raj Says

    Hi Ash & Zara,
    Just came across your blog by accident but I am pleased I did. Well, I can completely relate to your story as our story is similar. I am Indian and my partner is EU national. We also travel extensively, as of now we have managed to visit similar amount of countries as you have (although you have traveled to more exotic countries, as you have been to more Latin American countries than we have). :) I can also relate to the pain you have to go through when applying for visa but I kind of got used to it.

    I wish I had a job like you where I could work from anywhere in the world but unfortunately, I don’t have those skill sets to enable me to do that. :(

    It would be great if we can connect, and maybe in the near future with some luck we may be able to meet and share our experience. We are currently based in London so feel free to drop by when you can. Who knows you guys might be planning to visit some country that is also on our list and we may meet during our travel.

    You have my email so please feel free to drop me a line

    Raj & Susan

  • Sri Devi Says

    Hi Ash & Zara

    Love this blog! You guys are so cool and enjoying life to the fullest. So great! Envying you both…LoL…Me and my partner always think of backpacking round the world even to the creepiest nooks and corners of the world! And your blog is just inspiring. By the way, do you mind if I would connect with you’ll anytime for any questions, regarding the trips we may plan in future? And it would be nice if I can get in touch with you through mails. Or do you guys reply if I pose a question here.
    Keep exploring!!!

    Sri Devi

    • Zara Says

      Hi Sri Devi,
      Thanks for your nice comments!
      Of course, you can reach out to us with questions. It’s normally best to post the questions under related articles on the blog, for the sake of context. If not, FB messages or the contact form on our blog also work! :)

  • Nitinkumar Saste Says

    I read your blog from some years & fully impressed myself.
    I also started to saw world befor die
    i just complited my 7 country.
    But i feel so problems for visa with indian passport.
    Are you agree with my problem ?

    • Ashray Says

      Yes of course. We have a whole section dedicated to getting visas with an Indian passport :)

  • Amarjeet singh Says

    hii,ZARA and ASHRAY,as your story is quite similar to are you guys its interesting to see your stories and i just need help to meet my belove if any one of you would help me , i work in DUBAI in ministry of labour and she is from argentina ,i want to travel argentina by next year 2019,but dont know the process of visa and other things which make me to get my belove will be great help if any of you guys help me to get the love of my life.i appreciate …..god bless you guys.

  • Hi Ash and Zara
    What an inspiring life story you two have! Hoping to enjoy a life you both have.

  • Rohit Nayak Says

    Hey guys – stumbled upon your website while looking for visa situation for Indian Citizens travelling to Patagonia. Really impressed with your travelogue. For my trip this November – we are flying to Punta Arenas from San Franciso, and then hiking the W trek (, and back the same route. Do you think we need Chilean and Argentinian visa or JUST Chilean visa should suffice? Thanks in advance :)

    • Ashray Says

      You just need a Chilean visa. Torres del Paine is entirely within Chile and the road from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales and the park don’t go through any borders.

  • Faridoon Safi& Nuray Halitova Says

    This is faridoon Safi from kabul Afghanistan& Nuray halitova Bulgarian citizen From Salzburg Austria,we are married since 2016 In Afghanistan we want to live together in Austria but we have difficulities about the document and visa for my Husband faridoon Safi he is Afghan national and im Bulgarian national we trying to be together from 2016 but we are still far from eachother just because of his visa i want to know how to make a visa for my husband and which type of visa he should applly thank you

  • Peyman Says

    I’m peyman from iran
    Anyone interested in visiting Iran can take advice from me, I am interested in helping you for a good trip in Iran.

  • simo Says

    Wow, very interesting! Your blog is very inspiring

  • Mahi Says

    Jeju is on arrival for Indian.. I want to go there for tourist purpose.. So that I tried 2 times to go jeju.. but Air Aisa didn’t provide me boarding pass.. I argued that approximately 1 hours…I have all necessary documents such as invitation, original return tickets , paid hotel boking and so on…

  • Samir Says

    I want to travel in South Korea

  • Sri Says

    Your information on Ecuador visa for Indian passport holders is incorrect and outdated. There is NO visa on arrival. Please update it. Here is my nightmare experience.

    I’m an Indian citizen living in United States for past 18 years as a physician. I’m currently on H1B visa. I’m a travel enthusiast and have visited about 30 countries. Ecuador esp Galapagos was on my bucket list and wanted to visit with my family (wife and son who are US citizens). So, I did my research and most sites and travel agent noted that they provide Visa on arrival provided all documents were with me (pass port, financial statements, travel insurance, return ticket and a fully booked itenary). Given that I have visited many other countries that provided me visa on arrival, I went ahead and booked the expensive trip. When I arrived at the immigration at Quito, I was greeted by a very impolite agent who basically told me bluntly that my wife and son will get entry and I will be removed from the country immediately. She wasn’t willing to listen to anything including all the information on the internet and detained me in a small room with bunk beds with no bedsheets and torn beds. She said I wasn’t allowed to leave that room until I board return flight. Delta airlines that I flew in was of NO help. During the night I saw another Philipino citizen who was also subject to removal for the same reason. He was on his honeymoon with his US citizen wife. Again, No consideration whatso ever regarding separating family and kids. The agents were absolutely apathetic about our plight. Given that it was a weekend there was no supervisor in the area, neither were they willing to make an attempt to get hold of him/ her to even try helping us.

    After spending overnight in detention, and upon my insistence,there was a supervisor, who spoke decent English, that spoke to me over phone and basically said it is not his responsibility and I’m ‘NOT WELCOME’ to Ecuador. After 16 hrs of painful detention with rude, U.N. empathetic Ecuadorian agents who treated me like a criminal, I got on flight to come back to US and left my family to continue as there didn’t seem to be any scope for refunds. They didn’t provide water, food during detention.

    I found out that they forced the philipino citizen on his honeymoon to return to US too

    The moral of the story is even though Ecuador might be a beautiful country, they WILL NOT allow anyone (Indian and philipino) to enter without a VISA stamp in pass port. THERE IS NO ‘Visa on arrival’. And, based on their behavior, you are on your own if you end up in trouble there. Unhelpful and not friendly
    From what I gathered after this, Seems like they DO NOT WANT INDIAN TOURISTs coming in as they made visa process exceedingly difficult. I just don’t want anyone else falling into expensive trap like I did

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Sri

      Sorry about your experience, it sounds truly horrible. The article on this site was updated back in 2019 clearly stating that Ecuador no longer offers visa on arrival, so I’m not sure why you’re saying the article is out of date. The update is right at the top:

      Unfortunately when visa on arrival provisions get abused by people looking to immigrate illegally (of course, not you..) the country ends up taking a hard line stance. It must have been awful to go through that experience in immigration detention.

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