Ecuador visa for Indians

Ecuador visa for Indians (and anyone else)

Update 2019

Unfortunately, Ecuador has stopped offering visa free access to Indian citizens due to widespread abuse. More information is available in this news article. We had written earlier about some of these issues when Backpack ME was used as a platform for taking people illegally to Ecuador.

Original article about Ecuador visas follows. (outdated)

According to information available online, Ecuador provides visa free entry to Indians (the rules say that anyone of any nationality can enter Ecuador without a visa).

However, my experience when I arrived in the country was rather different. We flew into Quito from Bogota, Colombia and at immigration the guy stamped Zara’s Portuguese passport immediately. Then he looked at my passport, flipped through it and said – “You don’t have a visa ?”. And I replied “No, I thought it was visa free entry”.

Then, his supervisor showed up and she said “Oh, does he have a US visa ?”. “Yes”. “Okay, then stamp him in”.

We asked this guy if I couldn’t have gotten in without the US visa and he said “No, you can’t enter if you don’t have a US visa”.

So, the information around the internet states that you can indeed enter Ecuador without a visa. They didn’t ask me for return tickets or any other details, it might be possible to enter without the “support” of a US visa if you do indeed have return tickets.

I have heard numerous accounts of people who have entered Ecuador without any visa required (also without a US visa) however, this did cause significant delays (a little bit of fact checking return tickets, hotel reservations, questions..) – so it appears that while it is indeed possible, be prepared for some confusion when they see your passport.

They stamped my passport for a stay of 90 days, and there was no charge!


One of our readers, shared a letter from the Embassy of Ecuador, New Delhi clearly detailing that visas are not required of anyone while visiting Ecuador for tourism. It may be helpful to carry a copy of this letter with you in case you get stopped by immigration. Thanks Rakesh!

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

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  • i want resideance visa.ecuador what is the procegers .please give details.

    • Ashray Says

      I don’t know anything about residence visas. We are tourists traveling around Latin America. Try asking at the Ecuador embassy at New Delhi maybe ?

    • Vicky Says

      I want to know after Ecuador pr which. Country i can go without visa

  • residence visa information.

    • Ashray Says

      Please see above. Thanks!

    • Gomathi Says

      Hi Ashray can you please let me know where to stay in ecu
      Ecuador CHEAP I am a senior social worker planning to visit Ecuador alone.Want to stay for a month. Is there any place I can also
      do some social work.
      Thanks Gomathi

      • Ashray Says

        Ecuador is not too expensive but standards and prices can vary quite a lot. Which city are you looking to stay in?

  • Dipika Says

    thanks! This is indeed useful….traveling to the Quito this week and the Galapagos the next week and wanted some confirmation from a traveller even though the website says that Indian passport holders do not require a visa.

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  • Shikhar Tyagi Says

    Hey Ashray,
    I am travelling in South America for couple of months now and I am thinking of going to Colombia through Ecaudor. I didnt plan to visit these countries before leaving and didnt get the visa from India. I am not flying into Colombia and plan to take the buses from Peru.
    I have an Indian passport but no US visa.
    Any ideas on how to get Colombia and Ecuador visa from Peru or Bolivia. I am in Argentina at the moment.

    • mayur patel Says



      i am same like you i am in latin america in uruguay before 15 days i arrived here.

      i am planing to see bolivia and equador soon….but as per your experience i want to know about all

      please reply me here


    • mayur patel Says

      hi shikhar

      i want to go boneua aires
      i am in uruguay at the moments and looking for somekind of good trip which can proove my life best trip.

      i holding brazil visa too and willing to come at argentina..i am here for resident of uruguay…but expensive here … is the most expensive place of whole south america

      why do not you reply me here and we can share for each other…..

      my personal emaii id is here
      +59891753717 is my cell too

      mayur patel

  • i have indian passport i need ecuador visa

  • i want to go ecuador but their are so many people told me visa is not require for indian citizen ots right or wrong

  • karan deep singh Says

    i have indian passport . i need a tourist visa . you can told me ecuador visa on arrival for indian citizen . please answer me

  • prof g nayak Says

    please tell me whether i can travel visa free or visa on arrival to latin america

  • Pulkit Says

    Hi Ashray .. I applied for Schengen n Peruvian visa .. both of them got rejected.. dont have any visa .. will I be abe to go to Ecuador transiting Netherlands ?

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Pulkit

      Sorry to hear about your negative visa experience.
      As far as I know, you would need a transit visa to fly through the Netherlands. Your best bet is to fly through a country like China where you would not need a transit visa.

  • Munish Says

    Hi I m Munish plz help me I can travel without visa Ecuador or bolvia I m so confused Internet and I check visa tousitd Indian people need visa Ecuador or Bolivia plz help me I won’t to travel for holiday

  • vinod Says

    i am i in indian living in UGANDA want to visit ecuador as visitor,
    from where i will get the visa, what will be the visa fees. will u plese guide me

  • Anant Says

    I am planning to travel to Ecuador [Quito] and then to Galapagos from India and I am told [by my visa agent] that I cannot get a visa from here in India for Ecuador and it is only a visa on arrival.

    If so what are the documents needed ?

    Please let me know.


    • Ashray Says

      Hi Anant

      You’ll get a visa on arrival in Ecuador. As long as you have a return ticket you should be fine. Just arrive at Quito airport and it’s a stamp in your passport for free. Enjoy Ecuador, it’s one of our favorite countries! :)

      • Anant Says

        Hi Ashray -

        Thank you very much for your reply. I forgot to mention I do not have any US visa and after this I will be visiting Peru followed by Argentina and Brazil. If at all this is denied in the rare event then where will they ask me to go to, the country immediately next to Ecuador in my itinerary ?
        Also, if at all there is a dispute as I read somewhere else also, how to convenience the immigration officials ? Will your letter on this site suffice ?

        Thanks Ashray.

        • Ashray Says

          You won’t get denied. A clueless immigration official may take a while to let you through but you certainly won’t get denied entry as their laws are clear on the fact that all nationalities get VoA for tourism. Here’s an extract from the airline visa info system:

          Passport required.
          - Passports and/or passport replacing documents must be valid for at least 6 months from date of arrival.

          Visa required, except for A max. stay of 90 days for nationals of India.
          Additional Information:

          - Extension of stay possible for visitors who do not require a visa to enter Ecuador.
          - Visitors not holding return/onward tickets could be refused entry.

          So just make sure you have an onward ticket of some sort. And carry a copy of the letter.
          I don’t think you need to worry about where they will send you :)

  • Rakesh Pai Says

    Hi Zara, Ashray,

    I stumbled across this link which might be useful for Indian travelers to Ecuador. This is a circular from Embassy of Ecuador confirming Visa on Arrival for Indians. Might come in handy in the event of coming across an immigration officer in India/Ecuador. Please add it to your blog as this link is sort of the first google result for the key word “Ecuador visa for indians” :)


    • Ashray Says

      Hi Rakesh

      Thanks for the helpful tip. I’ve added the letter to the post above so that people can carry a printout with them when visiting Ecuador for tourism.

  • ravi Says

    Hi, i am planning to come ecuador for consultant asking me 4lacs for visa process for ecuador.Is he genuine? for ecuador how much investment? i can get work permit visa once i arrived? he is saying initially 90 days visa i can get later it converted to work permit it true? pl help me in this.

    • Ashray Says

      Sorry ravi, I don’t know anything about work permits for Ecuador as I only went there as a tourist. You should ask the Ecuador embassy in New Delhi for more information.

    • arshad Says

      Hey ravi where are you from??

    • M. Hussain Says

      Hi, Ravi

      How are you? where are you now?
      Kindly contact me thru email / cell no: +919949645984

      • Shree Says

        I need to migrate or settle down either ecudor or Uruguay. Can you please provide me more details and which is good place for family?


      • praveen Says

        sir I am from India and my agent is asking 5 lakh for a family PR. can you please help me ? Is there any possibility of getting a job. My son wants to play football . What is the cost of schooling ?

  • rinku Says

    Plz help me i want go to peru plz guadi how is possibal on arrival viss

  • Rakesh Raj Says

    Hi There Ashray and Zara,

    Glad you guys are enjoying the travels. I will be landing in Ecuador from US tomorrow. Hope it would be a smooth IN-Out . I will keep you posted with my experience. I am carrying my passport and pretty much my return ticket THe embassy letter on your site. If anything else Please let me know and that would be helpful.

    May be this constitutes a different thread. Did you guys go into the amazon rainforest at Ecuador ?If so which lodge/national reserve etc.

    Rakesh Raj

  • Sachin Says

    Hi Ashray,

    Please guide I need to travel for Argentina & Ecuador through my parent company over business visa for 3 weeks. What will be the best Itinary to travel in economical way round trip ? What are the things require while apply for visa for which country? what are best places to visit , send me email with complete information as I had checked over internet got confused . Thanks in advance for your great help


  • Vijay Says

    Meri to gaand tod di. jhoot bolte hai ki visa nhi chahiye. equador k airport pr moo noch liya mera..

  • muhammad Says

    I want visa Ecuador how to can go

  • Sridhar Says

    Hi Ashray & Zara,

    I’m planning a trip to cali, colombia, i’m flying from Shanghai transiting amsterdam and quito by KLM airlines. I am an indian passport holder and i don’t have USA visa. Can you clarify if i need a transit visa for amsterdam when flying with KLM(i herd KLM is only airlines which does’nt need transit visa at amsterdam, is it true?). Do i need a transit visa at quito ?

    Your guidance will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.


  • srinivas Says

    friends, tell me that latin america gives a Permanent residence for indian
    with out staying earlier their. directly pr is it real.

  • We visited Ecuador and one of us had Indian Passport and Ecuador Consulate in Vancouver told us no visa required if holding PR card (like US Green card)

  • lokesh Says

    it depends where you are coming from. usually almost all countries dont need visa there. but be safe from drug dealers.

  • srinivas Says

    no visa required. I have traveled there and nobody asked visa from me. only seen my Canadian passport and permitted me.

  • Mr. Singh Says

    Hi, i am planning to come ecuador for consultant asking me 4lacs for visa process for ecuador.Is he genuine? for ecuador how much investment? i can get work permit visa once i arrived? he is saying initially 90 days visa i can get later it converted to work permit it true? pl help me in this.

    • Ashray Says

      Please be careful with any agent. We do not know about work visas for Ecuador, just tourism.

  • ABHIJIT Says

    I am planning to go to Ecuador in Dec.2014 for Business trip. How can I apply for Business Visa for Ecuador .
    I understand that Ecuador provides Visa on arrival to all Indian nationals.
    Please confirm.

  • Gurbhajan Says

    Hi i would like to go to ecuador by klm do i need trasit visa for netherland i’m will fly from india and have an indian passport and what documants i will have to carry plz tell me

  • Naveen Says

    Hi I have Indian passport ND I am planning to go acuador as tourist. I read here all comments review on Internet call to travel agents I cheek all but I have questions still in my mind I need visa or no. Every one say know but some say yes so I am dubel minded now what to do…. I am going to see my Colombia gf now days she is in acuador ….. So plz answer MI it will help MI a lot. ND I want who answer MI he have sure knowledge about it

  • tejinder Says

    i am from France i like to travell to ecqador

  • navi Says

    no one know well about ecuador every one have to go to embassy nd cheek well by ur self

  • Aavishka Says

    i am an indian, i want to settle permanent in Ecuador..
    what type of visa do i need… and how cn i get work permit..
    Thank you !!!!!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Aavishka,
      We only know about tourist visas to travel to Ecuador, not to settle there.
      Sorry, but we can’t help you with this!

  • ranjeet sah Says

    i want know how much dollar in i make my visa for ecuador i want make visa for 6 month there live my friend i will live with her so please suggest me thanks

  • Arun Says

    I have planning to Travel PANAMA,VENEZUELA,COLOMBIA and Chile.Please guide me how to get Visa in short cut time .Or if i go to PANAMA than i could apply for visa for other country??How much time they will take to give visa.Are these 4 country expensive??
    Please suggest.

  • palwinder singh Says

    sir i m indian i want to ecador visa can possible or not.i m wating ur response


    Dear sir. with due respect that i am citizen of Bangladesh by birth also living in Bangladesh wish to travel Ecuador. So i need an Ecuadorian tourist visa to travel Ecuador. Please send me details how can collect my tourist visa of Ecuador. Thanking with best regards. by…..M.NURUL AMIN

  • Abdul Says

    Hi Ashray/All,

    I would like to go to Colombia by KLM airlines and transiting Amsterdam,and i have Colombian Visa, do i need trasit visa for netherland? I will fly from india and have an indian passport!!!

    Please Guide.

  • jasbir Says

    hi ashray,
    i want to go to equador quito as tourist .please help me that which documents required for immigration .which mainly questions asked at airport of equador. please help me .i need it i require a good speaking english?

  • deepansh Says

    hiii ashray im deepansh …frm jammu …i need ur help abt visa equador …plz explain me …i want to go equador …plz help me its my number 09797578055 plz plz plz contact me….

  • Mithun Gopinath Says

    Hai Ashray,
    I have an Indian passport and I am planning to got to Ecuador in tourist visa, as to get a job there. So, my query is that –
    1. Do I need a visa or will I get visa on arrival.
    2. As on tourist visa, can I attend interviews for getting job.
    3. Is it possible to change tourist visa to work visa or something loke that from Ecuador itself.
    Please let me know the details through my E mail.

    Mithun Gopinath

  • Shiva Says

    Hello to every one Plz help me out , I want to visit Ecuador as a tourist !! do I need visa ? Or not ? If not what sort of documents I need , where I can get correct information ? , and if I want a transist visa to colombia from Ecuador do I need any type of documents or any type of formalities I need to fill Plz help me out I will be grateful Thanku

  • mohan Says

    hello ravi at present where u r me to planning move to ecuador,
    my mail id is,
    me from India

  • sunil pr Says

    i wish to know the visa formalities to ecuador, can i come there with a visiting visa for 90 days and is it possible to get a permanent resident visa with in that time span.if possible plese give me the details.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Sunil. We do not know about the permanent visa, because we only traveled there as tourists and, as such, on a tourist visa.
      It is best if you check directly with the concerned authorities.
      Good luck!

      • gurwinder singh Says

        can u help ? i want go abrod for driving ..i have dubai licence .. will u help me .? how i can go usa ?

  • Suman Says

    Hi sir my friend is staying in Ecuador .and he wants to move to Colombia . please tell me the process . or you help him to get the visa for Colombia.

  • Basavara Says

    I am travelling New Delhi to Ecuador I have Indian passport, I can get on arrivel visa there only or we have apply from India? Please reply me

  • Shuaib Says

    Indian nationals travelling to Colombia
    Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 March 2015 16:08
    The Government of Colombia has announced that Indian nationals entering into Colombia will not be required to obtain Colombian Visa for stay upto 90 days provided they comply with one of the following conditions:
    Hold resident permit in any of the Schengen member states or in the United States of America.
    Hold Type C (less than 90 days) or Type D (more than 90 days) Schengen Visa or hold any type of US Visa except C-1 transit Visa.

    • Ashray Says

      Thank you for the update, I will most certainly update the Colombia visa article with this information. This is great news!

  • Strider Says

    Hi there.. What is transist visa.. How can i get one while traveling to ecuador from india??

    • Franchis Says

      U don’t need any transit visa to com here, if u book the ticket with KLM Dutch airlines. From Delhi to Amsterdam to Quito or Guayaquil. Any thing more contact me



    I want to travel to ecuador on visit visa. can i do job there on tourist visa. do i get work permit.

    please let me know.


  • Franchise Says

    Hi dear friends, I will give you clear information about ecuador. I am presently living in Ecuador. About jobs, situations and process and after coming here how u go a struggle language..feel free to ask me. Before you come u must know the things happening here. Here is my email ID:

  • Franchise Says

    Don’t dare yourself to come Ecuador. Most of them come on tourist visa and slowly apply for residency. It’s ok but hard to get jobs, if u get job also not much pay hardly 300$ to 400$ per month. Don’t come here with toooo much expectations. Take care guys. Good day

  • Eshwarreddy Says

    hi any folks here can provide me exact info regarding Ecuador, as i am planning to apply for a PR on professional VISA

  • prajeetha Says

    iam an Indian.Now my family(my husband and 2 children)are trying to go to Ecuador with a permanent visa .What are the procedures and requirements.
    and what about others .Give me a detailed information

  • Homesh Says

    hi ,I am Homesh from Delhi .I have sponsor letter from Nicaragua and I have ticket both side .I want going there for one month .Plz tell me what’s document need for e visa.

  • Ajai Says

    Ajai here with u ,
    well.., i am from kerala,( a state of India) do i have any problem to get a tourist visa ??
    i just want to visit Ecuador..

  • Samran Says

    The links that I will be sharing below clearly prove that Indian Passport holders do not require to apply for a visa prior to visiting Ecuador. Your passport will be stamped there allowing you to stay there as a tourist for a maximum of 90 days.
    Please follow the link and scroll down to Ecuador in the list..

    Even this page here states that a visa is no longer required for Indian nationals going to Ecuador for tourist purposes only. They have even attached the notice from the Embassy Of Ecuador in New Delhi which I will urge you to take a print out of in any case a confusion may happen there.

    And the link below is from the visa and health requirements by timatic systems. This is understood internationally for its facts and information on visa and health requirements.

    Hope this will put away any confusion. I urge you again to take a printout of all these pages to produce at the immigration in Ecuador if needed. Please do not forget that visa on arrival is available for tourists only so purchasing your return ticket or a ticket proving your departure from Ecuador is a must.


  • Koshy Varughese Says

    Koshy /Saji here with u ,
    well.., i am from kerala,( a state of India) plan to migrate to Ecuador ??
    i just want to migrate me what are the formalities
    On sept , 2015

  • bijoy Says

    hi guys,
    Indian passport holder no need visa enter in ECUADOR , but need sponsors invitation letter from Ecuador cityson or any company(around 500 USD for invitation letter),u will get 90 days tourist visa,after enter if u want work visa, you have to apply in Ecuador embassy (need lawyer service- Around 500 $ USD),they will give 6 months work visa(with in 10 days maximum),that period can apply ECUADOR PR (only graduate person) in Ecuador embassy (need lawyer service-3800 $ USD ) will get pr with in 6 to 8 weeks.
    Total = 4,800 $ USD (3,25,000/ INR)
    have to book flight tickets your self
    ECUADOR is gateway of USA/CANADA , can move legally after “ECUADOR PR”
    Language- Spanish (English speaking in capital city “QUITO”
    Ecuador is tourists place,getting good profit from business(above 1 lakhs from Hotel/restaurants/physiotherapy/beauty spa,body massaging business)
    you will get good jobs depends your Qualification (salary range- 40,000 INR to 70,000 INR)
    lots off fraud agents in all over India(tamilnadu/kerala ) be careful
    don’t pay advance money or any registration payment , think 2 times
    anyone want more details write me +919895395724 (voice/whatsapp),
    Bye……. good Luck……

    • Shree Says

      I need to migrate or settle down either ecudor or Uruguay. Can you help me please?


    • ajay Says

      bijoy saale teri maa ka bhosda . jis din mil gaya aisa maarunga tujhe tere ghar wale b teri dead body lene se mna kr denge . agar ek baap ki aulaad hai to ek baar mere saamne aaja. kasam se tera wo haal karunga tujhe paida hone pe afsoos hoga

    • ajay Says

      bijoy dum hai to unblock me . give me your contact number i will call you . if you are son of single father then come infront of me .
      call me 9671000991

  • deepu c raj Says

    hi everybody currently now i am in ecuador me and my wife we lost our passport in ecuador we dont know what to do can anybody pls help us

  • Rao Says

    Dear Friends, My Name is Rao from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh State, Now i’m living in Ecuador, Quito, Most of the Peoples like Ecuador, but no Business source and No Jobs Source, only like Entertainment & Enjoy the Girls. any body interest Ecuador come and enjoy and go back India, its complete difficult Country, its my Exeperence, Most of the Consultancies said Very good Business Oppurtinity & Good Jobs, there is no jobs and Business source friends, this is my opinion, don’t take risk, money is very valuable don’t waste money friends, i know Telugu, Hindi, English, Spanish, but there is no jobs and no Business. very bad my life in this country, Don’t come Ecuador, if any information can send sms to my email :

    • sagar Says

      Hi…everybody currently am in delhi . Planning to go ecuador quito .was thinking to open small indian restaurant business kindly advise .want to know how much investment needed .is it easy to get business visa ,work permit . How is the country is it safe .how much r the rental in good area to open restaurant .ppl speak English there .Can I get visa on arrival am indian citizen .or anyone interested to open restaurant business in partnership thanx .my mobile no.9971600209 / 8860221823 .

    • ajay Says

      hi rao
      m ajay from haryana india . can you tell me that do i need yellow fever vaccination certificate and pcc apostille travelling to ecuador on arrival visa. and i have invitation letter also.
      if someone have accurate and complete information then plz plz let me know urgent .
      my contact

  • Rao Says

    Hi Sagar, this is Rao from Quito, Ecuador Any restaurant Business in Ecuador not for good, don’t waste your money. just this is only Tourist place.

  • salma Says

    How much cost for flight ticket from india to ecuador for tourist and how to apply from india pls send details to my mail id

  • salma Says

    How much cost for flight ticket from india to ecuador for tourist and how to apply from india pls send details to my mail id

  • franco Says


    i am indian national working in qatar , actually want to go to colombia but visa is a problem, so the best is to go to ecuador visa on arrival and then try from ecuador

    My question will it be easy , i can support with air ticket and bank statemen


  • Rao Says

    Hi Salma, This is Rao from Quito, Flight ticket Cost INR 1,20,000/- (One Lakh Twenty Thousand) Round trip Ticket cost.

    Ecuador Country not for good Business and Job less country, There is no income friends, don’t waste money and don’t think about Ecuador. be careful.

  • SN Says

    need to migrate or settle down either Ecuador or Uruguay. Can you please provide me more details and which is good place for family?

  • jayakrishnan Says

    I would like to migrate Ecuador please help me

  • satheesh Says

    I am in Ecuador one month now.i have 20 years experience in hospitality industry.with best hotels like Meridian,movenpick etc.the restaurant business is very good in Ecuador.especially a good Indian restaurant.If anyone is interested to open an Indian restaurant in Guayaquil,Quito,monteninenta, please let me know.

  • satheesh Says

    i am a hospitality experience person,more than 20 years experience in food and beverage service is looking for a partner to open a restaurant in Ecuador.areas like Quito,Guayaquil or montenienta or any other suitable place in Ecuador.kindly contact me on my below email.The cost of living is very low in Ecuador.(Including rent,groceries and transport etc:)

  • jais Says

    yr muje Colombia mein popyan city mein Jana hai short stay plissss guide it’s very urgent

  • rizwan Says

    am an Indian.Now my family(my husband and 3 children)are trying to go to Ecuador with a permanent visa .What are the procedures and requirements and Expenses and time to until get a Ecuador passport
    living expenses, Average English school fees, Security, Rent of 3 bedroom flat ,which is best city for us or any business opportunities or jobs I am b com graduate house wife my husband is an interior designer right now living in Kuwait,
    and what about others .Give me a detailed information Please

    we also can pay fees if you want for your time and information and process our case to help us thanks.

    Note this is my husband email address you can reply as soon as possible thanks

    best regards

  • satheesh Says

    please be very careful before you pay any money to the experience is very bad with the agent.i am in Ecuador now.agents are taking 3-5 lakhs and bring people here and leave them here without job,accommodation etc.And they say it is the getaway of america,Canada etc.It is all fake.please be very careful.people are just making think thousand time, before you give money.take care and do not get cheated.happy journey !

  • pochi Says

    Hi all , Ecuador is a gateway of canada/ us ? after Ecuador PR we will go canada/us & work? is it posible ?

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