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This is a section for anyone from anywhere to be a part of Backpack ME!
You can submit stories about the place you live in or somewhere special you have traveled to.

If you’d like to contribute to Backpack ME sending a guest post, please keep in mind:

- You can write a mini-guide to your town or city or a story about something specific in the place you’d like us to know more about. Non-fiction only. Please don’t write Wikitravel kind of guides… that’s already available! Bring us a scoop of the really good stuff that you know about.

- Submissions should be text + photos, or videos, or a combination of both (the more visual it is, the better!) Make sure the images you send us are yours!

- The length of your post is up to you, but please use our previous Backpack ME articles as reference.

- We are open to all kinds of stories and would like you to enjoy total freedom of speech, but with certain exceptions: racist, xenophobic and violent attitudes aren’t really welcome.

- Posts and visuals should be sent to If you want to make sure we’ll publish your article, send a pitch in advance!

- If you have a travel blog or site, we will include a link to it in your post.

NOTE: We do not accept posts for commercial purposes and/or links in this section. If you are interested in promoting your product or service on Backpack ME, get in touch with and we can discuss a sponsored review and other advertising opportunities.

Nikkei Cuisine from Peru
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