Why I am not good enough is not good enough

Why I’m not good enough is not good enough

We live in an age of hyper comparison. By spending time on social media as we invariably do, our subconscious is constantly comparing our talents, looks, achievements, and even our happiness levels to everyone else. Studies have shown that this can have a depressing effect on our psyche.

But what’s also important is that through social media and the internet we are exposed to the work of lots of extremely talented people out there. It seems like everyone can do a headstand these days, or run a marathon, take beautiful photos, or travel to the other side of the world. No matter what field you choose, the giants are out there, sharing their amazing creations with the world. If you choose photography, there are masterful photographers in every corner taking amazing pictures. If you choose music, there’s always that 3 year old Chinese kid with a guitar that can make you look like an idiot.

In one way, this is great because we can look at and learn from other’s achievements. Youtube is one of the best teachers out there. On the other hand sometimes it’s overwhelming to see all that raw talent out there and it feels like our contribution, if anything, will be very minimal.

Before and After on Instagram

One of our first ever instagram posts vs something more recent

Well, this is where I think it’s important to acknowledge the uniqueness of every human being and every moment that we live in. There will never be another you. The whole fact that you are alive is in itself a wonderful act of randomness, a humongous gift from the universe. Any one of daddy’s sperms could’ve got mommy’s egg. Even after that event, those chromosomes that crossed over, could’ve crossed over differently. One minor difference, and you would’ve been a different person. That is, you would not exist. So yes, there is a conspiracy, the universe did conspire to make you. In all its seeming randomness it chose to bring you into existence.

Then take into account all the randomness of your life. All the choices that you’ve made and those that were seemingly made for you. Everything got together to bring you to that one moment. So if you’re standing somewhere, with your camera in your hand, waiting to hit that shutter button, do not hesitate. Just do it. Even if that photo is not so good, only you could’ve taken it. There is just one person, in that moment, in this universe, with your story, that could take that photo. And that’s what makes it beautiful.

And you know what, even if your photo is terrible as judged by you what that says is that you have exquisite taste. It says that you’re not satisfied with where you are. And that you can do better.

So go do that. Don’t say you’re not good enough.

That’s not good enough.


Is there something that you’re trying to master? Tell everyone in the comments below and we’ll be happy to cheer you on! :)

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  • Penny Says

    Great article! You are right. We are all unique in our own way and we all have something to offer. However, the universe did not make us! God in his infinite wisdom did. It does say something that God created the animals first before people! Often the animals make more sense.

    I really enjoy this blog! Keep up the good work!

  • Roslia Santamaria Says

    Nice article and most importantly an inspiring one also.
    You are a great writer. Loved the post.
    Thanks for sharing !!
    Keep Posting !!

  • Lombok Wander Says

    Hope that can inspired us !

  • Shipra Gureja Says

    Amazing post.
    You are right everyone is unique & talented, and no one can replace you.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us :-)

  • Swan Tours Says

    I am happy with your blog. You shared the road trip information is really awesome and very useful. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jasmine Says

    Glad I enjoyed the post! Thanks for sharing this

  • While I believe life is meaningless and we’re here figuring our ways to go through it, I loved everything else about the article. A good reminder to remove the toxicity from life including that resides within us.

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