Massive redwood

A 500 year old tree!

One of the highlights of our drive down Highway 101 was a detour that we took through Redwood National Park in California. On our way down from Florence to Eureka, we ended up stopping many times to take pictures with these massive giants!

The California redwoods are so old and so massive that one needs to see these trees to truly understand their size and scale! You can actually drive through some of the hollowed out tree trunks – in a 4×4!

See the video of our silly tree drive-thru here.

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  • Susan Says

    I used to live there (in Arcata, 5 minutes away from Eureka)! I went for a hike through the redwoods 3 or 4 times a month. Isn’t the forest magical? I’m so glad you had a chance to visit a place that’s so close to my heart.

    • Ashray Says

      You are so lucky! The forest is straight out a fairy tale! The trees are so old and grand and there’s just such an air of mystery. I would’ve loved to play around the forest as a kid :D

  • April Yap Says

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