If you eat… don’t drive!

Mixx is an ice-cream shop in Ecuador‘s city of Cuenca that sure knows what Latins like!

Too much to choose from...

Too much to choose from…


I’m a very regular kind of girl when it comes to ice-cream. Give me a scoop of chocolate or mint chocolate chip and you’ll see me smile like a kiddo.

But… if you need an alternative method to make me smile even more, get me tipsy with ice-cream. That’s right, ice-cream!

This ice-cream will make you see sprinkles!

This ice-cream will make you see sprinkles!


Apart from the array of typical flavors and exotic fruit treats that Mixx offers, customers get their kicks with the alcoholic versions that include:

  • Red Bull & Jaegermeister
  • Cuba Libre
  • Vodka & Orange
  • Baileys
  • Margarita
  • Brandy
  • Beer
  • Whisky
Would you like to have a frozen drink?! ;)

Would you like to have a frozen drink?! ;)

Which one would you choose?

Which one would you choose?


We were recommended this frozen gem by a virtual Ecuadorian friend on and enjoyed a Cuba Libre and Screwdriver treat in the cold weather.

Funny thing about these ice-creams is that they feel totally refreshing in the mouth but leave you with a warm sensation in the throat, that suits you just nice on a rainy day in Cuenca!


Mixx Heladeria / Gourmet Ice-cream
Parque San Blas
Cuenca, Ecuador

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  • I’m not a fan of boozy desserts myself, but i would try the cuba libre, or perhaps the vermouth with lemon..

    • Zara Says

      I’m not a fan of alcoholic deserts myself – particularly fruit salad with Port Wine, like they do in Portugal sometimes! :S But you’d be surprised how well it goes in ice-cream!! :)

  • We tried Champagne Gelato in Rome and Pina Colada in Sardinia… but all these flavors look amazing. Seems like we have a good reason to go Ecuador! :)

  • Agness Says

    Now I’m getting hungry and dreaming of Gelate! :) I’m off to Lisbon and Fatima in July so I can’t wait to dig into some of my favourite Portuguese treats!

    • Zara Says

      Agness, if you like gelato, do not miss SANTINIS when you’re in Lisbon!
      It’s a very popular ice-cream place in Baixa-Chiado, right next to the well-known Armazens do Chiados. Sometimes the lines are crazy.. but the treats are so good! :)

  • Agness Says

    I mean gelato.

  • mahi Says

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