Represent CUBA! What Havana Looks Like.. (video)

Staying in Havana, Cuba, I felt like we could just open our room’s window and stare outside all day long. We didn’t. We walked a lot around the city, in the touristic places and, specially, in the neighborhoods of the real people of the real world. But if we would have, I don’t think we would have easily got bored.

Cubans love to socialize!

Cubans love to socialize!

Just outside our window, we observed how Cubans are community kind of people. Obviously, being this a communist country, we wouldn’t expect any less, but it was great to see how people always keep their doors open for neighbors to come in without even knocking. Saying “permiso” and a couple of steps is all it takes. Neighbors are the people that keep you company, that you share your daily experiences with, the ones you gossip with and about and, as well, those you make business with: in a land where everything is in shortage, this community approach to life makes it much easier for people to source the goods they need and buy, sell or exchange those things they can’t buy in the conventional market.

Havana is a city that sweats life out of each pore. People love being outside and they seem to always have something to say – very loudly actually, most of the times. Music is played in the background, while housewives cook their rice & beans and guys march the street trying to make some pesos selling fruits and vegetables. Everyone seems to be trying to make ends meet, in a way or another.

This is what Havana looks like, on any given day!

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