Godforsaken mountain in Oman (video)

This was the first trip we ever took together! A&Z in the making…

While road tripping in Oman we ended up off-roading up a mountain for the sake of observing a great dry canyon. Over there, it was us and a goat that was after my crackers and La Vache Que Rit cheese triangles. This place was deserted, in all the meanings one could give to this word.

Going a bit around on the rented 4×4 we encountered a tiny village at the edge of a cliff. We met a couple, their kids, their dog with puppies and the goats. We ate Pringles together and they LOVED it! We played around with the kids who were AMAZED with our cameras. They took photos and played around with their own images on the LCD screen of the video camera. I’m not  even sure they would have a mirror at home. It’s so interesting to see the reaction of kids to gadgets they are not used to!

With this encounter we learnt that, sometimes, the things that happen out of your planned route end up being the most interesting and rewarding ones!

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