• Amen to all of this. You leave the destination a richer (both literally and metaphorically) person for it, and you actually do some good with your time and money!

  • Arjun Says

    Thanks for sharing.. >

  • Angella Maresca Says

    Actually not only Colosseum, but there are many more other wonderful places in Italy. Really if have more time to spend in Italy, definitely we should experience their culture, their home made food & the local people in village. Thanks Charlie, for sharing this article.

  • Sumit Vasudeva Says

    This is really great. visiting a place, leaving something good behind, moving forward, repeating it all over again. the world will become such a pleasant placce to live in

  • I have started travelling locally in my hometown since everything was shut due to pandemic. and I realized I had been missing a gem.

    Nice post.

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