Travel as a form of meditation

TRAVEL is my meditation

Meditation is a big topic these days. The press has been busy talking about the power of meditation and whether this speculation is fueled by the ‘meditation industry’ or if it’s just honest discourse about something wonderful – we’ll never know.

It’s probably safe to say that meditation is good for you (brain patterns can apparently be improved!). In the age of constant information overload and a globally connected screen in every direction you look, being in the moment becomes a lot more important.

I don’t personally look at meditation as a tool for greater productivity which also happens to be the primary reason that mega corps in the US are encouraging their employees to take up the practice. For me, meditation is about mindfulness, it’s about being in the moment, appreciating the now.

I grew up with the internet. I got an internet connection at the age of 12. For years my father thought I was addicted and needed to see a psychiatrist. I’d say the old man was right. I am addicted. But now the problem is worse. We all are.

Everyone has the right to live however they want to, but I don’t think watching a live concert through your phone screen while you’re actually there is the best way to watch a live concert. I have a hunch. The idea is that being everywhere else except where we are in the moment is bad for us. I haven’t had the opportunity to test this theory because we haven’t had this kind of behavior for decades yet. However, I’ve felt the effects personally, so even though this may be anecdotal, I feel the urge to disconnect more than ever!

On my own, I have practiced, faltered, and returned to meditation several times over the past few years. There is a great emphasis on sitting, breathing, focusing, and just being. However, there is an even greater emphasis on being in the moment. Carry your practice into your day. For people who do not meditate, what this means is that you should experience every moment by being in it. Like, while writing this piece, I should be feeling the keys that I type on. Making sure I am in the moment as well as with my thoughts. I should be aware of the pitter patter of the rain outside – oh what a peaceful sound! I should be aware of my weight and how it is distributed between my two feet (I’m leaning to the left a little right now..). This, for some, results in greater focus, and also a greater sense of calm. It certainly works for me. Mostly because I stop worrying about things outside my current context. Isn’t that what gnaws at our souls most of the time in today’s super connected world?

"Medidating" while crossing the Tejo River between Lisbon and Cacilhas, Portugal

"Medidating" while crossing the Tejo River between Lisbon and Cacilhas, Portugal


I wrote a few years ago about travel causing time dilation. It makes us experience each moment differently. We have bigger, more vivid memories. Try it! You may remember what you ate on the 2nd day of your last vacation but do you remember what you ate for lunch just 2 days ago? That’s what routine does to you. It makes you forget the details. Mindfulness may not help you live longer, but it will certainly make it feel like that.

But being in the moment is HARD! It’s extremely hard when you’re just going about a routine of some sort on auto-pilot. It’s very hard to be mindful in the morning when you get dressed for work, or to be mindful during your daily commute. That’s where the magic of travel comes in!

Mindfulness is easy when you’re surrounded by newness. Every time you’re in a new place, you notice things around you. It’s so simple to give in to that curiosity! The same curiosity you feel while watching an engaging movie, a curiosity so powerful that it forces you to enjoy the current moment and forget about everything else. Like a cup of coffee in a new coffee shop! That’s what happens to me when I arrive at a new city or walk around a new area of town. There’s so much to notice and so much to absorb! You don’t have to travel around the world to experience this. You could do this in your own city or town. Just go to an area you’ve never been to before or try a restaurant that you’ve never tried before. Get out of your context and into the moment!

Mindfulness in Punta Arenas, Chile

Mindfulness in Punta Arenas, Chile


We’ve been traveling for almost 4 years now. There have been times that we have stayed in places for up to 3 months and have felt our days melt into one another. Then, we get on the road and suddenly every day is new. Afternoons are long and go on forever. We look back at the end of the day and think, “Wow, we did so much!“.

There are times when I crave comfort and familiarity. You can’t keep doing this forever. Sometimes you want to know that you can rely on a good mattress, a nice cup of coffee, and other things that might be dear to you. But every time I notice some ennui, I know it’s time to get on the road again. I know that it’s time to meditate.


Have you felt more mindful on the road? Or do you prefer the comfort of a routine?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Anu Says

    Carry on meditating its good for the soul if you are happy doing what you are doing do it if not change it this is what you are here for to give a new flavor to you life the way you want it ennui sets in every one s life you are lucky if you have a choice otherwise enjoy what you have everyone has a different calling this is life

  • Natalie Says

    Love this post and I can state that your theory is correct. If more people were thought mindful meditation from childhood, I do believe the world would not be in the state it is now.

  • Anisa Says

    I never thought about things this way, but what you are saying makes so much sense!

  • Jub Says

    I’ma big advocate for meditation after doing it on average 5 outta 7 days a week the last few years. Liked this article a lot, if everyone meditated for 5 minutes every morning the world would be a better place overall (a net positive effect).

    The mindfulness there and then is huge, just being able to think back on my trips the last few years I can remember many more small details compared to the first few of my trips where I was going going going but memories of exact times and places is minimal.

  • Eklavya Says

    Hi A & Z, After spending nearly 16 years doing meditation and trying almost all the major meditation techniques of the world traditions, I came to the conclusion that Meditation is nothing but to become aware of your own existence. To gradually make this awareness deeper and deeper. I feel traveling to new places is an excellent opportunity to be aware of this huge existence of which we all are a part of. While you are traveling across the globe, my advice to both of you is to become more sensitive and aware of this universe. We all are a part of it. True meditation is to realize our oneness with the whole. My best wishes !

  • Jamison john Says

    Amazing work guys. Makes me long for similar adventures

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