Backpack ME’s MEGA Xmas Giveaway – thousands of dollars in travel prizes for one lucky winner!

Last year, we started the tradition of doing a Christmas giveaway here on Backpack ME. It was a fairly simple affair and our reader Mara, from Texas, took home some cool gifts.

This year, we thought that if we’re again going to spread some travel love in the shape of gifts and goodies we’d rather go big or go home. And you know we’re no fans of “going home”… so you bet we’re GOING BIG right here with you today!



As promised, we collected all your entries and held a draw on December 25th 2017. Devan is our winner and she will receive our Mega XMAS Bundle very soon. We hope all these wonderful prizes will make her travel experiences even more special. Congratulations Devan!


Backpack ME’s Santa plays by simple rules:

1. Leave a comment below telling us what item you’d be most excited about winning

2. Subscribe to our free newsletter at the bottom of this post

3. Watch your inbox for an email from us. We will tell you soon of even more ways to increase your chances of winning the giveaway

After these simple steps, you’ll automatically enter the draw to win OUR MEGA XMAS BUNDLE! Yes, that means ALL the travel gear, accessories, and vouchers listed here. Every single item mentioned can end up at your doorstep to eventually fuel your next adventure. The draw will happen on the 25th of December, at 11.50pm UTC and it is open to EVERYONE, no matter where in the world you are. Even if you’re in a remote village in an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, we will make sure you get your gifts!

If you’re looking to buy Christmas presents (self presents also count!), this list is bursting with suggestions any traveler would love. Click the photos, follow the links, don’t forget to complete the 2 steps above… and cross your fingers for Christmas day.

Remember: the winner takes it all!



Travel Gear & Accessories


Osprey Meridian Wheeled Convertible Luggage

Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack + daypack

Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack + daypack

We are super fans of hybrid luggage and have been using Osprey Meridian backpacks since we hit the road full-time back in 2011 – true story! Whenever we see backpackers carrying all the weight of their belongings on their backs, we feel like saying “Hey, you! Why don’t you roll all of that around?” With the Meridian range of backpacks by Osprey you can roll around your luggage (the wheels are pretty 4×4!) but also strap your pack on your shoulders like you would with a regular backpack. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’ll save you from body pain and premature ageing. Going even further, Osprey Meridian packs include a detachable daypack, super handy to carry your most valued items with you, but that can also be strapped onto the main backpack when you don’t feel like carrying the burden around.

Get: Osprey Meridian in Metal Grey ($350)


Vanguard Havana 48 Camera Backpack

Havana 48 camera backpack by Vanguard

Havana 48 camera backpack by Vanguard

The Havana camera backpack by Vanguard is the latest addition to our new travel gear – see our full review here. The Havana range of camera backpacks is great precisely because these bags do not look like camera bags. As such, you feel comfortable carrying your expensive equipment inside, because they won’t catch other people’s attention too much. Whether you carry cameras or not, you’ll find the changing compartments of the Havana backpack super useful to organize all sorts of stuff during your trips.

Get: Vanguard Havana 48 blue ($100)


Bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack

Bagsmart Anti-theft Backpack

BAGSMART Anti-theft Backpack

BAGSMART is dedicated to making traveling smarter and easier, combining function and style perfectly! Their anti-theft camera bag is indeed smart and will help you focusing on your journey, instead of worrying about your gear. This is a professional gear bag, which can also be used as an everyday backpack. It features several camera compartments for easy and quick access to your camera and accessories, with enough space for a DSLR camera plus several lenses. There’s also room for your laptop, tablet and other smaller items, as well as convenient side holder straps and mesh pockets to hold a tripod. Portable, durable and easy to reach in for you, but not so easy for those who’d want to mess with your stuff!

Get: Bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack ($129)


Dobot Rigiet Video Stabilizer

Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer

Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer

We wouldn’t want you to have some amazing camera bags and not have state of the art equipment that deserves resting inside of them. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dobot, to send you a brand new Rigiet stabilizer that will change the way you photograph and take videos. You can use this handheld stabilizer with your GoPro or smartphone. You can capture any moment of your travels with super stable video quality, just like in the movies! Imagine walking around in a busy market, or running with your friends at the beach… the Rigiet will let you record all of that with pro quality. Some of its highlight features include auto tracking, livestream mode, slow motion, time lapse, and three panorama modes. The Dobot Rigiet supports all mobile devices and action cameras, and it can even charge your phone while you shoot. You know a regular selfie stick is just not good enough!

Get: Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer ($219)


Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak dry bag in action

Earth Pak dry bag in action

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you’re going to dig Earth Pak. Their range of products was created for adventurers who definitely do not see spending the weekend laying on the couch as their preferred activity. If you like exploring places that may easily get wet (think kayaking trip or trekking alongside waterfalls), you’ll understand how convenient their waterproof dry bags are, in order to keep all belongings dry and safe. Sturdy, good-looking and definitely practical, Earth Pak dry bags are a must for when you don’t know where adventure may end up taking you!

Get: Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag of your choice (up to $43)


Sawyer Select Water Filter

Enjoying drinking water straight out of nature, using a Sawyer water filter

Enjoying drinking water straight out of nature, using a Sawyer water filter

Enjoy drinking water anytime, anywhere. As long as you’re near a source of water out in Nature (like a river or a lake), make your own purified water simply by using a purifying filter by Sawyer. In just 10 seconds, it removes chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and protozoa from the water, while improving the taste and odor. If you’re planning to go on a trek (like we did in Chile!) or camping trip, this is the easiest and most eco-friendly way you can go about getting drinking water. One filter can be used up to 1600 times!

Get: S1 Sawyer Select Water Filters and Purifier ($60)


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee while camping, with the AeroPress Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee while camping, with the AeroPress Coffee Maker

If with the Sawyer filter you can get good quality water anywhere, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to brew some coffee too! With the AeroPress you can make both espresso and American style coffee. While you can use the AeroPress to brew a mighty fine cup of coffee at home, its size and portability make it ideal to take on a trip. We’ve met several long-term travelers that carry one in their luggage all the time! It comes with a zippered nylon tote bag where you can carry the coffee maker itself, and some coffee to use when you crave that much-needed dose of warm caffeine!

Get: AeroPress Coffee Maker +  Travel Tote Bag ($37)


Trtl Travel Pillow

Sleep with better neck support using the Trtl Travel Pillow

Sleep with better neck support using the Trtl Travel Pillow

You know we don’t carry that much stuff with us, but the Trtl Travel Pillow is one of those things that are worth the space it takes. While it won’t be the same as getting an upgrade to business class, this is an accessible way of somehow improving your traveling experience. Whether you’re up high in the sky, on a car, bus or train ride, the Trtl Travel Pillow will make your naps smoother and way more comfortable that when you do not have neck support. This is us and our Trtl travel pillow!

Get: Trtl Travel Pillow ($30)


Travel Scarf by Speakeasy Travel Supply

Soda Springs Mist Travel Scarf

Soda Springs Mist Travel Scarf

Here’s a scarf that has the looks and is useful too! Apart from being cozy, soft and warm, this travel scarf by Speakeasy Travel Supply also has a hidden pocket where you can store your most valued items. This can be particularly helpful when traveling in countries with safety issues. Hide your documents and money in a place no pickpocket is ever going to think of looking at. Stylish and smart!

Get: Soda Springs Mist Travel Scarf by Speakeasy Travel Supply ($55)


Sunrise Pashmina

Sunrise Pashminas

Sunrise Pashmina

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on an authentic pashmina, this is your chance! Pashmina is the Asian word for cashmere, and it has come to be used also to mean “shawl.” Sunrise Pashmina has a beautiful range of cashmere shawls and travel blankets, made in Nepal. Apart from featuring attractive colors and designs, these pashminas are also soft, fine and made with high-quality fiber. Extremely versatile, both as clothing accessories or simply to keep you warm, it’s easy to picture all the uses you can give to these shawls. Take advantage of the special discount Sunrise Pashmina is giving to Backpack ME readers, and enjoy 10% off your purchases using the promo code AZ10 when you place an order.

Get: Your choice of medium-sized Sunrise Pashmina (up to $130, depending on weave you select)


Travel Umbrella by LifeTek

Travel Umbrella by LifeTek

Travel Umbrella by LifeTek

We’ve all been in situations when it rains and it’s windy, and our umbrellas’ fabric simply turns upside down leaving us out in the cold and rain. Well, this scenario just does not happen with LifeTek umbrellas. They are designed to resist strong winds, while still having an auto open mechanism that will make sure you get that much needed protection when it starts to pour. Apart from keeping you dry LifeTek umbrellas offer UV sun protection. So, whether you are traveling during the monsoon season in South East Asia, or simply want to protect yourself from the fierce sun in the Middle East, you can count on LifeTek.

Get: LifeTek Traveler 42 FX1 Umbrella ($27)


Socks by Sockwell

Sockwell Compression Socks

Sockwell Compression Socks

If you are the kind of person who gifts socks for Christmas, make sure they are Sockwell Therapeutic Performance socks. While thinking about health and fitness, we may not always keep the well-being of our legs in mind. If these socks are relevant in your daily life, they are even more so when you travel. Whether you are on a long flight crossing the Atlantic or trekking along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for several days in a row, the therapeutic compression Sockwell socks offer will make your legs feel more rested and energized.

Get: 7 pairs of assorted socks by Sockwell ($150)


Compression Socks by Zensah

Everyday casual socks by Zensah

Everyday casual socks by Zensah

You can never have too many socks. Especially when they are high-quality and have really cool designs too. Zensah is the brand of compression socks we own and wear every time we fly. But of course compression socks are not only worth it when you’re up in the air! That’s why Zensah has a range of everyday casual socks that will make your legs feel fresh any day of the year, at home or abroad.

Get: 2 pairs of Everyday / Casual Compression Socks by Zensah ($60)


Tajt Leggings

Fun Leggings by Tajt

Fun Leggings by Tajt

Leggings with patterns and colors that only the brave dare to dream of. Like the folks from Tajt would say: “don’t be shy… be fly!” Tajt’s legging collection features practical and comfortable leggings, with super funky designs. These are ideal for trips as they’ll hug your legs with naturality, while taking little space in your luggage too. Can you picture a more comfortable piece of clothing to travel with?

Get: 1 pair of Tajt Leggings of your choice ($25)


Designer Swimwear by Bikini Luxe

Coral Off The Shoulder Bikini Set by Bikini Luxe

Coral Off The Shoulder Bikini Set by Bikini Luxe

When it comes to travel clothing and accessories, we want to make sure you’re covered from head to toe! That’s why we’ve partnered with Bikini Luxe to ensure you make other travelers go WOW next time you hit the beach with one of the pieces from their Mapalé collection. Bikini sets, one-piece swimsuits, monkinis, rompers, cover-ups..whichever one you choose, they’ll bring out the sexiest side of you, for sure!

Get: Any piece from Bikini Luxe’s Mapalé collection ($100)


ICONSPEAK World Edition T-shirt

ICONSPEAK World Edition t-shirt for travelers

ICONSPEAK World Edition t-shirt for travelers

Dictionaries are so last season! When you travel to a place where you don’t speak the local language, wear an ICONSPEAK World Edition t-shirt, that will make communication and getting around easier. Take this shirt anywhere and it will lead you everywhere. The World Edition icon-set features the 39 most essential icons for your trip around the world. This is THE ultimate traveler shirt!

Get: ICONSPEAK World Edition t-shirt ($33)


point it® – Traveller’s language kit

point it® - Traveller's language kit

point it® – Traveller's language kit

Even folks fluent in many languages may find point it® useful when in a new country. point it® suggests a different way of communicating: instead of talking, simply point! This book includes 1300 items that cover most situations a traveler would normally find himself in. This passport-sized assistant is used not only by tourists but also by UN peacekeeping forces, Olympic athletes and speech therapists. The book is the result of the author’s extensive travels in the five continents and over 2 million copies have already been sold all over the world since its release back in 1992.

Get: point it® traveller’s language kit ($10)


Sun Care Products by Mexitan

The Adventurer combo pack by Mexitan: Coral Safe SPF 30 sunscreen, SPF 15 lip balm, SPF 30 Face Stick, Aloe Vera Gel, and travel-size Skedattle all-natural bug spray

The Adventurer combo pack by Mexitan: Coral Safe SPF 30 sunscreen, SPF 15 lip balm, SPF 30 Face Stick, Aloe Vera Gel, and travel-size Skedattle all-natural bug spray

Until we went stand-up paddle a few years ago in Hawaii, we didn’t even know what coral safe sunscreen was. Now, we understand that these are the only kind of sun protection products anyone who gives a damn should be using, particularly when snorkeling or scuba diving. The range of sun care products by Mexitan is biodegradable, and thus respects marine wildlife. Did you know that the chemicals that regular sunscreen protection creams contain are known to harm reefs and that, while wearing those products, you could be hurting the natural biodiversity of our oceans? It’s easy to switch to an eco-friendly range of sun care products, protect your skin and not have a negative impact on the environment.

Get: The Adventurer Combo pack by Mexitan ($46)



Vouchers & Digital Gift Cards



GPSmyCity app

GPSmyCity app

In the vast world of self-guided tours one can check online these days, GPSmyCity stands out. This app compiles a collection of self-guided walking tours, detailed offline city maps and travel articles that cover around 1000 destinations around the world. Earlier this year, we dedicated an entire blog post to GPSmyCity. Now, they are giving you an yearly subscription of the GPSmyCity app, so that you can have full access to all the self-guided walking tours and travel articles for over 1,000 cities worldwide, during 365 days! This is the kind of option that is not available for regular subscribers, who’d normally pay per city they want to access. How cool is that?

Get: Yearly subscription to ALL the content in the GPSmyCity app (valued at $8000, but commercially not available!)



bitemojo app for self-guided food tours

bitemojo app for self-guided food tours

Still in the self-guided tour mood, allow us to introduce you to bitemojo. If you’re the kind of traveler who is not particularly fond of group activities but still likes food tours, you can do a self-guided bitemojo food tour simply using your phone. These tours are completely independent (you can do things at your own rhythm), while including 6 substantial bites at an affordable price. This kind of experience can be great when you feel like you need an introduction to the local fare of the place you are traveling around. So far, bitemojo tours cover the following cities: Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Get: bitemojo tour in a destination of your choice ($42)


A Vacation With An Artist – VAWAA

Vacation With an Artist with VAWAA

Vacation With an Artist with VAWAA

If for you a vacation is a time not only to rest and re-energize, but to also learn new things and enrichen yourself, then VAWAA is for you! This platform allows you to book vacations with curated artists from around the world. VAWAA features interesting people who’ll share their passion with you in the most distinct of art fields: painting, tattooing, weaving, calligraphy, street art, cooking, puppet making, jewellery making, shoe-making, music production, tango dancing and so much more! Inspiring? Make your vacation a truly artistic one, whether you decide to travel to Asia, Europe or South America!

Get: VAWAA experience gift card, valid for 5 years ($50)


I Like Local Voucher

See "the real" Africa and Asia with I Like Local

See "the real" Africa and Asia with I Like Local

I Like Local is a sustainable travel marketplace where you can book authentic local travel experiences directly from locals in Asia and Africa. Not only will you get a peek into local life, you directly support the local person as he receives 100% of the money requested. From activities that take a few hours like visiting a slum, participating in home cooking or going on a fishing trip, to experiences that will span across several days like home-stays, browse I Like Local and get to “see the real world”!

Get: I Like Local voucher ($25)


Wanderlust Inspiring Gifts


Custom Map by Snappymap

Hand-drawn map by Snappymap

Hand-drawn map by Snappymap

Snappymap has really cool map designs and, the best part is that they are all custom made and personalized. According to your style preferences, Debbie will create a map for you from scratch. Think of a place that means something special to you: where you lived your first adventure, where you took your first trip… anything! Snappymap will create and print a personalized map just for you, so that you can decorate your home with it and always be reminded of that one special adventure!

Get: Personalized hand-drawn map designed by Snappymap ($150)


Collection of Tuttle Publishing Travel Guide Books

Books from the Tuttle Travel Pack collection

Books from the Tuttle Travel Pack collection

Nothing like browsing some travel books to make you feel like hitting the road, right? Tuttle Publishing specializes in travel books and maps that focus on Asian destinations. On this occasion, Tuttle wants to feed your wanderlust to hopefully inspire you to embark on a journey to Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia. Are these countries on your bucket list?

Get: Collection of 4 Tuttle Travel Pack titles ($60)


The Book Of Everyone

The Book Of Everyone

The Book Of Everyone

The Book of Everyone is a heart-thumping, grin inducing, lip-wobbling celebration of the individual, from your mum to your son to your local baker and smile-maker. Because everyone needs to feel loved and unique! These gift books are always personalized and unique. You can add your own photos and messages and customise the original designs. Get it for you or as a gift for someone you love!

Get: The Book of Everyone, personalized and printed just for you! ($32)


Salty Boho Rings

Salty Boho rings

Salty Boho rings

Salty Boho is a collective of digital nomad girls who happen to have great taste when it comes to jewelry and accessories. If you browse their Instagram photos, you’ll most certainly feel like boarding a plane to a warm exotic location. Salty Boho’s collection features one of a kind treasures bought on the road, including jewelry and tie-dye beach blankets. For this occasion, the girls have chosen 2 unique silver sterling rings for you!

Get: 2 Salty Boho Silver Sterling Rings ($35)


Phone Case by WanderlustCases

Explore phone case by WanderlustCases

Explore phone case by WanderlustCases

When wanderlust runs in your veins, you may feel like shouting it out loud to the world in every possible way. WanderlustCases has phone covers with travel-inspired designs that will decorate your phone while helping to protect it from everyday bumps. Not only does this brand do justice to its name with the wanderlust related styles, their collection covers all sorts of patterns and themes, even hand-made unique designs. Browse WanderlustCase’s shop and choose whatever you like best!

Get: Phone case of your choice by WanderlustCases ($18)


Be Happy In Lisbon Gift Box

Be Happy In Lisbon gifts

Be Happy In Lisbon gifts

If there’s something tourists love to eat around Lisbon, that is Pastel de Nata. As you may not always find such good custard tarts somewhere else in the world, Be Happy In Lisbon has created DIY Pastel de Nata kits, so that you can recreate this Portuguese sweet no matter where you are. Because this company wants you to be happy, both in Lisbon and anywhere else in the world, thay have added 3 different teas and infusions to this yummy gift pack!

Get: Be Happy In Lisbon Gift Box with Pastel de Nata DIY kit + 3 Teas ($23)


Lisbon in 100 Bites

Lisbon in 100 Bites eBook

Lisbon in 100 Bites eBook

This is Backpack ME’s very fist self-published book! This foodie guide to the Portuguese capital is all about telling you what you should eat in Lisbon and surrounding areas. Lisbon in 100 Bites includes food recommendations, insider tips and a whole lot of truly tempting food photos. The ebook is available for direct download and can be read on your laptop or on the go on tablet or even phone!

Get: Lisbon in 100 Bites ebook ($10)



Presents That Can Change The World


Donation to Diksha School in India

Even when you’re full of good intentions, it can be really tough to identify organizations that are worth supporting. When you donate money or goods to big charities, it is a well-known fact that often, not everything that was kindly donated ends up reaching the actual cause. We have been to Diksha near New Delhi several times and can vouch for the excellent work this non-profit school is doing. They basically provide schooling, guidance, meals, school accessories and health insurance to several hundreds of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and it’s all based on contributions from the community.  Covering ALL expenses for the education and support of one child during an entire month only costs USD15. It’s crazy to think that you can actually change someone’s life for the amount you’d spend getting a Starbucks coffee a week.

Donate to Diksha School. You can do it in your name or in someone else’s name and make more than one person happy with that gift! We will also donate in your name to cover one child’s schooling and daytime food for 6 months ($90)


Contribution to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

When we traveled to Kenya years ago, we visited this orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation center. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust takes in orphaned baby elephants after their parents are killed and they are left alone in the wild. Elephants are very family oriented and young elephants, just like human babies, wouldn’t normally be able to survive without their mothers. If we didn’t have poachers hunting the adult elephant’s tusks, this wouldn’t be a problem. But as illegal hunting is far from eradicated both in Kenya and other countries, the numbers of baby elephants who actually need special attention is quite high. We’ve been proud foster parents of Mzima for 7 years already. We’ve seen him grow from being a baby to a young adult elephant. After being cared for and fed by the nice folks at the David Sheldrick, Mzima is currently in the process of going back into the wild. That is the ultimate goal for all elephants in this orphanage so that the natural order of things is reinstated. If you become the foster parent of one of these loving creatures, you will receive monthly updates and photos, telling you what’s new in your elephant’s life!

If you think gifting someone an elephant this Christmas rocks, you can donate to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here. As part of this giveaway, we will make you the foster parent of one baby elephant for one year too! ($50)

** How To Win Backpack ME’s Xmas Bundle **


So all you need to do to enter our MEGA TRAVEL GIVEAWAY is:

1. Leave a comment below this post and tell us which of these prizes you want the most and why

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We will do the lucky draw at 11.50pm UTC on the 25th of December.

Good luck & happy trails!

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    That water filter and aeropress are the perfect companions for me! Would love to get my hands on them.

  • Anna Says

    Contribution to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust definitely. I saw a natgeo video about a very thin, starving polar bear and it broke my heart. Being able to contribute and help those who cannot help themselves will be great.

  • snake Says

    Can’t do without coffee when on a trip. I’d love an aeropress :)

  • Hi guys I am so much exited for win and get OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE because I am always travel with big havey bags like tipical suitcases it’s comfortable for my all things but not comfortable for carry all way from different location to location I would like to have this OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE for my upcoming Travel Countries

  • Cathrin Says

    I’d love the camera backpack since j just got a new Nikon and I’m pretty stressed out about the right way to store it on my travels so it doesn’t break or get full of sand and dust… Also the rings look beautiful

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  • OMG! What an amazing giveaway! All the gifts look really perfect and good quality too.
    I think my favorite would be one of the backpacks, specially the camera backpack!
    Crossing fingers for getting gifts from BKPK Santa this year! Lol

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    SOCKWELL THERAPEUTIC PERFORMANCE SOCKS – I walk/hike for at least 10 hours every week because I love the exercise so it would be so beneficial to be able to wear socks that are helping my legs while I walk as I never knew such socks existed. An amazing prize.

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    Hi there,

    I would love to win matching traveling pillows for myself and my partner.

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    Wow! Talk about difficult decisions! Although I’d love to check out many things from this list – and myself enjoy a few of them as well like the Havana photography backpack by Vanguard and the Osprey meridian! – this time, I’d really love to win the Dobot Rigiet Video Stabilizer! It will indeed help us produce better vids on the road!
    Keeping my fingers crossed, thanks and Merry Xmas everyone!

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  • Andreia Says

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  • Linda Says


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    Enjoy your blog, and hope to get to Portugal one day. Presently we live in an RV, travelling the US, so minimal purchases. Below my favs in any order of preference –
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    Contribution to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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  • Ramesh Balasubramaniam Says

    Hey guys! I think I would be most grateful to receive the water filter as well as the travel pillow. I am planning on a longish solo trip to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador next year, so I think I will need those the most. Already subscribed :-)

  • I love them ALL! How super-generous of you and your sponsors, Zara and Ashray! I’m planning a trip to Argentina with my sister. We’re still working on our Spanish language skills, so I choose the Point It Traveller’s Language Kit, such a simple way to connect with our non-English speaking hosts. I’ll never forget a backpacking trip to Lahore, Pakistan, and an unforgettable “conversation” with a child. Nothing but smiles and laughter, the universal human language!

  • Jo Tilley Says

    Beautiful and amazing gifts.
    Next year I’m going to India, Japan, Croatia, Portugal (again) the US and Canada so I desperately need the GPSMYCITY. Would be invaluable.
    But I would be happy with anything.

  • Madhu Says

    All of the items!!!!

  • Very interesting contest. I would love to win flight tickets to any place in South America. To me, experience of travel is much more important.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Manasa Says

    I would like to get TRAVELLER’S LANGUAGE KIT because it would be very much in handy during travelling.

  • J Jones Says

    All this great stuff featured fits in with wonderfully with my partner and I commitment of 10 years of travel especially the Osprey luggage. Thanks for the opportunity to be considered

  • Erika Says

    All gifts are great, but for me the most great the point it® – Traveller’s language kit.

  • Naren Beliappa Says

    The pointit travellers language kit would leave me speechless.

  • Krishna Says

    I’d love the iconspeak tee. Best way to make first contact. Can be used anywhere. Makes travel easy.

  • Samarjit Says

    I want a coffee maker, as Roshan loves it. Like the one Zara uses. Hope you guys are having fun. Take care

  • Minesh Says

    I would like to have video stabilizer and osprey luggage

  • Disha Says

    I would love the coffee maker. I want that exact piece. As I often travel alot and the quality of coffee I don’t like everywhere. N that too I’m addicted to coffee to function properly and feel fresh. And I’ve already subscribe long time ago.

  • That travel scarf seems like a simple item but I think it’s genius! I’d love to have one esp. when travelling to cooler climates.

  • Pragya Says

    Being a person who ALWAYS has an umbrella in her bag – be it for the monsoons, the harsh harsh Delhi sun or as props for pictures, it’d be great if I get my hands on the Lifetek Travel Umbrella. The Aeropress coffee maker seems to be super convenient and useful while I’m running late for early morning trains/ flights when I’m traveling or when I have early morning classes to attend after pulling an all nighter (hehe)

    Speaking of early morning classes, education is a very important issue in India and advocating education for all is a very thoughtful initiative by Diksha School. It would be absolutely lovely to be able to contribute towards an underprivileged child’s education – who knows what hidden genius they have in them!

    Aah! So many great options you guys have over here, each one better than the other. Congratulations to you guys and warm wishes for the festive season :D

  • Marta Says

    Wwwooowwwww this is a great opportunity, thank you guys!
    Hard choIse but I would say the Osprey Meridian luggage since my backpack is falling apart and its time to say good.bye (nope, my backpack is.not an osprey hehe)

  • DEFINITELY the DOBOT RIGIET VIDEO STABILIZER!! I’ve been maintaining my YouTube channel with weekly videos for the past year, and I’m looking to invest in a bit of equipment to really take my videos to the next level – and shaky videos are one of my biggest issues! I’d love to have something like this to share my travels to far flung places with the world through my channel – especially with some of the places I’m heading in the next year – Pakistan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia!

    PS – Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone! ;)

  • Princessd amber doton Says

    I am so exited to win and get OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE because I dont have a luggage :( i just borrow from my parents or relatives.

  • Devan Says

    The Dobot video stabilizer looks awesome! I do not have a steady hand and take the worst pictures and videos! Haha I would love something to help me capture my travel memories better. The entire list looks awesome! I want it all. This is a great post with tons of cool stuff. Keep posting, I love your pictures and travel advice. Happy Holidays!

  • I love elephants . So I would be most excited about winning to become foster parent to a baby elephant at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya .

  • I would love the AEROPRESS COFFEE MAKER… I always make time to visit cafes on trips but that gets harder in the wild :P. As the saying goes in my new adopted home Spain “un cafe y un beso son el principio de un dia perfecto’. Thanks for the chance to win great prizes and thanks for your blog!

  • The Osprey Meridian wheeled luggage looks great! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  • Matthew Crawley Says

    Story Time!

    5 years ago myself, my wife and our two best friends were working dead end jobs in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. We came across a show called “Departures” which is a Canadian travel based show about two guys who gave up everything to travel and document it. Over the course of a few months we thought…. why not us?

    Flash forward 1 year

    After months of planning and stress we did the impossible. The four of us quit our jobs, left our apartments, lives, friends and families behind and left. People said we couldn’t do it. We were insane. How could you exist without a job or a place to live? We broke the social norm. We wanted to be impossible. And so, on a shoestring budget we did it. We purchased 3 month global Eurail passes. Went and traveled to Europe. Popped by Iceland on the way over. We lived like transients. We refused hotels and hostels as they were too expensive. Instead relying on couchsurfing. If couchsurfing fell through, then the train station floor it was! We had a budget of $5 a day each for food. You know what? We did it. It was EASY. We hit every major country between the UK and Russia and loved every minute of it. The 4 of us have seen and experienced things that I will never ever be able to describe without people thinking we’re crazy. It was an experience that I will never regret.

    4 years later

    So here we are. 4 years later. A little wiser, a little older. Both couples have grown complacent. We’ve even had children! Which leads me to this moment. We have felt the itch again. Our children are a 2 year old and a 7 month old. We want to go again. We are. The trip is planned for the end of February. We are making a few changes though. Now that we’re parents, no more train floors. Its beds from now on. Hotels are a must unfortunately! Like last time though, we are documenting the whole thing. The difference is, is that we are still using the old gear we had from before! Money is too tight to invest in new things. That GOPRO would be amazing the capture the moments for our little guy, because he’s not gonna remember much!

    I wish everyone the best of luck. Follow your dreams, never let anyone tell you that you “can’t travel because of what you SHOULD do” do it because you CAN!

    Best Wishes,

  • Hey Akshay & Zara. I’ve been a fan of your blog. As an indian, your blogs on visa have come handy especially for my Cuba trip. I always look forward to your Instagram stories. I really like Osprey bag as a Christmas gift for my trip to Jordan. Thank you for considering me part of A&Z family. Let me know if you’re in NYC, I would love to host you.
    Prateek khamesra

  • Neel Says

    The S1 Sawyer Select Water Filter and Purifier for me. Not one but as many as the prize money would buy. I would keep one and give the others away to a registered NGO that helps provide the needy with a basic human right… clean drinking water.

  • Me and my girlfriend recently finished a 6 month long trip across Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia. One thing that we learned was to travel as light as possible as every extra gram in that backpack feels like a kilo after few months. So I guess winning a OSPREY MERIDIAN BACKPACK would be quite a thing. Cheers!

  • Laura Kouba Says

    Ohhhh how I’d love to win the Aeropress! We used one for years, but ours is well-worn and loved, and truly need a new one as it is THE BEST COFFEE MAKER in earth, hands down.

  • Ian B. Says

    I would love to win that Aeropress! It’s so awesome of you two to do this giveaway!

  • Dustin Says

    WOuld love to get my hands on that Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer


    I’d love to have Osprey Meridian, I’m usually hauling either Osprey Atmos 65L or Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60L, they can little heavy on shoulders after few minutes. #KeepTraveling

  • Hrisheet Says

    The one that catches the eye is the OSPREY MERIDIAN backpack.
    My backback needs an upgrade :)

  • A Kotoky Says

    Vanguard camera Backpack best for me to nurture my hobby of Photography

  • Samantha K Says

    I’d like the Trtl Travel Pillow & Casual Compression Socks by Zensah – its all about comfort

  • Super impressive list of giveaways this Christmas.. As they say.. ’tis the season.. I personally am really excited to see the vanguard camera backpack.. Having started travelling with the camera and lenses recently I have been using a regular laptop backpack to carry them.. Turns out its not as convenient as it sounds.. This would be a great addition to my travel kit.

  • María José González Says

    What excites me the most is the bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack! I do care about my stuff.

  • I’m most excited about the Bagsmart backpack as I love photography and it would be a great way to protect my camera equipment on adventures!

  • Abhistha Says

    The prize which excites me the most are the travel gears because i do love traveling and the donation to Diksha School.

  • Rachna Says

    Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer excites me a lot as I recently purchased 360 camera and it goes well for my future trips. I wish to start vlogging my journeys. Happy travelling to you guys.. :-*

  • Seep Anand Says

    Hi A and Z :). The Osprey convertible luggage and the anti theft backpack have me swooning!!! I am addicted to travels and since I travel nice and slow I tend to gather stuff. I would love to have this amazing wheeley bae on my team of 1 :) as it will be so much easier to go to a bus station or to walk around looking for hostels :). I could literally turn into santa as this will get me away from thoughts of carrying all my tangible memories on my back or fear losing them :).
    Lastly I’ve been on the road for 4+ years and with this I can probably pull off 2 more :).
    These babies need me and I need them :).

  • Penny Says

    I would love the umbrella! Living in Washington State, USA where it rains all the time and is often windy, I need a good dependable umbrella! The one I have now is not very good at all! This one would do very well and it’s just the right size that it would fit in the car!

    What a nice thing for you two to do!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Avinash Manohar Says

    The Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack is what I fancy the most in the giveaway.

  • Mahadev Says

    Belong to the rare breed of Indians who backpack. Have been exploring my country as well as the world so far on my own. And every journey just makes me plan my next. In fact one of my motivation to work is to save up for travel. While any backpack is welcome, given a Christmas wish would go for Osprey and continue to explore life on these wheels too! Thanks for this gesture and wish you a Merry Christmas too

  • I am in love with Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack and want to own it – as my old bag is now antique and I need to change into some modern gear for my travel

  • Paul Rowan Says

    Everyone seems obsessed with the Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack, but where is the love for all the socks you can get for Christmas?!?!

    Also I am excited by the waterproof bag for kayaking!

  • Shilpy yadav Says

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful giveaways sets.
    I love travelling and fashion, so i will be happy and excited to get iconospeak tee, boho rings, pashmina shwal as a christmas goodie

  • James Says

    What an incredible giveaway! If I didn’t already have a copy of Lisbon in 100 bites, I would say that! I do need a new backpack, though, so maybe the Osprey Meridian wheeled backpack in Metal Grey.

  • Diksha Says

    All of the travel gifts are unique, but I’m a huge fan of backpacks. The anti-theft backpack is pretty cool because that’s your biggest worrt when you travel – having your things stolen! I’ve seen some designs for anti theft backpacks and people crowdfunding them but the Bagsmart Anti Theft Backpack really caught my eye! Having it might help me push my husband to get off his bum and travel a bit more! ;)

  • Kumail Says

    That handheld stabilizer would be great for taking videos while skating around a city!

  • Joao Tome Says

    So many goodies is hard do choose. Love the Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer. A perfect way to transform the travels videos in works of art, that we really want to see, with smoothness in the incredible images that we got.

  • Rita Says

    OMG! Love them all! But the Osprey Meridian and the Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer are on top of the list. The Osprey Meridian is awesome because it’s not only a comfortable backpack but can use the wheels when you’re running through all those airports. The Stabilizer because I looove doing videos of my travels but no longer want to carry several kg of traveling gear… one smartphone and one stabilizer and you can get great results, easily. Oh, I want them all :) [Great selection of goodies you have here!]

  • Madhav Nirmal Says

    Its really difficult to choose from so many unique travel gears! While I would want to have them all, but I would love to have the most is OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE. Its really unique & very very useful during any type of travel whether its a day trip or you are on a long vacation. Its just perfect!

  • Katie Gosses Says

    I have had my eye on the osprey convertible luggage for a minute. That would be my pick, Osprey has had my love for many years! Those travel books could also help me plan my next adventure!

  • Shauurya Says

    Coffee and clean drinking water, what more can a guy want :)

  • Joyce Says

    Hi Ashray and Zara – this is so cool! I love socks because like you said, you can never have too many socks. I’ve never actually tried compression socks before, so I’d be excited to try either of the brands. But also VAWAA because of the amazing person behind it ;)

  • Vanguard Havana 48 Camera Backpack looks amazing! Just what I need to put all my cameras in and go off into another adventure!

  • I’m most excited to foster the elephant and give it a happy home.
    It lives in a time when the world
    Is changing and there’s not much space left to roam.
    I’m glad to see
    Is doing a good thing true
    Because there never will be
    An elephant to see
    Without folks like me and you.

  • Nuno Says

    The best gift you can get is giving, please give a parte to the diksha school in India as well as the wildlife santuary. Not my original idea but deffinetly the best present hehe

  • Saurabh Bose Says

    I love OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE packed with all the other gifts.

  • Kim Wolke Says

    I would love the S1 Sawyer Select Water Filters and Purifier and/or the Aeropress coffee maker. I’m taking our 10 and 6 year-old daughters on a 6 week cross-country (USA) road trip this coming summer. We will be camping and hiking for much of it. These two items would come in handy for sure.


    Bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack.
    An ideal travel companion along with all sort of saftey features

  • Karan Chaudhry Says

    Osprey meridian backpack.
    I don’t think you need any other companion on the road after this. This is one of those Bucket list items, if you get em means you lived a good life :)

  • Debanjan Das Says

    I don’t want any gift actually.Just want travel as a bohemian.If i get chance that will be a lucrative offer for me..

  • Nanda Kumar Says

    I would love to have “Osprey Meridian in Metal Grey” as i love travelling:-)

  • Madana Gopal Says

    I would love to have for “AEROPRESS COFFEE MAKER” as it will be difficult for me without a coffee in a day….

    Wish to be lucky

  • Prasanna Devi Says

    I wish to have BAGSMART ANTI-THEFT PROFESSIONAL GEAR BACKPACK,as it was safer to travel to unknown places.

    Hope to win…

  • Utheeksha Says

    I wish to have travel pillow as it makes me more comfortable when you do not have neck support.

  • Subra Mani Says

    I would love to have Osprey Meridian backpacks and i like its features :-)

  • Carrie Ann Back Says

    Man, I want everything on this list, but I travel lots so definitely the OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE. Having durable luggage is a must! The list opened my eyes to many products I didn’t know were available, so I’d like all of them!

  • B Raman Says

    Would be excited to have the DOBOT Rigeit Video Stabilizer to make my GoPros life more simpler. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

  • Vaibhav Says

    Swayer water filter is what i would love to have… it will help me travel eco-friendly by eleminating use of plastic bottles & travel responsibly & can have safe water almost anywhere ☺

  • I would love to get some of the gifts like the handheld stabilizer, anti theft bag, etc.
    Since I am a traveller and travel vlogger/ blogger, who travels on a shoestring budget, this would be very helpful for me. I have been planning to get a handheld stabilizer for some time now. But haven’t been able to buy it coz of budget constraints. A gift would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
    Merry Christmas!!

  • Shreya Says

    I’d love to win a osprey meridian wheeled backpack or the BAGSMART.. for my studies and research i have to travel from here to there, it will be awesome if I get it as Christmas gift from BKPK Santa!

  • Hey guys :) Really excited about this mega giveaway !honeatly it’s really hard to choose the best gift – I personally am equally excited about a lot of them . So from my husbands point of view – the aeropress coffee maker is the definite winner ! Among the non travel related ones – I think the donation to Diksha school is the best – a great start to the new year – for the kid and the one who wins this giveaway !

    Happy holidays :)

  • Deepak Acharya Says

    OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE because since a long I have been looking for a unique luggage item which will make my journey smooth and memorable. Now the golden opportunity has arrived and I want to grab this hybrid luggage. :)

  • Nitin Says

    Socks by Sockwell, to keep me energised throughout the day as I love to wander at new places!!

  • Anti-theft gear backpack. I can move freely in the streets anywhere, any continent. Don’t I need that confidence and hassle-free travel?

  • Pavan Says

    Hi, I travel a lot in areas, where getting clean drinking water is a struggle. I don’t buy bottled water to reduce plastic waste. So, a Sawyer Select Water Filter will be useful for me. Thanks. Happy holidays.

  • Well I travel to remote places and sometimes walk a lot (due to lack of public transport or Uber) so aosprey meridian wheeled backpack is going to save me some effort ;)

  • Abhinav Says

    My comment was clipped :O

    Either the backpack or the video stabilizer, which would prove to be an amazing addition in my photo gear!

  • Vinod Gn Says

    Amazing giveaway! All the gifts look really perfect and good quality.
    I am exited to get OSPREY MERIDIAN WHEELED CONVERTIBLE LUGGAGE because I am always travel with big havey bags and it will be useful.

  • Beatrice Horvath Says

    I am most excited about the aeroexpress coffee maker, since for me every trip or when i read a book about traveling, a cup of coffee makes it worthwhile

  • Dan Says

    I’m most excited about the rolling luggage bag. It’ll help carry around my 47272 pounds of stuff when I travel:)

  • Anne Says

    These seem like some amazing items for my adventures! Would love them !

  • Brent Stewart Says

    All of this gear is outstanding, but my first pick is the Bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack – very cool design. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  • Cameron Says

    I’ve been wanting a Trtl travel pillow for a while. I’m tall and never feel comfortable in cramped spaces. This would allow my head to be supported so I could get some rest.

  • Jennifer Osborn Says

    I woukd live the aropress for camping and backpacking!

  • Matt Says

    I would love to win the camera backpacks as I really want to start documenting my travels aot more so having a reliable, safe place to put all my camera equipment when I travel would be amazing.

  • Kiera Says

    Omgosh that @Aeropress coffee maker would make my day. Coffee is one of our no compromise items for backpacking. Doesn’t matter if we are doing a 2 day, or a 21 day thru hike; coffee is a must have!

  • Chris Says

    Definitely excited by the new Sawyer filter. I own several Sawyer products because it’s a company I can trust, and they have products I can depend on, whether i’m in the city or on the mountain.

  • Kate Christie Says

    This is great! I’m most excited for the Diksha scholarship and the I love Local. I think they’re great pro-community prizes to have included (and of course, all that travel swag!) Good luck to all and happy holidays from Chile!

  • Raider Says

    This is the motherload of awesome giveaways! It is so hard to pick one thing, but I’ll stay small. The Aeropress seeing my Ex got it before I could grab it for my Appalachian trail hike. Only instant coffee for me, winning it would be epic karma ❤️

  • Tdub Says
  • Tracie Stubbs Says

    I would love the Sawyer Select Water Filter for my AT through hike starting in 8 weeks!

  • Dalton Griner Says

    Sawyer filter for a backpacking trip to Iceland in June!!

  • JADE kelly Says


  • Marcel Carvalho Says

    Hi friends! Wonderful giveaway! I would like to win the “S1 Sawyer Select Water Filters and Purifier” because I’m trying to prepare myself for a bikepacking/trekking and now it’s time to collect all the gears to this adventure. It’s not the first time which I participate in giveaways from Sawyer, but I never win… hope this time has a happy end. Hugs!

  • L Brandt Says

    Oooo, Sawyer water filter!

  • Shivya Says

    Such an awesome contest. I’m most excited about the Osprey bag

  • Chanel Says

    The prize I’m most excited about is the sawyer water filter! Looking forward to starting doing some overnight hiking next year and a water filter will come in super handy for all the places I want to go where there’s no fresh water along the track!

  • Josh B Says

    That Havana camera bag looks awesome! Would also like the sawyer filter for sure!

  • Raluca Dana Popeti Says

    The contribution to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, I love the ideea of fostering a baby elephant.

  • Katalin Says

    Wheeled backpack and leggings!

  • I would love to win the custom map because it would make a great gift for my daughter when she returns from her Peace Corps service in Comoros!

  • Dave Says

    So many great, thoughtful and worthwhile items to wish for here…to choose just one is a toughie. For practical purposes I lean toward the Sawyer Select filter…but my selfish desire is drawn to the Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer as a top choice to produce higher quality memories.

  • Erin H Says

    The Sawyer filter + Aeropress combo would be so perfect! And a bag to haul them in!

  • Monica B Says

    Cool stuff, I would go with the Bagsmart Anti-theft Professional Gear Backpack. Happy holidays to all!

  • Cait Says

    It all looks great, but I think I’d get the most use out of the sawyer filter. I love international travel, but I’m more likely to be backpacking in the wilderness and nobody likes giardia.

  • Karen Says

    I’d love to get the Dobot Rigiet Handheld Stabilizer. I only recently got into videomaking (unfortunately after a lot of my trips) and I keep wishing that my videos were more smooth! I’m planning a trip for my honeymoon for 2019 and I’d love to be able to take some amazing videos of the wildlife without the bumps!

  • Eva Monroy Quiroga Says

    I’m going to choose Lisbon in 100 bites ebook! I can’t help myself, I love to eat

  • Noelle Says

    I’d really love that custom map! My hubby and I are still in the process of decorating our house, and we’d love to hang up a custom map of a place we’ve traveled to together.

  • Dhruv tomar Says

    Travel bundle

  • Madhu Says

    Imam hoping to win all. Traveling for 2 years and 6 months now. Total 5 years of travel plan around the world.

  • Wendy Says

    The item I would enjoy the most is the coffee maker, but the thing I would feel best about is the Sawyer select water filter, because I always feel bad about our environmental impact, when we travel we can’t drink the water in most of the countries we spend time in, so we always have to buy bottled water. We buy the largest we can and decant, but if we could use the water filter we wouldn’t have to throw away so many bottles (and I wouldn’t have to carry them back from the supermarket either). And, the last time we travelled out suitcase wheels got wrecked so the thing we would appreciate not having to replace would be the suitcases. I would absolutely LOVE everything in your awesome pack (except that I wouldn’t be able to do the leggings justice – I don’t have the legs to pull them off (unless I wear them under my clothes on flights), but if I win this Christmas package, I’ll have flight socks, so I would wear the socks anyway. Wishing you both and all your family a very Merry Christmas and a bright, happy and safe new year ! I love your blog (and I love your drone, I can’t wait to see what else you bought yourselves). MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for the constant inspiration !

  • Arunima Says

    Zara’s guide to what to eat in Lisbon!!! I am at the airport just about to board my flight to Lisbon and searching what to get for dinner and Zara’s book pops up!

    Can’t believe I have been following you guys to close to 4 years and now I finally get to see and eat what you guys have been seeing and eating (Honestly I am mostly eating focussed)


  • Ana Verissimo Says

    The convertible luggage! I’m one of those travelers that were completely unaware of the existence of this luggage. This would change my life :)

  • Ashray Says


    Congrats to Devan for winning Backpack ME’s MEGA XMAS GIVEAWAY! She will receive thousands of dollars worth of travel gear, accessories, and experiences. We hope these goodies will make her travels so much more special!

    Thank you all for participating and a huge thank you to all our sponsors who have been so generous!


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