Trtl Pillow review

Trtl Pillow Review – Upgrade your flight experience

I am not the biggest fan of travel accessories. In fact, for me, the less things you carry with you on the go, the better. Sometimes, I wonder why people spend money on fancy travel versions of things they already own anyway. Well, don’t even get me started on my ultra-silly experience with the Travel Towel 3 years ago… (yes, we have come a long way ever since!)

When Trtl got in touch with me to try their new Trtl Pillow (pronounced as turtle), I got quite curious. After spending many hours of my life roaming around airport duty free stores and checking out all sorts of travel gear, I had never seen anything like this pillow.

You have probably seen those travel pillows that many people use to attempt to be more comfortable during flights. Have you tried them? Personally, I rather sleep without them. They are either too puffy (the non inflatable ones), or too weak (the ones you’re supposed to fill up right before using) or simply self-destroy after a couple of uses only. I don’t think they offer the greatest level of comfort, but I guess people use them anyway in a desperate attempt to make their journey a little less painful.

Trtl understands that sleeping with your upper body in a vertical position is not the most fun you are likely to have on a flight. But their pillow makes it indeed a little easier to catch some sleep up in the air. Without offering something too bulky… or simply ridiculous looking.

Sleeping on a flight is NOT a sexy thing!

Sleeping on a flight is NOT a sexy thing!


I must admit this item doesn’t look like much, but when you understand that, below the soft fabric, there is a strong structure meant to support your neck in a comfortable healthy position, then it all starts making sense.

The NapScarft holds your neck in a better position than a standard U-shaped travel pillow

The Trtl Pillow holds your neck in a better position than a standard U-shaped travel pillow


To ensure you extract the most support and comfort from your Trtl Pillow experience, I suggest you take some time to adjust it and see what feels good to you. Depending on how tight or loose you wrap it around your neck, or what side you choose to lean your head towards, you’ll notice things feel different. Explore, just like you’d turn in bed a couple of times before you find a good position to fall asleep in.


I tried out the Trtl Pillow on a long flight between the USA and Europe. It gave me good support that allowed for some sleep. The only thing is that I couldn’t sleep with my head in the same position during the entire time, so I has to wake up to switch the support to the opposite side every now and then. This plane didn’t have head support on the sides of the seat like many now-a-days do. I can picture that the combination of those head rests and this accessory would work really well, for the sake of changing position every so often.

Trying out the NapScarf

Trying out the Trtl Pillow


The Trtl Pillow won’t make you feel like you are in 1st Class. But it will definitely make your journey more relaxed. It doesn’t cost a bomb (£19,9, shipping worldwide) and it looks like it’ll last, as the materials are good. It doesn’t take much space at all and you can machine wash it. I think, for once, I actually get to own a good travel accessory!




Do you want to win a Trtl Pillow?

Let us know about the next trip you are planning – long journey or weekend get-away, it doesn’t matter! Don’t forget to mention why you think the Trtl Pillow could make your journey there more enjoyable. We will gift a Trtl Pillow to the person we think needs / deserves it the most (hint: be creative with your comment!)

Enter the giveaway until the 26th of June… but feel free to leave us a comment anytime, anyway!


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  • Lori Says

    I have to travel back and forth across country three times this summer. It is A LOT of plane time! And most of the return flights are red-eyes. UGH! HeLP ME!!! This looks like a normal person sleeping- I can’t believe people buy AND USE those other products. I’m quite partial to the one that looks like you strapped your head to the back of the seat! NOT!! And that head pillow looks so classy! Even the woman in the picture looks miserable!

  • ^Above site won’t launch till fall! FYI!

    Reality is I’m a travel junkie, tech loving, hard working Xray tech with a bad neck! Years of these things defining this inner wander have created some wear and tear.

    I’m gonna be frank, now I have kids that steal my u shaped attempt at peaceful travel and it is getting old…. But, a light dear friends! Both HATE scarfs!!! “Mom, it itches” “Mom, I’m suffocating” “mom, mom, mom….

    Help me fellow traveler, you are my only hope!

    • Zara Says

      Congrats Sasha!
      Your NapScarf is right now somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.. on the way home! Let us know when you two finally meet! :)

  • My dad is a pilot, so I have the awesome opportunity to travel all the time! In the past 6 months, I’ve gone to London, Paris, Guam, and Japan. I am so grateful that I get these opportunities, but there is one downside. I get whatever seat is open on the plane, or sometimes I don’t get on the plane at all. That either means I’m sleeping in the airport waiting to get that open seat, or if I do get on, in most cases I’m sleeping in the last row of seats on the plane, you know, the ones that don’t recline? I’ve tried laying on the tray table, but after 6 hours, when every body part below your shoulders falls asleep, that stops being an option. I’ve woken up too many times drooling on the shoulder of the person next to me and then awkwardly acting like it didn’t happen for the rest of the flight. In the next couple months I’ll be traveling to Thailand and Amsterdam, and I would love to get the Napscarf because I think it would hugely impact my travels, or at least my jet lag, so I can get out and experience more while I have these amazing opportunities.

  • Maureen Says

    I am headed to São Paulo 8 of July just for four days, but I do travel quite often. I use one of those stupid neck pillows and I got mine at a spa it was super soft and lovely, but now it’s lost its fluff. The neck scarf looks interesting and I would be more than excited to use it on my adventures! Thanks for your blog!!

  • I used to travel a lot when I was really young (followed my dad’s job). Now I have settled down to finish my studies in Canada, but hope to start being the world again once I have finished. I still fly once a year to spend some time with family in France, and will hopefully be going there soon. It is a long 24hr trip, between the flight, taxi and train, but it is all worth it in the end. The Napscarf seems like a great new idea for travellers far and wide! It could Probably help me rest, and arrive peacefully at my final destination. No more neck aches, and embarrassing head rolls!

    P.S.: your blog always gives me ideas of future places I want visit! :)

  • This looks like a great idea! I recently flew on Etihad Airways’ A380, and their economy class seats have this sort of swept headrest, which is pretty good, although the Nap Scarf looks more supportive and comfortable.

    That said, I kind of like the look of that harness thing the guy on the top right is wearing – I wouldn’t call that “unsexy”!! :p

  • Lindsey Hoy Says

    I am just about to head off on my first overseas trip with my partner! The longest flight I have taken is 6 hours. After reading my magazine, eating twice, listening to some music and attempting (but failing) at having a nap I thought we must almost be there… turns out we were only 2 hours into the flight!!
    We have just sold all our belongings, quit our jobs and are two months out from our trip now :) We will be flying from Australia all the way to Barcelona.. that is three eight hours flights in a row.. but we are really excited.

    Love the blog and it has been a big inspiration for our trip!
    Lindsey & Jake

  • Clay Says

    I like the idea of it, but it seems like it would be awkward to wear in public.

  • Zara Says

    Thank you all for your participation!
    Even though you all made some valid points, we’re happy to send the NapScarf to Sasha.. hoping her kids won’t take it away from her! ;)

  • Ahh, I can’t believe I missed the giveaway! I have been looking for this thing forever and it is not available or sold out. The UK site is a little expensive for us right now (My husband and I are adopting from China which is a expensive process). I was hoping to find one that I could take on our flights. Does anyone know where I could get one?

  • Hi all – the creators of NapScarf here! Thank you so much for showing your interest in our product :D If you missed out on the giveaway then check our our website and Amazon pages (.com and if you are wanting to purchase or find out more about it! Again thanks Zara for your amazing feature on us :)

  • Tried to order it again tonight, black sold out before I could finish checking out. Might be the old fashioned neck pillow for me :-(

    • Zara Says

      That’s too bad!
      I really suggest you get in touch with the creators of the NapScarf directly, to see what can be done. This is their email:
      Good luck! :)

      • I was just about to take your advice & contact them today during a break at work for a training class, when I decided to check Amazon one more time. They had it & I was able to snag a black one this time before they sold out! Right now they have it in black, coral & red. If someone wants one they should head over there & get one quick, they sell out fast, believe me!

  • monique robichaud Says

    OMG Amazon does not ship this to my city at all. Their price is better than on the TRTL site. THE reason I need this is silly. I am a Head on the pillow sleeper at home but not on airplanes. And my boyfriend who wakes up after 2 hours of sleep or when he hears a mouse on the floor, sleeps through long flights. NOT FAIR! If I am to continue enjoying long travel to visit great countries, I need my beauty sleep. Also I need the sleep because that is what keeps from having Epileptic seizures. Truly! Ciao! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen!

  • Emily Says

    Hi, may i know where can i purchase the TRTL PILLOW. Thank you.

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