Wedding photos at the Love Lock Bridge in Paris

Chinese Wedding Portraits in PARIS

Walking around Paris earlier this October, I saw a scene that kept on repeating in the most touristic landmarks of the French capital. In front of the Eiffel Tower, in the “bridge of love” by Notre-Dame’s Cathedral or along the magnificent buildings of La Concorde, Asian couples would pose in wedding gowns.

I wonder who is behind the popular saying “Paris is the most romantic city in the world”. Whoever and whenever in time this might have come up, I can assure you it works until today. There is a huge business revolving around wedding and engagement portraits around Paris. And, apparently, Asian (and most specifically Chinese) couples are some of the best customers.

Googling about this phenomena, I learnt that wedding portraits are really important in China. Sometimes, couples who can’t afford a big production at the time of the wedding, even do it years latter. It doesn’t matter when you go for it… it HAS to be big!


In between pro shots, this lovely bride was happy to share a smile with my camera

In between pro shots, this lovely bride was happy to share a smile with my camera


Photographers, make-up artists and wardrobe stylists (often from China too), join forces and walk the streets of Paris with loving couples. They hope to re-create in images the idea of romanticism. But, is this even possible? I’ll have to befriend a Chinese couple, check their wedding photo album and get back to you on this…

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  • I noticed this in Paris and had to comment. There was a wedding couple walking along the Seine, close to the locks. I snagged a photo, too, hehe. Didn’t know it was a big thing for Asians so thanks for the info.
    Paris was amazing, I’m going back! Berthillon baby!


    • Zara Says

      Ha… funny that you noticed this too in Paris. Actually, it’s hard not to as there are SO MANY couples shooting photos all around the pretty spots.
      Have a great time in Paris! :)

  • The rise of China’s economy and middle class means an ever growing number of Chinese tourists around the world anyway, and where else but to have your portrait taken but Paris? Interesting observation!

    • Zara Says

      There is no doubt that the future (if not present) of the tourist industry around the world relies on Chinese people!

  • I agree. Even here in the Philippines, wedding portraits are important too. Looking forward to visit Paris as well. :)

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