Taiwan visa for Indians

Taiwan Visa for Indians [Visa exempt entry based on other visas]

I just arrived in Taipei and it’s been an incredible few days! Taiwan is a wonderful confluence of Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese culture. What’s even nicer is that Indian citizens can visit Taiwan for 30 days without any visa if they currently hold certain other visas.


Taiwan operates a Visa Exemption policy for citizens of India,

Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.


The idea is simple, if you hold a valid visa or permanent residence permit from USA, Canada, Japan, UK, the Schengen states, Australia, or New Zealand, you may enter Taiwan for 30 days without needing a visa. This applies to any class of visa so whether it’s a B1/B2 for the US or a category C Schengen visa, you’re good to enter Taiwan.

Hanging out in Ximending, Taipei

Hanging out in Ximending, Taipei


The conditions are that your “supporting visa” should be valid meaning that if it’s a single entry visa, you should not have used that entry. There are some other rules that apply to these edge cases that are detailed here.

As far as the procedure is concerned, you need to obtain an online authorization before you board your flight. The authorization is instant so you just need to print out the confirmation page after you enter all your details. You should also have a flight ticket out of Taiwan as the confirmation document states that you may be asked for it.

My experience with the system was extremely straightforward. I filled up the online authorization, took a printout, and flew to Taipei. At the immigration desk, the officer asked to see my US visa and then asked how long I would be staying. I said, up to 30 days, and she stamped me in with a visa exemption stamp that stated my duration of stay as 30 days.

Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world

Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world


It’s great to see that more and more countries are offering this type of visa exemption or visa on arrival facility to Indian passport holders with other visas.

If you haven’t planned to visit Taiwan, you should most definitely consider it!

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  • Well what a beautiful place Taiwan is, it has an amalgamated culture with blend of Chinese, Japanese and Asian culture

    • Abhishek Kumar Says

      hi am Abhishek from India I am new my gf lives in Taiwan I want to visit her help me to go there teach me ho to go if u have time please

  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing such an informative post, Taiwan has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now. I am off to Cape Town in a week, will probably visit Taiwan during the end of the year. Hope you guys are having a great time out there, looking forward for more posts on Taiwan. Cheers and Happy Traveling.


  • That’s great!! I know that Mexico has a similar situation for some countries if they hold a US or Canada visa…

  • Kirti Says

    Thank you for the information. Had a query. Does US Student visa ie F1 f an Indian national also qualify for entry in Taiwan

  • shamkumar s s Says

    Dear sir, I am indian passport holder, i am travelling to japan on 23 june .I am having single entry visa of japan i want to visit Taipie before japan on21 june. can you advisr me whether i come under Taiwan visa program and process or enter taiwan
    thanking you

    shamkumar s d

  • biswabandan Says

    Thanks for the useful information. What if someone has a resident permit of a particular schengen country (say France) and does not have a schengen visa? I have a France visa with residence permit. Will it be ok?

    • Ashray Says

      The Taiwanese application portal clearly mentions that this applies to residence permit holders of the Schengen space as well.

  • Ankit Says

    nice post just got to know a few months ago even Malaysia started giving exclusive Evisa to Indians and Chinese only.

    and that requires nothing but a return ticket,photo upload and passport scanned copy upload No other visas or anything.

    and also Philippines gives Visa free entry with a valid singapore Evisa.

    Im not sure when Papua new guinea will start its Visa on arrival for Indians though its been anounced but yet to be implemented.


  • Ramakrishnananda Says

    Thank you that was useful information. The process is simple and explained

  • Ramesh Says

    Hi , Iam Indian . Singapore permanant residence . I have a b2 USA visa . Still I need a visa for travel Taiwan ?

  • Sarbani Says

    Do I need to get NOC from employer to attend a conference in Taiwan??

  • Bhawana Jain Says

    I wanted to know .. I have a schengen visa but it expired few months back …
    Can I still use the online travel authorisation and apply for tourist visa
    Thank you in advance

  • Raj Says

    Hey,one Big update….Even expired visa or resident card is added to the online Travel Authorization Certificate.It says the condition as follows.

    3.Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan

  • suru Says

    Am an Indian passport holder and don’t have any visa of western countries or of australia or New zealand nor do i have permanent residentship of any country as mentioned as requirement.
    How can i visit Taiwan and what further docs do i need?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Tanga Says

    Hi ashray,
    Am holding Japan single entry visa, which is valid for 90days, am going to Japan first and then Taiwan.
    Pl advice if am eligible for applying online travel authorisation

  • Anil Kumar Puthiyapurayil Says

    I am an Indian .I work in Qatar last One years I would like to visit Taiwan .
    What are the documents required from my company .I can get 2week tourist visa and how much Us Dollar I have to pay for visa or I can get Arrival visa at Airport?.
    Please advise.have any Dollar to show or in hands to keep with us any limit ?.
    Awaiting your fresh reply all above.

  • Abigail Says

    Hey! Thank you for the helpful info.. So I got the authorization form printed but theres something above it that says “People from southeast Asia should first receive an online check if applying through internet”
    What does that mean?

  • k saikia Says

    I wl b travelling from losangls to new delhi via taiwan by china airlines. want to stay in taiwan one week in between. with us tourist visa can i enter in taiwan. also I have 3 yrs australian visa

  • sasikumar Says

    i holding India passport.but working in Singapore under work pass. what procedure enter to Taiwan.


    Dear Sir, I am an Indian passport holder, having valid C1/D Visa. I am working in shipping and need to travel to Taiwan for joining ship. Can I apply of permit to travel with out VISA

  • S Says

    Hello Sir …I am Indian passport holder living in s korea with s Korean E-1 visa n USA B1/B2 Visa ….wish to tour for 5 days in Taiwan ..from s korea to Taipei ..please give me details of the visa requirements to travel to Taiwan or
    can I travel with out visa ?

  • Neeraj Says

    Can you tell me what is the max duration of Business visa for taiwan?and what are the entry and exit conditons?

  • Avir Says

    Thanks guys! Your tip helped me to get my Taiwan via in jiffy.

  • razia Says

    I am and Indian living in China and have an expired visit visa( 2016) for New Zealand. Am I eligible for visa exemption ?

  • sarath xavier Says

    i have usa b1b2 visa and plannig to visit taiwan . but i see in taiwan embassy in delhi website that the tourist visas are not eligible visa for visa free entry to taiwan for few countries including india
    it says
    **Tourism is not the eligible Visa type for the passport holders mentioned below:
    India (Identity Certificate)
    kindly advise

    • Ashray Says

      That part is not for Indian passport holders. It is for people who hold an identity certificate from India. Anyone who holds an Indian passport and a B1/B2 visa can go to Taiwan as long as you are able to generate the authorization online beforehand.

  • Rohan Saraf Says

    Hi Ashray,
    Thank you for the tips, i have a question – I have been trying to apply online but after filling up the online form, it is asking for some “ECode” which I am not sure where to get! Did you also face this problem? And if i leave it blank, it is showing an error and not accepting my application.
    I am an Indian passport holder with a valid US 10 year visa.
    Please help!

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Rohan,

      I did not face any such issue. Please try again or use a different browser perhaps?

      • Rohan Saraf Says

        Thanks Ashray, also, nowadays we are being directed to the following website to apply:
        However, the link you gave above was for:
        I just tried applying through this link and got an instant confirmation for multiple entry visa – I am not sure if this is legitimate!
        Everywhere i have been reading of late, the 1st link ( seems to be the EVisa portal, but there i am facing the Ecode issue.
        I am confused!

        • Ashray Says

          Why wouldn’t it be legitimate? You are applying for a visa exemption, not an evisa.

  • Mohammed Ali Says

    Hey Ashray, Thanks for the awesome post after coming across this post, I have applied for the Visa exemption-TAC (Travel authorization Certificate) and got it instantly. I applied for TAC based on my expired UK *C-type Visit visa* which has not been used and expired in 2015. Now I am confused whether it will be eligible for Expired visa category for 10 years and have written to Taiwan embassy multiple times but no response from them. What you suggest in such scenario? shall I go head with my flight booking or wait for a proper response ???

  • musarrat hussain Says

    hi i am indian passport hokdeer and i apply jaapan visa but i want to visit japan thrugh tiwan its possibel without tiwan visa

  • Aishwarya Says


    Thanks very much for this post. It was super helpful. Saved in the last minute :)

  • Sadiskumar Vivekanandhan Says

    Hi Ashray,

    I am in USA with student visa and my H1B got picked and I have the approval notice with me. But I have to travel to Taiwan for 12 days on official trip. I have invitation letter from Taiwan office and my tickets from US to Taiwan and Taiwan to India are booked. What am I supposed to do? Can I apply for TAC and travel to Taiwan with all the documents? I do not understand the process, since e-visa for Indian passport holders are not allowed anymore.

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