North America, here we come… again!

While most people avoid transit when taking flights, we are more than happy to do stop overs.


Transit is a perfectly reasonable excuse to spend some time in new and old beloved places!


After about a year, our Latin America adventure is coming to an end and we must return back home. But wait, where is home now?! Before we started traveling we sold almost everything we had, left our apartment in Dubai, quit our jobs… Where are we supposed to go back now?


We’re starting pretty much from scratch!

First things first, we are about to go visit our families, as it’s been way too long! I will be spending a month in Portugal and Ashray will be staying in India. Afterwards, I shall go to New Delhi too and that is exactly where we will be establishing our home from now on.

Portugal: here I come!

Portugal: here I come!


Does this mean we will become sedentary and boring?!

NO WAY! India is a perfect getaway to explore Asia (not to mention the country in itself, huge and with such variety, both in terms of landscapes and culturally)! And so we shall be doing!… There’s no stop for us now… The more you travel the more you want to travel. This is truly addictive!

As flying to our respective sides of the world from Bolivia is rather expensive, we came up with a perfect plan! In a few days, we will be flying to Mexico and spending a few days soaking up the sun and dipping ourselves in the blue Pacific waters of Acapulco! Is this cheaper than flying out from Bolivia, you might be thinking? Well, more or less!.. But the other benefits involved in this detour can’t be denied!

Last time we were in Mexico things looked this awesome. How can we help but going back?

Last time we were in Mexico things looked this awesome. How can we help but going back?


But there is more… Flying out from Mexico wasn’t also ideal (what a shame!) so why not go to the USA and head home from there? And who would go to the USA and not spend some time there as well? That would be such a waste, specially considering this is our first time!


So, New York City and Chicago: we will see you soon!

New York. Will the lights inspire us?
New York. Will the lights inspire us?


We are SHOCKED at the prices of accommodation in NYC! So, as one of our final destinations, these places are going to make sure to burn the last cents of our travel budget for the past year! Nevertheless, we are very excited to picture ourselves roaming the streets of Manhattan, eating a proper bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, attending some artistic events in Brooklyn and going for a Broadway musical, in proper Glee style! I’m loving it already! I am such a sucker for musicals and I barely get to see any live!


And a lot more things that we still have to plan! If you have ideas and recommendations for fun things to do on a budget in NYC, leave us a comment!


After NYC, it’s time for Chicago, where we partnered with Getaway Hostel for some fun times in the city. What’s even more exciting? I’m going to get to see live one of my crush/idols/favorite musicians… Chris Carrabba. Unfortunately, he won’t be performing with his usual band Dashboard Confessional, but I am sure it will be great to see him live with Further Seems Forever too. I truly can’t wait for this! My groupie dreams are coming true!!

Further Seems Forever

Further Seems Forever


So… are you ready to piggy-back ride with us through North America?

Afterwards, we shall take you to Portugal and India too.

Buckle up! There are so many adventures for us to live together coming up!


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  • Hey, what about London!!?

  • leah Says

    There’s a cheap hotel in NYC, in the lower east side on 2nd Avene between 1st and and 3rd street called WHite Castle. Its pretty trash, but you will get a bed and it will be reasonable. THen depending on how long you plan on staying you can also check a temporary sublet in craigslist. When I used to live in NYC i used to sublet my apt for the weekend. U will love NYC! Its great!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks for the tips Leah! :)

      We ended up taking a short term rental via Airbnb and we’re loving it! It’s a full apartment for ourselves in Queens. For USD80/day (cheaper than the trashier place in Manhattan, perhaps) we get to stay in a nice hood, huge fully equipped apartment, really great place!

      Heading out to the city for the 1st time now.. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna love it indeed! ;)

  • Nand Says

    Zara & Ashray,
    Loved reading your posts….envy you guys :) for having so much time to travel and enjoy life the way you want to…something that I have always wanted to do but could not…
    Perhaps, you could come out with a detailed travelogue once you are back at base..
    Cheers! and Ciao!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Nand!

      Thanks for your nice comment!
      If by travelogue you mean a detailed list of the places we’ve been visiting, you can have a look at our travel map here:

      We actually didn’t have the time to travel, so we decided to quit our jobs to do so. Sometimes you have to give up on some things to enjoy others… but SO WORTH IT!

      Cheers! :)

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