My sticky shoe!

Bye-bye Dubai! :)


I have always wanted to see the world!


I guess most people say the same thing but they are more like: “oh yeah… I’d love to see the world… one day… if I were rich!“.

The thing is that you don’t need to be rich, all you need is time and freedom of movement! This time and freedom is something you get by yourself, cutting loose from all the things in life that tight you up even when you thought they existed to make you happier: expensive car, big house, the latest electronics, luxurious life style!…
Don’t get me wrong: I have stuff, and I love my stuff but after living in Dubai for 4 years I realize that people own way too much stuff! You get all these things to keep you entertained and give you the illusion you are happy during your daily routine, but at the end you live for your things instead of these things existing to help you living better!

A&Z in Dubai

A&Z in Dubai

We stay on an empty house right now, thanks to a guy I saved on my phone as “Dilip Who Bought It All”. We have a mattress on the floor and a few things scattered around, which we still have to pack or donate.


Damn, I have never been happier!


Life feels now like a white canvas and I can paint whatever the hell I fell like on it! I am glad I stay with Ashray and have similar taste in paintings if you know what I mean!.. We both want to travel, and we are going for it! If you feel the same way, don’t think “oh, this might not be a good time!“. I guess same as like having kids, there is never a perfect time when everything would feel in perfect place (career, finances, age, stamina, etc..) - this is the kind of thing that you need to face as NOW or NEVER. And now is always a better option!

I leave Dubai after learning so much about life! I have learnt mainly from not so sweet experiences to be honest, but I have had my kicks in the so-called City of Life as well.

It’s funny to see such a multicultural city and realize that different cultures don’t end up mixing that much (not Ashray and myself… this Indian-Portuguese couple is about to show the world that “mixed couples” – as they call them here – kick ass!) Dubai is all about showing off what you have (and sometimes even what you don’t have!) that’s why I am so eager to visit places where life is simpler, raw, more real somehow, and where the more basic things still matter the most.

But I will miss the UAE (on the odd day at least!) – having available food from all around the world (Asian food, I will miss you!), having such a rainbow group of friends as ours was like about 2 years ago.. we were like United Colors of Benetton: India, Portugal, Germany, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Pakistan, Egypt, Serbia, USA…
And the other thing I will keep as a great memory from my life in the UAE is my short musical career with my band Sho? I will never forget our gig in Abu Dhabi, the same night Sean Paul played (here you go, another odd thing about this country… alternative rock band opening for Lebanese acts and Jamaican Sean Paul). Abu Dhabi kids rocked my night so hard, that for during less than one hour, I was truly “living the dream”!

Anyhow, our backpacks ordered from Amazon arrive tomorrow (Osprey.. you better live up to the promise after costing us a kidney!) and I am dying to fill them up: but just with the very essential things, so that I have space for all the souvenirs I’m gonna be getting on each country we visit!

Today’s mission: buy a camcorder. I am looking for the Sony HXR-MC50E. So let me get back to work and phone every Sony distributor in town because so far I haven’t had luck. Advance Media Trading, I am counting on you… if only you’d answer the phone!!

Keep on checking, because very soon great videos and photos will be posted, and you will almost feel like you are piggy-back ridding with us!


Looking forward to get some inspiration and inspire you as well.


Join us!


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