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Yesterday when I was going to bed, I had this sudden idea that I thought we can all bring to life together…

Looking at who we interact with on Twitter, I realized that the vast majority of people we regularly exchange 140 characters with are other travelers. Most of them, even, western travelers that, like us, have taken some time out of their “ordinary lives” to go around the world. Then I thought that I wished I could interact more with other people from all over the world, especially from less known places and that could tell us a little more about where they come from, their lives, their dreams… And that’s when a bulb lit up on top of my head and I realized that Backpack ME was missing a guest post section!

That’s what Around the World in 80 Posts is going to be! A section where anyone from anywhere can participate, submitting stories of the place they live in or somewhere special they have traveled to.


Do you live in a remote town that no one has ever heard about?

We want to know what it’s like!

Are you spending some time in a big capital city but know off the beaten things you’d like to share?

We’re curious to find out!

Are you fond of the typical food of a particular region?

We also want a taste!


Around the World in 80 Posts: where are we gonna go?

Around the World in 80 Posts: where are we gonna go?


To participate in “Around the World in 80 Posts”, please keep in mind:

- You can write a mini-guide to your town or city or a story about something specific in the place you like us to know more about. Non-fiction only. Please don’t write Wikitravel kind of guides… that’s already available! Bring us a scoop of the real good stuff that you know about…

- Submissions should be text + photos, or videos, or a combination of both (the more visual it is, the better!) If you wish to send photos that include yourself in the place you are writing about, that would be really cool! Videos can be sent for upload on our Youtube channel or embedded directly from yours.

- The length of your post is up to you, but use our previous Backpack ME articles as reference… don’t send us just one line, but also, no need to write up the Bible! “Keeping it interesting” tends to be the best length!

- We are open to all kinds of stories and would like you to enjoy a total freedom of speech, with a few exceptions: racist, xenophobic and violent attitudes aren’t really welcome.

- Posts and visuals should be sent to

If you have any further questions, just leave us a comment below.


This is in no way an attempt to cover the whole world – 80 posts would be ridiculous if this was the goal! Instead, we are looking forward to read unique stories about undiscovered places or well-known cities that have so much more to offer than what comes in the guide books.


With everyone’s participation, this section can surely rock!

Looking forward to reading your stories & getting to know more about your world!

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  • Yash Says

    Hey…what a brilliant idea!!
    I am sure there will be a lot of contributors and we can share interesting experiences.

  • David Says

    Hi Zara,
    This sounds like a great idea, and it’s always good to hear from other travelers! If you want to use any of my posts, pics or information from my site (, just contact me and we can work something out :)


    • Zara Says

      Hi David,

      Would love to include a guest post from you with all the amazing pics you take!
      Just send us by e-mail what you’d like to publish on Backpack ME! :)

      Looking forward to it!

  • Lucy Novais Says

    Keep me posted please

  • zahra Says

    I know it’s a stupid question, but I would like to know the meaning of your name

    • Zara Says

      Hi, my name (same as yours!) is supposed to mean flower or blossom in Arabic.
      At least as far as I know!..

  • Really cool idea! I’m very excited about this project. I think I already know which trip I wanna share.

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