Ecuador visa for Indians

Ecuador visa for Indians (and anyone else)

According to information available online, Ecuador provides visa free entry to Indians (the rules say that anyone of any nationality can enter Ecuador without a visa).

However, my experience when I arrived in the country was rather different. We flew into Quito from Bogota, Colombia and at immigration the guy stamped Zara’s Portuguese passport immediately. Then he looked at my passport, flipped through it and said – “You don’t have a visa ?”. And I replied “No, I thought it was visa free entry”.

Then, his supervisor showed up and she said “Oh, does he have a US visa ?”. “Yes”. “Okay, then stamp him in”.

We asked this guy if I couldn’t have gotten in without the US visa and he said “No, you can’t enter if you don’t have a US visa”.

So, the information around the internet states that you can indeed enter Ecuador without a visa. They didn’t ask me for return tickets or any other details, it might be possible to enter without the “support” of a US visa if you do indeed have return tickets.

I have heard numerous accounts of people who have entered Ecuador without any visa required (also without a US visa) however, this did cause significant delays (a little bit of fact checking return tickets, hotel reservations, questions..) – so it appears that while it is indeed possible, be prepared for some confusion when they see your passport.

They stamped my passport for a stay of 90 days, and there was no charge!


One of our readers, shared a letter from the Embassy of Ecuador, New Delhi clearly detailing that visas are not required of anyone while visiting Ecuador for tourism. It may be helpful to carry a copy of this letter with you in case you get stopped by immigration. Thanks Rakesh!

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

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