Ecuador visa for Indians

Ecuador visa for Indians (and anyone else)

According to information available online, Ecuador provides visa free entry to Indians (the rules say that anyone of any nationality can enter Ecuador without a visa).

However, my experience when I arrived in the country was rather different. We flew into Quito from Bogota, Colombia and at immigration the guy stamped Zara’s Portuguese passport immediately. Then he looked at my passport, flipped through it and said – “You don’t have a visa ?”. And I replied “No, I thought it was visa free entry”.

Then, his supervisor showed up and she said “Oh, does he have a US visa ?”. “Yes”. “Okay, then stamp him in”.

We asked this guy if I couldn’t have gotten in without the US visa and he said “No, you can’t enter if you don’t have a US visa”.

So, the information around the internet states that you can indeed enter Ecuador without a visa. They didn’t ask me for return tickets or any other details, it might be possible to enter without the “support” of a US visa if you do indeed have return tickets.

I have heard numerous accounts of people who have entered Ecuador without any visa required (also without a US visa) however, this did cause significant delays (a little bit of fact checking return tickets, hotel reservations, questions..) – so it appears that while it is indeed possible, be prepared for some confusion when they see your passport.

They stamped my passport for a stay of 90 days, and there was no charge!


One of our readers, shared a letter from the Embassy of Ecuador, New Delhi clearly detailing that visas are not required of anyone while visiting Ecuador for tourism. It may be helpful to carry a copy of this letter with you in case you get stopped by immigration. Thanks Rakesh!

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

Ecuador visa guidelines for Indians

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  • i want resideance visa.ecuador what is the procegers .please give details.

    • Ashray Says

      I don’t know anything about residence visas. We are tourists traveling around Latin America. Try asking at the Ecuador embassy at New Delhi maybe ?

  • residence visa information.

  • Dipika Says

    thanks! This is indeed useful….traveling to the Quito this week and the Galapagos the next week and wanted some confirmation from a traveller even though the website says that Indian passport holders do not require a visa.

    • bharti Says

      Dipika, plz share ur experience.

    • sunil Says

      no visa required for Indian nationals.

      • kiran Says

        hai sunil this is kiran from hyderabad im also looking for going to move ecuador 3 of friends went to ecuador in last week but the immegration officers would not allow to out side of airport..finnally they sent to india back..most confusion thing is that what the reson is ?

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  • Shikhar Tyagi Says

    Hey Ashray,
    I am travelling in South America for couple of months now and I am thinking of going to Colombia through Ecaudor. I didnt plan to visit these countries before leaving and didnt get the visa from India. I am not flying into Colombia and plan to take the buses from Peru.
    I have an Indian passport but no US visa.
    Any ideas on how to get Colombia and Ecuador visa from Peru or Bolivia. I am in Argentina at the moment.

  • i have indian passport i need ecuador visa

  • i want to go ecuador but their are so many people told me visa is not require for indian citizen ots right or wrong

  • karan deep singh Says

    i have indian passport . i need a tourist visa . you can told me ecuador visa on arrival for indian citizen . please answer me

  • prof g nayak Says

    please tell me whether i can travel visa free or visa on arrival to latin america

  • Pulkit Says

    Hi Ashray .. I applied for Schengen n Peruvian visa .. both of them got rejected.. dont have any visa .. will I be abe to go to Ecuador transiting Netherlands ?

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Pulkit

      Sorry to hear about your negative visa experience.
      As far as I know, you would need a transit visa to fly through the Netherlands. Your best bet is to fly through a country like China where you would not need a transit visa.

  • Munish Says

    Hi I m Munish plz help me I can travel without visa Ecuador or bolvia I m so confused Internet and I check visa tousitd Indian people need visa Ecuador or Bolivia plz help me I won’t to travel for holiday

  • vinod Says

    i am i in indian living in UGANDA want to visit ecuador as visitor,
    from where i will get the visa, what will be the visa fees. will u plese guide me

  • Anant Says

    I am planning to travel to Ecuador [Quito] and then to Galapagos from India and I am told [by my visa agent] that I cannot get a visa from here in India for Ecuador and it is only a visa on arrival.

    If so what are the documents needed ?

    Please let me know.


    • Ashray Says

      Hi Anant

      You’ll get a visa on arrival in Ecuador. As long as you have a return ticket you should be fine. Just arrive at Quito airport and it’s a stamp in your passport for free. Enjoy Ecuador, it’s one of our favorite countries! :)

      • Anant Says

        Hi Ashray -

        Thank you very much for your reply. I forgot to mention I do not have any US visa and after this I will be visiting Peru followed by Argentina and Brazil. If at all this is denied in the rare event then where will they ask me to go to, the country immediately next to Ecuador in my itinerary ?
        Also, if at all there is a dispute as I read somewhere else also, how to convenience the immigration officials ? Will your letter on this site suffice ?

        Thanks Ashray.

        • Ashray Says

          You won’t get denied. A clueless immigration official may take a while to let you through but you certainly won’t get denied entry as their laws are clear on the fact that all nationalities get VoA for tourism. Here’s an extract from the airline visa info system:

          Passport required.
          - Passports and/or passport replacing documents must be valid for at least 6 months from date of arrival.

          Visa required, except for A max. stay of 90 days for nationals of India.
          Additional Information:

          - Extension of stay possible for visitors who do not require a visa to enter Ecuador.
          - Visitors not holding return/onward tickets could be refused entry.

          So just make sure you have an onward ticket of some sort. And carry a copy of the letter.
          I don’t think you need to worry about where they will send you :)

  • Rakesh Pai Says

    Hi Zara, Ashray,

    I stumbled across this link which might be useful for Indian travelers to Ecuador. This is a circular from Embassy of Ecuador confirming Visa on Arrival for Indians. Might come in handy in the event of coming across an immigration officer in India/Ecuador. Please add it to your blog as this link is sort of the first google result for the key word “Ecuador visa for indians” :)


    • Ashray Says

      Hi Rakesh

      Thanks for the helpful tip. I’ve added the letter to the post above so that people can carry a printout with them when visiting Ecuador for tourism.

  • ravi Says

    Hi, i am planning to come ecuador for consultant asking me 4lacs for visa process for ecuador.Is he genuine? for ecuador how much investment? i can get work permit visa once i arrived? he is saying initially 90 days visa i can get later it converted to work permit it true? pl help me in this.

    • Ashray Says

      Sorry ravi, I don’t know anything about work permits for Ecuador as I only went there as a tourist. You should ask the Ecuador embassy in New Delhi for more information.

    • arshad Says

      Hey ravi where are you from??

  • rinku Says

    Plz help me i want go to peru plz guadi how is possibal on arrival viss

  • Rakesh Raj Says

    Hi There Ashray and Zara,

    Glad you guys are enjoying the travels. I will be landing in Ecuador from US tomorrow. Hope it would be a smooth IN-Out . I will keep you posted with my experience. I am carrying my passport and pretty much my return ticket +THe embassy letter on your site. If anything else Please let me know and that would be helpful.

    May be this constitutes a different thread. Did you guys go into the amazon rainforest at Ecuador ?If so which lodge/national reserve etc.

    Rakesh Raj

  • Rakesh Raj Says

    Hi There Ashray and Zara,

    Glad you guys are enjoying the travels. I will be landing in Ecuador from US tomorrow. Hope it would be a smooth IN-Out . I will keep you posted with my experience. I am carrying my passport and pretty much my return ticket THe embassy letter on your site. If anything else Please let me know and that would be helpful.

    May be this constitutes a different thread. Did you guys go into the amazon rainforest at Ecuador ?If so which lodge/national reserve etc.

    Rakesh Raj

  • Sachin Says

    Hi Ashray,

    Please guide I need to travel for Argentina & Ecuador through my parent company over business visa for 3 weeks. What will be the best Itinary to travel in economical way round trip ? What are the things require while apply for visa for which country? what are best places to visit , send me email with complete information as I had checked over internet got confused . Thanks in advance for your great help


  • Vijay Says

    Meri to gaand tod di. jhoot bolte hai ki visa nhi chahiye. equador k airport pr moo noch liya mera..

  • muhammad Says

    I want visa Ecuador how to can go

  • Sridhar Says

    Hi Ashray & Zara,

    I’m planning a trip to cali, colombia, i’m flying from Shanghai transiting amsterdam and quito by KLM airlines. I am an indian passport holder and i don’t have USA visa. Can you clarify if i need a transit visa for amsterdam when flying with KLM(i herd KLM is only airlines which does’nt need transit visa at amsterdam, is it true?). Do i need a transit visa at quito ?

    Your guidance will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.


  • srinivas Says

    friends, tell me that latin america gives a Permanent residence for indian
    with out staying earlier their. directly pr is it real.

  • We visited Ecuador and one of us had Indian Passport and Ecuador Consulate in Vancouver told us no visa required if holding PR card (like US Green card)

  • lokesh Says

    it depends where you are coming from. usually almost all countries dont need visa there. but be safe from drug dealers.

  • srinivas Says

    no visa required. I have traveled there and nobody asked visa from me. only seen my Canadian passport and permitted me.

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