Valparaiso - Amazing graffiti

Valparaiso – you deserve more fame!

So today we’re back in the Americas! Life has brought us back to San Francisco and when I am on this continent, I can’t help but think of our life far down south in Chile. Chile undoubtedly has the most amazing graffiti of all the countries that we have been to. Graffiti artists in Chile (although we know none of them personally) are extremely talented, and in my opinion, underrated on the global scale.

People often discuss graffiti in cities like New York, London, Berlin, etc. But honestly, Banksy has got nothing on Chilean graffiti artists! Walk around Barrio Brasil in Santiago or the winding streets of Valparaiso and you will see marvelous and meaningful artwork such as this one.

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  • Don’t tell everyone – keep some of it to yourself!! :D

  • Ashray, I totally agree with you that Valparaiso is completely underrated, but maybe that is exactly what makes it such a gem… ;)

  • Wonderful street art! I guess it’s one of the perks of seeing a graffiti that is underrated by the rest of the world. You get to enjoy it by yourself and no bunch of tourists that crowds. :)

  • Franca Says

    It’s nice to go to places that are underrated and that haven’t being fully discovered from everyone yet, I think it makes them even more special and unique :)

  • Sophia Says

    We’ll be heading there in about a month! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been enjoying your South American posts ;)

    • Zara Says

      If you have any questions about South America, just let us know. And do get in touch if you come by Chile in January or so… we should be around! :)

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