Turkey visa for Indians

Turkey Visa for Indians (eVisa based on other visas)

We just spent a beautiful month in Istanbul. The arrival was pretty smooth since Turkey now extends an eVisa facility for Indian passport holders who have any valid visa from the US/UK/Ireland/Schengen states (tourist/work/residence/student/etc).

If you have a valid tourist visa, residence permit, work permit, or permanent residence in any of these countries, you can apply for a Turkey eVisa online and fly right after.

The eVisa for Indians costs 43 USD (plus a $0.70 service fee), allows you a single entry, and you may stay up to 30 days. If you leave Turkey in the 30 day period, you will have to apply and pay for another eVisa before you can re-enter. The eVisa itself is valid for 6 months so if your plans change and you don’t use your single entry, you still have a little time to use it.

Sunny day in Istanbul

Sunny day in Istanbul


The online process is very smooth and the eVisa customer support is pretty impressive. All I had to do was go to the Turkish eVisa website, fill in the application form, fill in the relevant details of my supporting visa (I used my Schengen visa), and pay via credit card. When I reached the payment stage, my internet went off and I wasn’t sure if my payment went through or not. I sent the eVisa support an email and received a response within 10 minutes! Incredible! They said the payment had not gone through on their end so I could resume my application and re-try.

On my second attempt the payment did go through. I instantly received the confirmation via email and attached to it was a PDF with my eVisa. The whole process took about 10 minutes and would’ve taken five minutes if I didn’t have to retry my payment because of my unreliable internet connection.

I took a print out of the eVisa. It does mention that you must have a return/onward ticket, 50 USD/day of expenses, and hotel reservations for your entire stay. Although I carried a bank statement, had an onward ticket printout, and also an AirBNB booking, I was not asked for anything at immigration.

The only question the immigration officer asked me was “Where is the Schengen visa?“. I showed it to him, he stamped an entry stamp on my passport and also stamped the eVisa printout. That was it, I was in Turkey!

I must say that I am impressed with the way the eVisa system works. The website is very well designed and you might almost think that it’s not a government website based on its quality! The customer service was also very quick in responding to my question. I hope a lot more Indian tourists use this route to visit Turkey.

Update 11th Feb 2016 – eVisa rules changed

Unfortunately it looks like the eVisa rules have changed for Indian passport holders. Earlier, you could support your eVisa with any valid OECD country visa or residence permit. So, for example, if you had a visa for Chile, or South Korea, or Mexico, you could use this to get the Turkey eVisa. However, now, you can only use a valid US, UK, Ireland, or Schengen visa as a supporting document to enter Turkey. It seems like the rules have been tightened a little bit but the good news is that if you have any of the above visas you can still visit Turkey by applying for an eVisa.

If you have any questions or doubts,

please ask in the comments!

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  • Great post, and good to know it is so (relatively) easily done. I hope more countries adopt similar procedures :)

  • Ashok Sinha Says

    I am Indian citizen and returning from Libya via Istanbul. I wish to break my Journey at Istanbul for one day and visit the city. I am not having valid visa for USA , but have valid visa for Canada. Am I eligible for e-visa? I shall be accompanying with my wife. She has also valid visa for Canada.

  • Hoshedar Says

    Thanks a million Ashray, extremely useful post!

  • Hins Raj Says

    Can I ask what type of onward ticket is expected by these authorities/immigration officials? For eg: If Im travelling from India should I have a return ticket to India? Is such a return ticket also an considered as “onward ticket”?

    • Ashray Says

      Any ticket leaving the country to a place that you can enter. So a ticket back to India is fine.

      • boby Says

        I am Indian and doing job in Iraq my company give me holiday when I come back to join again my work place in meanwhile I want travel any European country but within two months not possible me to apply shechenge visa so how travel any European country without shechenge visa
        Any other plan to travel for me I read your article Jordan Indian passport holder not received visa my budget is minimum I spent 30000 thousand Indian rupees and company give me only 30000 rupees airfare I need your help to how I plan travel minimum 10 days trip

      • Hinsraj Says

        Thanx a lot Ashray..

  • Ratheesh Says

    mu dobut is in e visa how to add addtional resident permit/shengan visa

  • Zakir Says

    I am Indian national, and I have visa from USA, but it’s stamped on old passport , as I renewed recently.

    Am I still eligible to apply evisa

  • Ajit Pujari Says

    Is it OK o enter Turkey with e-Visa for a business trip ?
    And .. do the airlines people in India know about the e-Visa .. as sometimes they refuse to board you if you do not have Visa on your passport.

    One more question please – I have US Visa on my old passport and it is valid for next 8 years. But, I have never entered US but have transited from US airports lot of times. Does this make me eligible for e-Visa ?

    • Ashray Says

      Yes, the eVisa info page says:

      e-Visa is valid for touristic and trade purposes only.

      So it looks like a business trip should be fine. Also, the airlines in India DO know about the Turkish eVisa. It’s a very big program and has been running for many years already. The visa database that airlines use to find their info has an entry for Indians:

      Holders of normal passports issued to nationals of India holding a visa valid on arrival, issued by Ireland (Rep.), USA or United Kingdom or a Schengen Member State can obtain a visa or an e-visa on arrival, for a max. stay of 1 month. Fee: USD 30.-, EUR 25.- or GBP 20.-. The e-visa can also be obtained online prior to departure at

      If you have transited the US before then you have entered the US and you will have an entry stamp in your passport. There is no airside transit in the US. Furthermore, there is no requirement to have used the visa prior to your trip to Turkey. Having the visa is good enough. Also, the fact that the visa is on an old passport does not matter. You just need to show the Turkish evisa, US visa, and your passport to the border agent in Turkey when you arrive.

      • Ajit Pujari Says

        Thanks Ashray .. Your advice will be helpful .. I am getting my e-Visa ..

        And from “About us”, looks like you are leading a great life ..and having fun while helping new travelers with advice ..keep it up ..

  • saurabh Says


    We are from india. Travelling to turkey and greece for touristic purpose. below are the travel details :

    - Dec 23 india to istanbul

    - dec 26 istanbul to cappadocia

    - dec 29 istanbul (SAW) to athens

    - dec 31 athens to santorini

    - jan 4 athens to istanbul (SAW)

    - JAN 5 – istanbul (ataturk) to India.

    In the above case we stay in turkey when we arrive for 7 days and again on jan 4 for 1 night.

    we have a valid SCHENGEN states multiple entry visa valid from 29.12.16 to 12.02.17.

    in this case what is the visa we need to apply for turkey as we enter twice. can we apply single entry e visa both the time we enter ( first entry dec 23 and exit dec 29) (second entry Jan 4 and exit Jan 5) or we should apply for a double transit visa or a multiple entry

    • Ashray Says

      You can do the single entry visa but you’ll need to pay for it twice. A multi entry visa at the consulate would probably be cheaper than that but of course the evisa is much more convenient.

  • Sudhir Nimmagadda Says

    i hold a indian passport and living in australia on a working visa 457 sub-class (temporary resident). i am travelling to turkey next month for a travel agent has done a e-visa for my travel.i will be travelling back to australia after my holiday. can you please suggest me if this e-visa would be sufficient for my travel.

  • Udit Baliga Says

    Hey Ashray! Great post. I’m an Indian studying in Belgium. I have an Indian passport (Belgian visa expires in March 2017) and a Belgian residence card (valid till end of October 2017). Would I be eligible for an e-visa based on my situation and validity of residence card, specifically?

  • Ankhi Paul Says

    I am an Indian citizen and I have valid B1 visa of USA vaild till 2020. Will I be eligible to apply for e-visa?

  • Ssaurabh Kesari Says

    Hi Ashray,

    Great Website and tons of info for Indian Passport holders. My doubt is that I have to return back from Porto to Bangalore in July 2017. I am planning to fly via turkish airlines as they are offering a free one day tour or hotel accommodation ( I wanted to know your thoughts on the same whether it is worth?

    • Ashray Says

      If you’re asking whether it’s worth it to stay in Istanbul for a day then I’d say actually you should spend more time there. It’s a beautiful city and there is so much to do! The eVisa lets you stay for up to 30 days.

  • ayemere Says

    I have a valid mexico visa on my nigerian passport can i get an e visa to turkey with the mexico visa or should i go to the consulate office and apply in my country. Please advice me on what to do.

  • Suhail Baba Says

    Hey Awesome People

    I have a query. Does this electronic visa portal check if one does have a valid Schengen visa or its just the immigration officers who check it.



  • Suhail Says

    Thanks brother. Great informative post.

  • Nisarg Says

    Hi I have query.

    I plan to use the e visa based on my schengen visa.

    The visa will be valid the day I enter turkey but the number of days in the Eurozone will be finished (schengen visa approved for 11 days, 11 days stay in Euroozone).

    Based on the above will there be a problem entering Turkey on e visa?

    Thanx for your help.


  • Sir, my question is , I have a single entry schengen visa from 9th april 17 to 3rd may 17. on 9th april i had booked flight to istanbul to visit my son in law who is working there for short period. on 19th april I will be departing turkey and enter rome (italy) can my single entry schengen visa is helpful in getting turkey e visa online. please reply, it is urgent.

  • kishore Says

    i have a valid UAE visa ,can travel turkey from uae

  • atarbaytas Says

    I have a valid UK visa till Aug 2017. I am planning to apply for a Turkey E-visa before the expiry of my UK visa however my travel in Turkey will be later in Nov 2017. It is feasible? Please suggest

  • Vinayak Bhardwaj Says

    Hi there.
    I have a US tourist visa and can apply for Turkey visa online. However, I am unable to find any reliable information on visiting Cyprus from Turkey.
    Have you been there? If yes, how does it work for non-EU passport holders?
    According to the website of Cyprus embassy, visiting South side of Cyprus from the North Cyprus is considered illegal and the person can be arrested/deported. Do I need to have a Schengen visa to visit Cyprus?

  • Anshu Says

    Hi Asray

    I want to ask that I don’t have any Valid Visa from any Schengen countries…Still can I aplly for E visa for tourism purpose

  • Maria Says

    I am a student in Tbilisi, Gerogia. I want to go to turkey for a prometric exam. i hold a Gerorgian residence permit. I don’t have a Schengen visa. What should I do?

  • dhruv Says

    hi, i am planning to visit Turkey & currently working in Maldives, can i use that to apply e-visa for Rurkey

  • Brilliance Says

    What should be the duration to apply for Turkish visa?

  • Byrana Nagappa Suresh Says

    I have Schengen visa valid from 12th Nov to 26th Dec 2017. I am planning to come to Turkey with e-visa on 26th October 2017. Will I be permitted to enter Turkey. If not what is to be done. Please advise as I have limited time. Please send the quick reply to my email.
    BN Suresh

    • Ashray Says

      You should direct your query to the eVisa authorities for Turkey as I don’t know the answer to this question.

  • Farah Aleem Says

    Dearest Ashray,
    I love reading your blog and it was very helpful while we travelled to Malaysia especially the guidelines for e-visa! Can u plz help me with the procedure for Turkish Visa? I was trilled to see the above post but I don’t have any of the mentioned visas as supporting documents. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

  • Heena Says

    Hello Ashray,

    I have Indian Passport and Valid Multiple Entry Schengen Visa. I also have used Single Entry E-visa for Turkey which is till date Mar2018. But I need to travel again to turkey for business purpose. Can I reapply for e-Visa for turkey ? What is the duration to maintain between business trips to turkey ?

  • raviga Says

    Hi, I’m a Indian passport holder and currently reside in KSA . I’m planning for Turkey tour . If I don’t have a valid visa from US/UK/Ireland/Schengen states , is it still possible to visit Turkey . If so how to apply for the same

  • rayyan Says


    I have indian passport with canadian study permit , will evisa work for me ? or should i get visa from turkish consulate

    • Ashray Says

      You should be able to get an evisa. Please ask the eVisa support just to be sure but I think you’re good to go.

  • Kushagra Srivastava Says

    I have a valid UK visit visa, and I am planning to take my a hopping flight via Istanbul (Layover time 12 hours). I think I’d be needing a transit/visit visa (single entry only). Can you please tell me if I can get e-visa for the same? And what’s the procedure?

  • Muzzy Says

    Me and my wife is planning to visit Istanbul and we got the e-visa too.
    We both have Latvian Temp Resident permit but only i have the bank account in latvia.
    I want to know do we both need:
    1)Any type of travel insurance ?
    2)Bank statement?

    or just i will carry my bankstatement that will be enough?


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