Recycled trash cans in Cambodia

Trash cans in rural Cambodia are cool!

One might not think at a first glance that a trash can has what it takes to make it as “Photo of the Day” – but, just this once, allow me to disagree.

We’re in Cambodia right now and I’ve been noticing that the trash containers that we see in rural areas (at least around Siem Reap) are not very usual. Instead of metal or plastic, these containers are made of recycled car wheels! Not only this finds a new use for old torn wheels, they’re also easy to lift and eventually empty.

Using every scrap and tidbits available seems to be a constant here in Cambodia. Just a few days ago we were riding in a boat that was completed with several car parts. In times of shortages, nothing better than getting creative!

The trash containers seen in this photo have been placed by HUSK, an NGO operating around Siem Reap. In the village where these were spotted, this organization runs a series of campaigns to educate the rural population on the importance of garbage collection and waste management. The local families that work best towards keeping their village and house clean are compensated by their efforts in rice bags – this might not be sustainable in the long run, but it sure seems like a great way to create awareness and have the local community work towards a common goal. The village did indeed look clean and pretty. So, thumbs up!

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