Idyllic countryside in Cambodia

Charming Cambodia

I have written before about the pleasure that is is to travel around Cambodia: the lush landscapes, the constant learning with recent history and, above all, the interaction with some of the friendliest people I’ve been lucky to meet.

After we’ve been to Cambodia, I’ve talked with several travelers who’ve been there before about what it is that makes Cambodia special. And we often coincide: the smiles. In Cambodia, people smile in such a genuine way that it is not often encountered elsewhere when interacting with someone for the first time.

Cambodia is like a postcard, just like I imagined it to look like. Charming would probably be the first word I’d use to describe this country.

When you think of Cambodia, what words come to your mind?

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  • I’d have to agree – charming pretty much sums up Cambodia. I’d also go with laid-back. We had a week there a couple of years ago and wouldn’t hesitate to stay a lot longer next time.

    • Zara Says

      We stayed about 3 weeks and I still felt like I could stay around longer too.. Cambodia is that inviting! :)

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