Indian pilgrim in Delhi

The Pilgrim

We were driving around Delhi yesterday when I saw a man walking with a colorful structure covered in shiny cloth. I immediately took the phone to click his picture, what made him approach our car.

In whatever time a red light takes to turn green, he asked us for money and said he was a pilgrim. We gave him some money and he promptly asked for more. We gave him more and then he said he’s doing this pilgrimage with 6 other brothers, so we should give him even more, but we had already been quite generous the second time around.

The light turned red and he still managed to say that he’d been walking all day and he’s on his way to Pushkar. Funny enough he was going towards Agra road, which is in the opposite direction.

We were left wondering if he was truly a pilgrim or just a guy who came up with a colorful way of making a living, in the saturated market of Delhi’s streets.

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  • Quite possibly on a pilgrim to make more money…for his 3rd and 4th cousin’s parents.

  • Irina Says

    I love this kind of stories of people’s creativity! I’ve had a similar experience in Toronto, when a nicely dressed woman gave me a sticker in the shape of a heart saying that this is for all girls on this beautiful day… then she asked for money. No one would say no to her!

  • Zara Says

    Well, we don’t know if this guy’s story was for real or not, so I guess we’ll just have to give him the benefit of the doubt! :)

    • shashank Says

      The guy swas obviously a fake. :D But you guys were being nice and he took advantage.I’ve been following your posts for a while now.Very interesting I must say.Ashray being an indian should know better than to give money to people on the road haha but I guess he was out of touch.

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