Graffiti in Setubal, Portugal

Sweeping life away

Walking around Setubal (Portugal) looking around for somewhere serving fresh fish for dinner, we saw this.

It’s amazing how some abandoned rotting buildings in the area have become the canvas to amazing street art pieces, such as this one, where art meets reality and they both complement each other in such an appealing way.

This is how you give life to a building that was perhaps long gone otherwise, that might not house people anymore but is home to art, an outlet for talented street artists.

We think this one is really, really cool!

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  • Stef Says

    haha this is great. What a pity that I didn’t see it when I was in Setubal about a month ago…

  • Have you made it to Bristol (UK)? Banksy began as a street artist and has recently had pukka exhibitions. There was an uproar when a bank removed a section of external wall to try to sell a painting that he’d left there. There are still countless examples of his paintings in the streets of Bristol – worth a visit, just to see them. (And he’s remained anonymous, so no one knows his real name – or hers).

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