Little Colombian girl posing

Strike a pose!

We were walking around the city of Medellin the other day with a bunch of other international travelers when a lady approached us. She asked if any of us would be interested in taking her daughter’s photo because it’d be a dream come true for her to have her image taken all around the world. Of course everyone was happy to snap a photo with her. Instead, we clicked a photo of her.

The moment I took the camera into my hands the little girl posed like a pro. Her Mum would advise from the background “hey, put your fingers up!”.

Strike a pose, Colombian style!

Strike a pose, Colombian style!


You can tell girls in Colombia start caring about their appearance since very young. It is not rare to see 10 year old’s with nail polish or shiny lips. Women from Colombia are world famous for their beauty and sensual appearance, And, hey, that is no myth! Colombian women do tend to be very pretty and that, paired with all the dedication they put into their clothes and grooming, does pay off on the sexy scale. Until now, Brazil was the country I’d been to with more obvious “cult of beauty” – well, it still is if we take into consideration both sexes (OLA hairless chest men in Brazil… I am looking at you!), as in Colombia women notably take more care of themselves than men.

As for this little girl, I hope to have contributed to make her happy showing her photo to all of you across the world!

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  • Wow she is *fierce*!!! Great snap :)

  • Frank Says

    Hey, that’s cute! I’ve been sponsoring a little girl in Barranquilla for 7 years now and I get a photo of her every year striking a different pose. She looks just like the little girl above. They take such care in the way they dress, their hair etc. Maybe a bit obsessive but it’s cute.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Zara Says

      That’s really nice, Frank! Did you ever get to meet the little girl in person? Or could you ever go and visit? That would be quite an experience after so many years of being in touch in the distance. Maybe you could also click some photos with her, posing in style! ;)

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