View from the rock at El Penol

Other worldly sunset over Guatape

Just an hour and a half bus ride from Medellin are the dreamy towns of Guatape and Penol. Both of them are situated in a valley which was flooded for a hydro project in the 60s

The interesting thing is that there is an ancient rock in the middle of the valley called ‘The Rock” (La Piedra). You can climb the rock (there are stairs) which is about 200m high and get a sweeping view around the beautiful valley with little islets created due to the flooding. There’s also a little cafe and gift shop at the top of the rock so that you can grab a coffee or a beer.

We went up at sunset and the view was just amazing with the sunset colors sweeping across the valley! So I thought I must share it with you :) If you’re ever in Medellin, you should definitely take a day trip to Guatape, it’s a cute little town and the view from the rock is something else!

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