Window in a typical neighborhood of Lisbon

Smells like LISBON

Walking around the traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon, Ashray and I often joke that “the commission is doing a great job”. Strolling along the winding cobblestone streets and alleys that surround the Sao Jorge’s Castle on top of one of Lisbon’s hills, you almost get the feeling that people decorate their houses on purpose. It’s almost as if there was an organization that works just going around and making sure people’s homes look adorable, somehow rustic and with a very Portuguese touch here and there.

It’s all for the sake of making the neighborhoods look charming, in a very down-to-earth way. Clothes will go back and forward while hanging in the line to dry. Pots with plants will be strategically placed in window corners to add a touch of color. Old ladies would hang out by the window, taking a peek to get entertained with whatever routine is happening in the world outside. Even cats and dogs seem to be in position, almost as if there just to look cute.

The window pictured in today’s photo is an example of how that imaginary commission is keeping Lisbon as lovely as one would want it to be.

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  • Zara LOL on the cats and dogs. If in Lisbon or anywhere in the world many seem to be preening for the camera, in a position to look SO cute! We see dogs everywhere on our travels, and will be watching 3 street/home dogs during a Bali house sit. We’re excited because it’s always fun to be around the doggies and to just watch them, lazing. What a good life lesson too. Let go and chill sometimes….or all the time ;)

    Love the picture you painted Zara, thanks!


    • Zara Says

      Hi Ryan,
      Yes, you are right.. sometimes we should just follow the example of doggies and learn how to chill a little more in life! ;)

  • Anita Says

    Loved this post, Zara! It’s so true. God, this makes me miss Lisbon.

  • Thanks for this post. Hopefully will visit Lisbon once covid is over!

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