It’s competition time: win a $200 Intrepid Travel voucher!

Since day 1, the goal of Backpack ME has been to take you on a trip around the world with us, for free.

This time, we’re taking this motto a little bit further. We think the day when you get to go on YOUR OWN trip has come! And we want to help you achieve that.


We’re giving away a USD200 voucher to use towards a trip with Intrepid Travel, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!


Intrepid Travel voucher

YOUR Intrepid Travel voucher


Let us know why this prize should be yours!

1. Select a photo of yourself in a place that you like: can be the park near your house, an idyllic beach where you went on vacation, the top of a building or mountain, or anywhere that makes you feel like traveling more! You MUST be in the photo!

2. Then upload it to our Facebook wall and tag yourself!

3. Don’t forget to write a caption letting us know where the photo was taken and why this is a special place. Photos that tell a story are kick-ass!

4. All entries should come in BEFORE the 1st of August 2012!



Something like this:


A&Z in the South of Chile

A&Z in the South of Chile

As we were approaching the South of Chile, we got a feeling we were almost at “the end of the world”. And somehow, we wanted to go further…“, A&Z


Takin the leap! Woohoo!

Takin the leap! Woohoo!

Jumping out a plane over Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is one of the most radical things I’ve ever done. Needless to say this would be the first of many adventures!“, Ashray


In the Amazon

In the Amazon

Sitting at this view point over the Amazon, the so-called “lungs of the Earth”, I feel really small. But it’s that sense of detail that allows you to introspect and look within yourself like never before!“, Zara


The best photo shared on Facebook will be published here on Backpack ME and will get the voucher!


So… are you ready to submit your photo now?


Get this voucher and head out on an Intrepid adventure of your own!


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Edit, 5th August 2012


We have a winner!

Vandana Sebastian, who submitted this stunning photo and inspirational caption below!

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona


“This picture was taken on Sunday.

I moved to Arizona because all my life I’ve wanted to take off with two suitcases and move to a city far across the world where I didn’t know a soul. 

When I sat on that mountain on a daylong road-trip with my new friends, I realized that at least once in our lives, we all need to pack our bags and leave without knowing where we’re headed.”


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