How to park a car in India

How to park in Delhi

New Delhi is an extremely congested place when it comes to traffic. There are 7 and a half million vehicles in the city right now, and an average 1400 new cars start circulating every day. As you would imagine, parking is indeed a nightmare.

Around shopping areas, it is very common to have “parking assistants” that will help you squeeze in, almost like if this was the puzzle of life. But, sometimes, space is just not enough! In those cases, cars are lined in front of each other and you leave the key with the parking man. He will rearrange the car whenever there is a need, as new pieces of the puzzle keep on coming in and out.

Is this safe?“, I wondered the first time I came across this system. Yes, it is. We have done it repeatedly in different parts of the city, and we’ve never had a problem. Parking assistants are hired by the municipality, or privately in some shopping areas, and would not dare to drive away with your car. The amazing part is how these guys remember what key belongs to what car!

More than happy to pose for a quick photo, give it up for the parking men of Khan Market!

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