they come from nearby villages to sell their produce

A visual trip to the popular Sunday market in Pisac

When going to rustic places, many travelers enjoy visiting local markets, where villagers come to exchange their products, sell souvenirs and, generally, get supplies for their daily lives.

I believe that markets are, indeed, a great intro to local life: by observing what people sell, buy and use, you get some understanding on what their life is all about. Apart from that, the gathering of people makes markets great spots for people watching and photographing.

In the Andes and namely in Peru, the photographic opportunities are truly amazing: Andean people wear extremely colorful clothing, carry their goods gracefully wrapped in fabrics with typical local prints and all of this happens in such picturesque surroundings!


Travel to the Sunday market in Pisac with us: this is what buying and selling looks like, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

(Click i for captions!)

walking towards the Sunday market

Main road towards Pisac's main square

it's Sunday after all!

Having an ice-cream at work

local women fold it as a purse, to carry their stuff or even their babies!

A piece of fabric in Peru has many uses

you have to carry your goods, and your babies!

Life in the Andes is tough

someone else takes a little break for lunch

While someone tries to sell herbs

such as charging tourists for their photos

Some people that do not have produce to sell find other ways to make a living

not because it's Sunday, but because they pose for photos and get some coins for it!

Kids wearing their best clothes

but I only found out after I clicked!...

This photo costed 1 Sol (USD 0.39)

it sounds great but you truly need air at such high altitude to make it sound at all!

Ashray buying a locally made pan flute

one of the most popular items in Peruvian markets

Typical Andean dolls

apart from the things you can purchase, this is a great place to observe how locals live.

General view of the Sunday market in Pisac

although smiley, the toughness of life up in the mountains shows

Andean faces look tired

this lady goes back home with her neatly tied up supplies

The end of a productive market day

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