Huacachina Oasis, Peru

Weekend in Huacachina Oasis

This is the one and only oasis in South America!

The city of Ica, in the South-west coast of Peru, is surrounded by deserted lands. Pure sand, heat and dryness.

No surprise that the oasis of Huacachina has become the touristic jewel of the region. As if taken out of an Arabic desert inspired movie, Huacachina’s landscape catches the eye with an oval shaped lagoon surrounded by majestic golden sand dunes, high as mountains.

Attracting locals and tourists alike, this is what Huacachina Oasis looks like on a sunny weekend.


(Click i for captions!)

A nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon!

General overview of Huacachina Oasis

It didn't sink after all!

The Titanic

Local families come to Huacachina for a dip!

It's a hot day…

but these folks don't seem worried at all!

There's a myth that says the lagoon swallows one man every year

The sand in the lagoon shore is a great playground on a sunny day!

Kids playing in the sand.

Mowgli style!

That leaf is in the right place

and the ones in Huacachina are home to sandboarding and dunebugging activities.

Peru has some of the biggest dunes in the world

and so we start our ascend.

One of the medium sized dunes around Huacachina

as our toes sink into the sand and every step feels like half!

Half way through

sand that extends all the way to the city of Ica.

View from top

just before the sun leaves for the day.

On top of the dune

after a glorious day at the Oasis.

Sunset over Huacachina sand dunes


Watch a video of the beautiful shifting sands in Huacachina!

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