Road trip in Oman

51 degrees – should we evaporate?

Back in 2011 we took an exciting and rather terrifying road trip through Oman. On a day when we would drive 800kms, one of our tires blew out in the middle of the night. After the police came (it took about 2 hours) and aided us with a recovery vehicle we ended up in a sleepy village called Haima. We spent the night in a cockroach infested trucker’s motel.

This was the next day. With a makeshift tire stuck onto the car, we decided to brave the remaining 500kms to Salalah. Driving through the scorching desert, the weather was terrible. Sandstorms came and went, and the outside temperature was a sweltering 51 degrees. That’s 123.8F!

Luckily, the replacement tire held up and we made it to Salalah. It was 24 degrees (75.2F) when we arrived there. What a relief!

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  • Chandni Kohli Says

    Hey luvies! You’d be surprised, but I had a similarly dangerous road trip to Oman last year, in fact it resulted to one of the guy’s bike skidding on a curb and crashing, leading to injuring himself that we all decided to take a U turn and return back to Dubai, especially since there were children from the age of 4 to 12 in the cars. In total we were around 4 family cars and 3 bikes (one biker didn’t get his visa at the entry point and had to return back – lucky he didn’t witness the accident). The very expensive BMW bike which crashed was in no condition to be taken back, and hence was abandoned, the guy who luckily got no major injuries was heart broken to see his bike in pieces, we were just glad everyone reached back safely. I guess that’s why I keep telling Avinash why I’m not too keen on him getting a bike. We nevertheless celebrated everyone’s safety the following weekend by partying at the guy’s place back in Dubai :) who by the way has another bike parked in his garage along with some vintage cars (I guess some people never give in eh lol).

  • Woah! I guess it was both exciting and frightening being stuck in the middle of the desert. But driving under the scorching heat of the sun is not a fun thing to do. Any way, your photo looks great! your smiles doesn’t show how you’ve been through last night and during your travel time. :)

  • That must have been such an experience! By the way, you had any guide with you throughout the desert trip or were you on your own?

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