1 Sol

This girl looks indeed very beautiful and photogenic. But there is a story behind her smiley face.

On Sundays, in the Andean market of Pisac, kids and adults dress in the most traditional of local outfits and pose with little baby alpacas or llamas. They look so “typical” that tourists run after them to click memorable photos. But the moment you even take the camera out, they will come to you and ask for “1 sol”, about USD0.37.

I clicked, so I had to pay. But I am not satisfied with the idea of these kids growing up thinking that this might be a viable way to make a living.

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  • Hi,

    I’ve never questiones it, it always seems like a fair trade to me.

    I’ve only had it happen to me in poor countries where jobs are scarce.

    At the end of the day they are models for our memories – and we wouldn’t have such good photos without them.

    Wish List Tourist

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