Ze Povinho Ta Magrinho graffiti, Lisboa

Ze Povinho became skinny! :O


Ze Povinho is the icon of the Portuguese population, of the working class.

This is the usual image representing Ze Povinho:

Traditional Ze Povinho figure

Traditional Ze Povinho figure


Usually a regular everyday man who lives a simple life, against the opulent and unrightfully powerful. Now, in this graffitti found in Lisbon, Ze Povinho has lost all his chubby typically Portuguese charm. But why?

Ze Povinho represents Portugal and its people and currently, with the economical crisis, even he has become skinny. It’s austerity times those we’re living! And the regular people know it better than anyone else!…

Under Ze Povinho you can read the word “BASTA”, which translates into “ENOUGH”. That’s what the people of Portugal are shouting out everyday now: enough cutting down our salaries, enough cutting down our rights, enough cutting down our quality of life. And if we have to cut, then that should apply to EVERYONE. Not just Ze Povinho…

On the left side you can read: EMIGRA TU FDP. So yeah, replying to those politicians that leave the Portuguese people with little option but to seek work abroad:

“YOU leave the country, son of a bitch!”


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