Llanquihue lake in Puerto Varas

Yes, this is a lake..

Llanquihue lake in Puerto Varas is so big that Zara and I had a pretty interesting argument about whether this is a lake or the sea. When a lake gets so large that it has waves in it, I tend to think that it’s more like a sea. Couple that with that big ship thrown in there and you’re really left scratching your head.

We were unlucky because on a good day you can see the snow capped Osorno Volcano on the other side. However, this majestic lake was a satisfying sight indeed!

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  • Have you visited Frutillar and Puerto Montt while you were in Puerto Varas? I’ve been to those towns in 2011 and really loved them.

    • Zara Says

      We didn’t go to Frutillar but we did stay in Puerto Montt for a couple of days before going South.
      Really liked the town and enjoyed the fish market – I remember we had some delicious salmon and sopaipillas over there! ;)

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