Airbnb rental in Lisbon

Uma Casa Portuguesa: our Airbnb rental in Lisbon

We went downstairs to have coffee in the local pastry shop and the moment we took a seat the waiter asked “duas meias de leite?“. That sentence, translating into “two lattes?” made us feel at home. We were officially locals, we belonged.

Having a nomadic lifestyle makes it very difficult to feel like you fit in somewhere. But Lisbon is different than most places we go to. Here, we have family, friends, we know our way around and now, for a few weeks, we even have a home.

Airbnb offers a lot of short term rentals in Portugal’s capital city and the influx of visitors seeking to travel to a place with such unique personality keeps on growing.

We did an Airbnb rental in the area of Alcantara, which allows us to be close to the historical center, while still in a neighborhood that feels totally local, not touristy.

Our house is as typically Lisbon as it gets, while with a lot of modern touches. Welcoming, cozy, with character. Comfortable, practical, taking the cute factor into consideration in most details.

The bedroom has 2 single beds that, put together, make our large double bed, with several layers of blankets and comforters that, working as a team with the electrical radiator, keep us warm during the European winter.

Our bedroom

Our bedroom


The living room is my favorite part of the house: it is large and sunny. It has a lot of different corners ideal to sit down with the laptop to work, with a book or to simply stand by the window and watch the world pass by downstairs – like some of our neighbors seem to often do! There’s also a smaller extra room, that makes you feel positive thanks to its colors.

Our living room feels like Lisbon!

Our living room feels like Lisbon!


The kitchen reminds me of a traditional Portuguese song that talks about a typical Portuguese home, where there’s always wine and bread on the table.

Our host Maria made sure we experience the best of Portuguese hospitality, gifting us red wine, Portuguese chouriço sausage and bread. These petiscos taste even better when we pull the chord of the CD player that sits by the house’s entrance and Ana Moura, without ado, sings us a fado.

Details in the kitchen

Details in the kitchen


É uma casa portuguesa, com certeza!
É, com certeza, uma casa portuguesa! Amalia Rodrigues

Lyrics of fado song "Uma Casa Portuguesa", aka A Portuguese Home

Lyrics of fado song "Uma Casa Portuguesa", aka A Portuguese Home


Do you want to feel at home in Lisbon?
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  • Franca Says

    Wow! It looks so well designed. We recently found out that we care more about design when we choose where to stay, it makes the whole stay more pleasant, don’t you think?

  • Suzanne Says

    That looks fabulous – Lisbon was a great surprise city that I’d like to return to and hadn’t considered Airbnb, now I will look for this flat – just looks like home

    • Zara Says

      Hi Suzanne.. it’s definitely worth checking out the Airbnb rentals in Lisbon as there are lovely apartments.
      This one is top.. comfy and SO, SO very Lisbon! :)

  • Noelfy Says

    Never tried Airbnb so far…I was always lucky to get places to crash for free as homestays or couchsurfing. But I think that it worth definitely trying!

    • Zara Says

      Oh yes, definitely worth trying!
      Whether you’re looking for spare rooms in someone’s home or full apartments, there’s always plenty of options on Airbnb. We have already used it in Europe, USA, South America and Asia!

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  • Da Silva anibal Says

    Guive me All the information, I go to portugal soon

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