Travel and Food in Emilia Romagna Italy

Travel and Food in Emilia Romagna

We traveled to Italy in the summer of 2016. Today we take you with us on a day trip through the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. This is the place where many of Italy’s famous culinary treasures come from. But today we shall take you with us in an entirely new way!

At Backpack ME, we’ve always been focused on sharing rich travel experiences with you. We constantly create videos, photos, write-ups and are always active on social media posting about our day-to-day experiences. Today we want to take our storytelling to the next level and for that we’ll be using an interactive storytelling system that involves photos, audio, video, and text.

We’ve taken care of everything and at your end it’s a simple matter of just pressing play and scrolling through the interactive story. If you’re on a desktop or laptop, make sure you hover over the menu  and click the full screen  button.

Hover over the Menu, and Click Fullscreen

If you’re on a mobile device don’t worry, the interactive story will work perfectly for you.

So now, sit back, relax and take a trip through the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. You’ll come across Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, and a surprising and vibrant Indian community. Enjoy!


Take a trip around Emilia Romagna with A&Z

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  • I love this!! What a great way to show people around a part of the world! I hope it’s not copying if I put something like this together for a post I have planned next year… I’m inspired!

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