The Wedding Series 2/4: the bachelor(ette) party

We like to think we are not a conventional couple. So having a “typical” bachelor/ette party with strippers, genital shaped cakes and drinks galore was not the thing for us. Well, we still had plenty of drinks to pass around, but our friends made sure we had much more than that!

As a bunch of Portuguese friends came to Delhi for our wedding and I was also new(ish) around here, our guys came up with the idea of doing a treasure hunt around the city. Our group of friends was divided into teams of 3 or 4 people, given clues for iconic monuments and spots of areas around old and south Delhi and we had less than 3 hours to visit 8 locations!

Team Sushmita Sen

Team Sushmita Sen


But this was no traditional city tour… there was a catch! We were all supposed to do something stupid or funny at each place!


With no further ado, this was the result:



As the organizers were unable to name a winner (yeah, we were all too good!), all the girls got an auto – nothing says India abroad better than an auto. Oh, wait… I forgot about cows!

After a joyful yet strenuous afternoon speeding from in between the crowds of Delhi’s centre, we went to a bar for dinner and drinks.

Sri Carrasco, Patty Singh & Vanessa Kumar drinking Delhi away!

Sri Carrasco, Patty Singh & Vanessa Kumar drinking Delhi away!


But details from that night, my friends, you shall never find out….

What happens in Delhi, STAYS in Delhi!


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