Smiley kids in Cambodia

The joy of traveling in Cambodia

When you travel to new places with no specific expectations, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised. That’s what’s happening to me right now in Cambodia.

We decided to travel around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and, by default, I know more about the history, culture and people of both the first and last countries. Cambodia should be “more or less the same”, ignorant me thought.

But Cambodia decided it was time to blow me away: not because of its impressive and famous temples, not because of the incredible value for money a western pocket will find around here, not even because they prepare delicious curries that won’t leave my tongue numb after lunch (that is Thailand’s job and they’re good at it!). Cambodia is getting into my heart because of the friendliness of its people: young or old, they are the smiliest I have ever come across anywhere else in the world before.

It’s incredible to think that, in a country with such a harsh history and recent past, people seem to be so happy. And when you are in a happy place, something magical happens: you feel happy too! And that is why it is such a pleasure to be here!

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  • Agness Says

    I lived in Siem Reap for two months last year and I had a time of my life. The kids were running around my house every morning, people sent me greetings from the street and everyone was so happy! I know this feeling. Keep enjoying the smiles of South-East Asia!

  • Franca Says

    I wish we made to Cambodia while we were in SEA, unfortunately we needed to change our route but one day I’ll go there!

  • I can’t wait to see some videos from Cambodia! I hope you have a great time there! I love your posts guys, I hope I could travel the world the way you do and find a love like yours someday! (First I need to finish school)
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

    • Zara Says

      We’re having a great time in Cambodia and have several videos coming up in the next few weeks! :)
      Good luck with school and see you somewhere in the world one day.. maybe Argentina, you never know!

  • Fon Says

    Indeed one of the best things about Cambodia is the friendly locals. I can attest to this having been to Phom Penh and the famous Siem Reap. Being around joyful people is a great experience, especially for a traveler.

    • Zara Says

      More than anything else, people make a place.. and people in Cambodia really know how to make you feel welcome. Particularly the kids.. always smiley and talkative!

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