Gazing out over the Colca Valley

The Colca Valley – High up in the Andes

Back when we were in Peru we made a trip through Arequipa all the way to the Colca Valley. The Colca Canyon is famous in Peru and is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA. Maybe it needs to be renamed the Grandest Canyon to get its day in the international spotlight.

We stayed in a quaint little village called Chivay and took day trips from there around the valley. The colectivos that we took from one town to another cost about a dollar each. We visited 2-3 villages and the next morning went up to the view point where Condors come to get some air so that they can fly around for the day.

It was just so nice to sit in a little bus full of Andean people, the wind in my hair, gazing out across landscapes such as this. Time to go back perhaps?

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  • Hi Ashray,

    My fiancee Kelli visited and had nothing but good things to say. She was captivated by both the views and the condors, some of the rarest animals on earth. Seeing these creatures soar would be a thrill to me. I was in and out of Peru in 2 weeks; I did Cusco and Lima, and had to head back to the States for a wedding. My quickest international trip ever ;) Thanks guys, tweeting from Fiji.


  • I’m currently planning a trip around South America (quite a long time in the future, I must admit), and this may have just made it on to the list of places to see!

    • Zara Says

      You should definitely include the Colca region on your travel plans!!
      And whenever you finally make it to South America, I’d be happy to share other wonders with you! :)

  • Never knew there would be grander than the Grand Canyon. Thanks for sharing. :)

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