Bridge between Portugal and Spain

The bridge

Today is the last day of 1 year of non-stop traveling.

I guess the feeling that this episode is coming to an end won’t truly sink in until we board our planes back to Portugal and India.

The bridge in the photo is the connection between Portugal and Spain, in my hometown, Valenca do Minho.

This year, we have crossed many bridges – real and imaginary. The world now seems a little bit smaller (but not any less richer in terms of variety). We have seen and done a lot, no doubt. And ultimately, by even getting engaged and eventually married next year, we’re giving our little contribution to bridging the world and different cultures too.

No matter where you come from or where you are going, the world is meant to be shared by all of us. The more we mix, we more we enlarge our horizons, the more we understand how we can communicate with each other, the better life is bound to be, for all.


Mixing is the way to go!

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