Right after we entered Glacier National Park

Step in towards the glacier

We spent the last few days in and around Glacier National Park. The central road of the park is called the Going to the Sun road. It’s absolutely stunning! We weren’t fortunate enough to drive the entire 50 mile stretch (the road is closed due to snow!) but we did manage to make it through 29 miles! The vistas are out of this world – pristine alpine forests and snow capped peaks, reflected in cold mirror like water. Lakes all over the place and the danger of a bear attack in the cold nippy air – exciting!

I’ve always wanted to go to Glacier since I read about it in National Geographic a few years ago. It’s not very popular in the US due to it being high up in the North (right next to Canada) and sort of in the mid-west of the country. But the lack of people (especially in the pre-season) helps you truly appreciate how amazingly beautiful and untouched this place is. Unfortunately, scientists predict that all of it’s glaciers will be gone by 2030 due to climate change.

Time to head to Glacier folks!

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