Spanish clams

Spanish Clams taste like Summer!

Oh, the tasty seafood you can sample in Malaga!

If you are ever in a coastal region of Spain and you like seafood, this is a real treat! When we traveled to Malaga, we indulged in fresh clams cooked in white wine and smothered up with creamy butter, garlic and a touch of herbs. Walking around all day in the heat visiting the city’s historical sights, you do end up deserving such a refreshing moment. And this is one of those simple tapas you can find pretty much anywhere in Southern Spain and that always tastes right – because it tastes like summer! With a good drink and even better company, you will see the plate getting empty way too quick!

Even though this is one of the most common preparations for clams around Malaga (and pretty much all over Spain and even Portugal), there are others well beloved by locals and vacationers in the region. “Almejas a la Malagueña”, for example, take the name of the recipe’s birth place. The clams are steamed and served in a sauce that includes breadcrumbs to make it thicker and even more bread dipping inducing.

If cooking the seafood in wine sounds delicious, wait until you try “Almejas al Cava”. This is a preparation of clams cooked with cava, which is a popular Spanish sparkling wine most commonly drank during festive occasions, just like champagne. All it takes are steamed clams, butter, a little cream, cava and a simple pinch of salt and pepper. When ingredients are top notch quality, you really don’t need much else!

All ingredients must be natural! Because their freshness and quality, associated with the care that comes with centuries of cooking tradition, is what makes seafood in Spain taste so good!

Drinking and eating tapas outdoors during the weekend or even week evenings (when the weather is warmer) is one of local people’s favorite activities. It’s really easy to understand why. Delicious food is always a good excuse to go out for fresh air and spend time with friends and family. You can bond over a plate of clams, or other small servings of regional specialties… and be grateful that the ocean has presented you with such delicious food!

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