Recycled art by Paco Viniachi

I love rock’n'roll!

The first guesthouse we stayed at in Quito, Ecuador, was owned by a local artist called Paco Viniachi.

This man had converted every corner of the house, garden and street in front of his property into colorful art. Even the lamp post in front of his gate had paintings all over it!

Paco Viniachi loves converting the ordinary into something beautiful. And so he took over a piece of land next to his house, that was used by the municipality to dispose recycling materials. Little did the authorities knew that Paco was going to take their idea of recycling to a whole new level, by re-using materials to build sculptures with personalities of all sorts.

In this photo we can appreciate a duo of good old rockers, made of plastic and cans.

Next time you drink a can of coke, keep in mind that it might end up as a cool rocking sculpture!

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