Idaho countryside

Peaceful in Idaho

During our road trip in the US, we always preferred to take the longer more scenic route. Basically, you always have a choice between taking the expressway or the older roads that go winding through picturesque towns, forgotten villages, and more. We always chose the latter.

So when we drove up from Salt Lake City, UT to Jackson, WY we ended up going through some pretty scenic parts of Idaho. Areas where all you see for miles and miles are grasslands, cows, mountains, creeks, and endless skies! We saw these cows grazing in what could only be called their piece of paradise, so we had to stop and take a picture!

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  • Welcome to my home state! I may be biased since I’m from Northern Idaho – but the further north you go the better it gets :-)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Brittany!
      We didn’t get to explore Idaho in depth, as we were mainly driving through.
      Next time we’re around we’ll have to ask you for tips! ;)

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