Travel cliches of white people

One of the biggest travel cliches (for white people)!

India: they say either you love it or you hate it.

Hippies tend to love it. And one of the reasons is because, apparently, this country is perfect for the “finding yourself” quest. Like Indians would say, this is such a gora thing!

I’ve got to confess that I don’t fully understand why people have to travel to find themselves. Would themselves be in a different country to begin with?

And why is it that white people tend to choose India for this spiritual and introspective journey? What’s the appeal? We have met countless travelers that went to India under pretexts such as “get to know myself better”, “find myself”, “connect with my spiritual side”.

Maybe it’s because it’s such a populous and busy country that to keep your mental sanity you must concentrate in yourself every now and then and, maybe on those moments, you find yourself.

For all of you out going to India, I hope you find yourselves and do not lose them again! But if you do, that could always be a great excuse to travel to this amazingly entertaining country once again!


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  • I have not been in India yet, mostly because I have heard it is so difficult to travel. I still want to go but need to gather the courage for it.

  • pathik khatwani Says

    I see sense in your “such a populous ….” But as an Indian suffering this urban chaos everyday, I escape to the Himalayas to” find myself ” as they say it. Only the really brave western travelers will infact spend time with sadhus/ so called spiritual hangouts & most others will come out disappointed. Feel George Harrison’s pictures from the 60s should be thanked for this burgeoning Indian tourism.

  • Yvonne Says

    It’s funny, one of my latest blogs was called “you love it or you hate it”, about… India of course. About my first visit (not to find myself, but just to see its beautiful places and meet its welcoming, enthusiastic people) and how I wasn’t sure to which group we belonged… it wasn’t live at first sight, but somehow keep returning… next month for the 6th time… think I must love it… somehow. :)

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