Momos at Namaste Bhojanalaya Lisbon

Momos and Coincidences

The world is a small place. And Lisbon is even smaller…

Two days ago, we finally met in person fellow travel blogger Yara, from Heart of a Vagabond. We talked about the usual things travelers always end up talking, like trips that lead to more trips and food discoveries that lead to later cravings when you’re somewhere new. We were talking about vegetarian friendly cuisines of the world and about how India really stands out as a foodie heaven for veg lovers. Yara, who is vegan, was mentioning how she had also had an incredible food experience in Nepal. And, somehow, that got us all craving for Nepali momos.

Mentioning out loud “how awesome would it be to find momos here in Lisbon” we were all of a sudden interrupted by a young man sitting nearby us. Krishna introduced himself and told us that [just as if he was sent to us by Mother Nature to fulfill our every need] he owns a Nepali restaurant in Lisbon. And, of course, they serve momos!

Today we walked by Namaste Bhojanalaya in the Intendente neighborhood of Lisbon. The night was chilly and we thought a cup of Nepali tea would warm us up. We met Krishna, and got to know his restaurant with such a homely atmosphere. The tea was good, and we couldn’t help but to order the momos.

Sometimes, you just have to let coincidences lead the way!..

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  • Anita Catita Says

    Há momos em Lisboa!!!!

  • I also want to meet Yara and you guys! Are you coming to algarve this summer? I looooove momos, I ate nearly everyday momos when I was in pohkara, this local place in nepal had also chocolate momos, do you believe? Heaven!

    • Zara Says

      We’d love to meet you too, Marta! But, you know, crazy people like us have no idea what their summer plans will be like yet! ;) We’re around Lisbon until mid June, that’s for sure… so, if you’re around sometime, just let us know!

    • We’d love to meet you too :) Just like Zara and Ashray, I’ll be here until Mid or end of June, then I’m off to Asia.

      You should come to Lisbon for a couple of days and we could all go out for momos :)

  • Hey A&Z, it was great to meet you too and what a crazy thing of life! What are the odds a Nepali guy, would be sitting behind us, at an esplanade we were not even consuming anything on a Tuesday afternoon?

    I need to go to that place too! I love momos :)

  • Love momos, and love serendipity!! Lovely story! And yummmmm!

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