Malaysia eVisa for Indians

Malaysia eVisa for Indians

It’s great to see that more and more countries are jumping on the opportunity to welcome legitimate Indian tourists. Malaysia used to offer visa on arrival to Indians in 2010 but after 40,000 Indian visitors went ‘missing’, they scrapped the program. However, Malaysia is now once more welcoming Indian visitors to their shores through a highly efficient eVisa process. The eVisa is applied for online and is ready within 24 hours.

As of September 2016, the following categories of visitors are eligible to apply for eVisas:

  1. PRC Nationals in China Mainland (Does not include Macau) Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar
  2. Indian Nationals in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan and Hong Kong
  3. Bangladesh Nationals in Bangladesh
  4. Nepal Nationals in Nepal
  5. Myanmar Nationals in Myanmar


Ashray, an Indian traveling in Malaysia

Ashray, an Indian traveling in Malaysia


The Procedure

The process for a Malaysia eVisa is fairly simple and outlined well on the Malaysian eVisa website. First, you have to prepare the following documents:

  1. Scanned first and last page of your passport in JPG format
  2. A 35mmx50mm digital photograph in JPG format
  3. Itinerary with confirmed return or onward travel tickets in PDF format
  4. Hotel reservations in PDF format

If you are not certain about your plans yet, you can always book flexible flights and hotels to support your visa application.

The authorities are very strict about the way your passport has to be scanned in and also about the specifications of the photograph. If you do not adhere to the guidelines, they will ask you to re-upload your documents and re-evaluate your application.

The orientation of your passport scan should match the examples


In my case, I uploaded the last two pages of my passport and they asked me to crop the image and re-upload only the last page so that it was larger and easier to view. They do have very helpful images to show exactly how your documents should be when you upload them so as long as you follow the guidelines, you’ll get your visa within 24 hours.

Start a new application once you are ready


Once all your documents are ready, create a free account on the eVisa portal and login to get started. Create a new visa application. You’ll have to upload your passport copies, photograph, your flight tickets, and hotel reservations. There is also a category called “OTHER” but you needn’t upload anything there.

Finally, you have to enter all your passport details, and also your address in Malaysia (this will be your first hotel if you have more than one) as well as your local address in India. Once that step is complete, you’re done with the application form part. At this point of time, the system will require you to make two payments. You need to be able to make these payments via a credit card. You don’t necessarily need to use your own credit card if you don’t have one of your own. The credit card doesn’t have to be in your name. The first payment is USD 25 for the eVisa charge and the next one is Rs. 1050 as processing fees. I noticed from the charges on my credit card that this whole facility is setup in collaboration with VFS even though it’s supposed to be a “Department of Immigration” website. VFS is a well known global visa processing agency and is known to work closely with several governments to facilitate easy visa processing.

Once you’ve completed your payment, the application moves to the “Submitted” status. The application might move through a “VALIDATED” status before going to “APPROVED”. It takes up to 24 hours to get an APPROVED visa. In the meantime, they might come back to you asking for something else like in my case when they asked me to re-upload my passport copy after cropping it. Also, bear in mind, the processing time is 24 WORKING hours, so if you submit your application on Friday at 2PM, expect to have your visa by 2PM on Monday.

The website is well designed and very easy to use. They also have a LIVE CHAT function in case you need any clarification on any details so please do use that if you have any concerns.

Once your application is submitted, you’ll get a confirmation email. The moment your visa is approved you’ll get another email with a link to print it out. You need to print out the visa and carry a copy with you. You may print it in colour or black and white, it doesn’t matter.

Also, the visa confirmation advises you to carry along-with you:

  1. Proof of sufficient funds (cash, bank statements, credit cards)
  2. Proof of onward travel (a ticket out of Malaysia)
  3. Proof of accommodation

So be sure to carry print outs of all these documents when you arrive in Malaysia. It’ll make your immigration experience smoother if the immigration agent on duty decides to ask.

Documents to be checked with Malaysia eVisa

Bring these documents when you travel with the eVisa

Good for a single journey to Malaysia within 3 months from date hereof, provided that this passport remains valid. – your eVisa


The eVisa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue and allows you a SINGLE entry with a stay of up to 30 days. You can basically use it at any time within the next 3 months from the date of issue. Once you enter Malaysia, you can stay for up to 30 days. If you leave Malaysia and want to enter again, you’ll need to apply for another eVisa and pay again. Also, please note that the visa is NOT extendible so you cannot stay beyond 30 days in Malaysia under any circumstance.


Using the eVisa

We flew to Malaysia with Singapore airlines. The staff at the checkin desk in New Delhi had never seen this type of visa for Malaysia ever before! They asked me all sorts of questions including whether I had a return ticket and even if I had two empty pages in my passport for the entry stamp! At one point I said that they could ask the Malaysian Airlines staff about it or even Air Asia. I was sure they would know about this type of visa. Eventually, the checkin agent asked one of his colleagues and it was all good. This entire process took about 5 minutes and now they’ve finally been educated on the existence of the eVisa to Malaysia.

On arrival in Malaysia there were absolutely no issues. The immigration agent took a look at my eVisa and put a small sticker in my passport and placed an entry stamp on top of it. The sticker and stamp can take up to half a page on your passport so make sure you have at least that much space available. He did not ask to see my return ticket, hotel reservations, proof of funds, etc. even though I was carrying all this stuff as per the advice in the visa confirmation email. I would recommend that you carry all these documents since your airline, departure immigration, or arrival immigration could request to see them.



It’s great to see that Malaysia has come up with a very efficient and well designed eVisa system. It saves a lot of hassle in taking appointments, visiting consulates, standing in queues, and is far more eco friendly too! Also, the 24 hour processing timeframe is ambitious but they seem to be delivering on it like clockwork.


As always, if you have questions, please ask in the comments!

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  • Great to hear that they are using this system – if only every embassy had a 24 hour turnaround period!!

  • Ashu Says

    Glad to see they’re offering this service. I hope that our fellow citizens don’t abuse this program and don’t end up ruining it for all the rest of us who abide by immigration rules and guidelines.

  • Nishant Says

    Great post. I wish I had seen this earlier (since I struggled a lot to find a comprehensive view of the end to end process). Anyhow, I am planning to visit Malaysia with my family (me, mom, wife and daughter) and was wondering if I can apply for visa for everyone using the same account or do I have to have separate account for each one of us?

    • Ashray Says

      You can apply for everyone who is traveling together using the same account, just create multiple applications. You will however have to pay multiple times since the system only charges you per application.

      • Nishant Says

        Thank You. This really helps :)

      • Asif Khan Says

        hi. suppose that my stay in evisa is for 30 days so before applying to my visa do I need to show the complete 30 days accommodation because still, I don’t know after KL where I will move on.

      • Safa Says

        Hi, does this still apply? I’m trying to apply for my mother and father and myself using my account but it’s not letting me load a new application.

  • David Says

    Hello Ashray,

    What did they ask you in the immigration at the airport? If you don’t mind sharing. :) I am an Indian passport holder as well!


    • Ashray Says

      They didn’t ask anything at all. Just looked at the eVisa printout, my passport, and put the sticker in and stamped. No questions were asked.

  • Deepak Says

    Hello A&Z, Where would you like to live after touring the world ?

  • John Says

    Hey A&Z,

    I like your writing. Bt here is what I’ve noticed: I’ve been away for a while (from the keyboard), when coming back, I went to (to show all posts in reverse chronological order), compared it to my RSS feed of your same blog, and found a difference: like every other posts is only showing up in the RSS feed, but not on your blog. I wonder if it is how you intended it? Having ‘secret’ posts, and in fact, quite a few of them? I’ve found no difference in quality or the post being interesting in the hidden ones to the ones showing up properly in the archive.

    It’s you blog, you probably know it better. Happy blogging!

    • John Says

      So, how does this work? Am I missing the point here? Thanks!

      Separately, the site stating that my post has or has not been submitted for moderation at all would be helpful. Some of my comments seem to be lost in the the ether. :(

      • Ashray Says

        I checked the RSS feed and it looks the same as what’s on the blog so I’m not sure which posts are missing? Also, we don’t moderate comments so your comments should just show up immediately :)

  • ashwani Says

    I got the visa for my friend
    she is a girl
    but the gender printed on the visa is male
    its e-visa for Malaysia
    what shall I do now
    please help

  • senthil Says


    With single login to windowmalaysia, can i apply two more application for my wife and son. or do i have to create separate logins for them.


    • Ashray Says

      You don’t need to make separate logins. You can use the same one for multiple applications.

      • senthil Says

        one more query i have.. the photographs to upload is studio shooted normal photo or it has to be mattee finish photo.


        • Ashray Says

          The finish doesn’t matter. It should be a high quality digital picture with the correct dimensions as per the eVisa website.

  • Manoj Says

    I planned to visit malaysia ( Friend of mine is already working over there). I want to stay with my friend.I applied for evisa, visa authority asking for hotel accommodations docs what should i do?.

    • Ashray Says

      Just book a cancellable hotel on and submit that reservation. Once your visa is approved, you can cancel the booking.

  • preethi Says

    I planned to visit Malaysia and Singapore , I am travelling to Singapore via bus from Malaysia. Do I need to book a bus from India or can i submit return ticket of Singapore. Please let me know.

  • Mark H Says

    Cool article A&Z. I’m going to Malaysia this summer and I’m super excited.

  • Shaktinath Says

    I have a question regarding Malaysian visa, I have a valid passport but my wife’s name is not included in it, will there be any problem while getting visa for me.

    • Ashray Says

      No, it doesn’t matter.

      • surender rana Says

        we are three person travelling to singapore and malaysia.only one malasia visa is pending of 1 person and his ststus is validated.and my flight is singapore to kul on 14th jan 2018. then i take visa for malaysia.kindly suggest madam.

  • reza Says

    Hi A&Z i am indian citizen and currently i am in Thailand on tourist visa. and suddenly Make Plan to VISIT Malaysia to one of my Malay Friend, so i applied for E-Visa, at time time of submission the Message appear it says Maximum 24 Hrs on Working day i applied on 1400 HRS 28th December 2016, and now 30the December 2016 (9000) HRS nothing happens it shows Processing, please guide how hong dose it take any Idea.

  • Raj Says

    Hi A&Z,

    Thanks for the informative article. I am a singapore resident intending to apply e visa for my parents in India who are visiting me at singapore soon. They are flying from singapore to Kl and back to singapore. For flight ticket proof, providing their entire round trips (India->sg, sg->Kl, kl->sg, sg->india) should be sufficient right, if I am asking them to apply evisa online from India?

  • Abdul Sathak Says

    Hi Ashrav, thanks for the informative and useful blogpost. I just wanted to know whether it is an issue if I’m an NRI? A little background: I work in the UAE, but I’m originally from Chennai,TN. I wanted to go to Kuala Lumpur and decided that stopping over to see family in Chennai was a good idea. I can’t really make the e-visa from UAE as its not open to Indians living outside India (at the moment). But since I’ll be taking the flight to KL from Chennai. Think it should be fine (?) I’ve already messaged the e-visa authorities but no responses yet. Any thoughts on this situation could help. Thank you! – Abdul.

  • Jacson Says

    I never think that a trip in India will become a great memory for me. The best think about my trip is I started my trip from the mountains and cover, sky-driving, trekking, and rafting. So according to me India is the best place to try new adventure. A special thanks to IGCS visa for the best services time to time.

  • Mrunal Says

    Hi Ashray,

    Hope you are having fun wherever you are currently. I am visiting Langkawi & KL soon, and have taken an EVisa. Can you help me with what all docs will they ask at the airport? What do they mean by sufficient funds? Do i show Cash or cards or both? Also i will be taking the EVisa print with me – do they need a colour print or a B&W print?
    Lastly, while in Malaysia can i easily exchange INR to MYR?
    Do reply soon :)


  • Neaera Says

    I am an Indian citizen studying in Russia… as per the e-visa rules I am not elligible to apply for an electronic visa. So can I email the documents to my parents in India and ask them to make an online application on my behalf?
    And once they get the e-visa, they can email it to me!
    Will this work?

    • Ashray Says

      It might work but as with all visa applications if things go wrong then you might be denied the visa. It’s usually best to follow the guidelines that are put in place. Is it not possible for you to apply at a Malaysian consulate? It’s usually cheaper and the eVisa is preferred due to more convenience.

  • Neeraj Says

    How many applications can we submit in 1 day ? in single login ? is there any limit on number of applications ?

  • Reshma Says flight is from Mumbai to KL and there on to Penang. Can i use an evisa in this case? Is this considered as multiple entry?

    • Ashray Says

      You can use the eVisa. There is only one entry at KL. The flight from KL to Penang would be a domestic flight.

  • hardik vekariya Says

    I have planned trip for malaysia in march. I am working in Myanmar so i have planned to travel to KL from myanmar and my family will travel to KL from Mumbai, I have tried to apply through, but the website was damm slow, i have tried to apply for 5 days but the website was not working so, i have approach to apply evisa. The agent have applied for me and my family. unfortunate my visa application rejected and my family visa application approved. Now i have to visit the malaysia embassy in Yangon to apply visa. Akshay can you suggest me any other way to apply visa.. If i will apply through Malaysia embassy the fees around 70 USD.

  • Arkajyoti Says

    Hi Ashray,
    Thanks for the wondeful post. I just had one doubt regarding uplodaing the hotel bookings in the portal. I will be travelling with 3 of my friends and the hotels have been booked in my name. It says “Arkajyoti + 3″. Is it possible for my friends to apply for the E visa based on this? Could you please help me out with this?

  • Abdul Says

    How to pay USD 25 by online.We don’t have credit card. Also, let me know how much cash we should carry for e visa per applicant ?

  • Avadhesh Agrawal Says

    I am trying to register on this website. But its not allowing me to choose NATIONALITY. Only option displayed is CHINA (but I am from India).

    Further, under “CURRENT LOCAL ADDRESS”, only option to choose from “COUNTRY” drop-down is “INDONESIA”.

    I tried on google chrome as well as Internet Explorer.

    Am I trying with incorrect web-link? Is there a specific link for Indians?


    • Ravibedha Says

      I have the same problem while applying tha Malaysia e visa in current location dropdown menu show only few countries if u have the solution plz give me also

  • Rav Says

    IMPORTANT: My evisa was rejected. Here’s why:

    I called the chennai consulate. Here is the reason they gave:
    - I need to attach tickets all the way returning to India. I had shown tickets entering Malaysia, and then exiting Malaysia to china. They said I need to also show a ticket back from china to India. So I had to eat the cost and apply again.

    - Well when i reapplied, I have interchanged my given name and surname and made a wrong submission. 24 hours have passed, my application status says validated, but action still says processing. Don’t know what that means, but i expect a rejection again.

    Will update what happened.

    • Rav Says

      OK. They approved my visa even though I mixed up my given/surname.

      Now my approved visa has my full name in the wrong order. The correct format is “SURNAME GIVEN-NAME”. My evisa shows “GIVEN-NAME SURNAME”.

      Now unsure if immigration will accept or reject this visa when i reach malaysia. When i called the chennai consulate, someone there said it is ok i can travel. On chat they said not ok, i need to reapply.

      Anybody had this issue before?

      • Athreya H N Says

        Hi Rav.. any update on this?? I have a similar problem and the trip is a month away.

  • hyder Says

    Hi.. just want to clear you all that once u submit ur application form then no correction or reuploading nor embassy asks for any clarification.. once submitted then only approval or rejected. .
    I read all ur page n confident that if anything wrong they might ask for resubmission. .. I had applied for 3 only 1 got approved n 2 rejected.. wen I tried to get reason they(VFS) said they won’t give reason. You have to reapply with new charges.. guys be careful. . Make sure u correct all before you submit.. Good luck for all…

  • Critude Says

    Hey Ashray I have a question, I am an Indian passport holder, applied eVisa from Vietnam, was approved. Now, I didn’t know that I cannot apply Evisa from Indonesia, and my flight is already booked, thinking I will get the Evisa. I am in a pickle. What if I have applied from Vietnam and entered from Indonesia ? Does it even matter, where I am boarding the flight from if I have Evisa in my hand. I know I have to load details of flight tickets. Will the immigration chap will stop me from going to Malaysia, from Indonesia even if I have a Evisa, that I have applied from say Vietnam. Hope you got my question!

    • Ashray Says

      It doesn’t matter where you fly in from as long as you have the visa. I wouldn’t expect any problems. Make sure you carry proof of your flight out of Malaysia though.

  • I am traveling from Phnom Penh to Delhi and have a 8 hour layover in KL, I intend to go to KL to do a bit of sightseeing, so have no hotel booking as I will be in the city only for 4-5 hrs. Any idea how to apply without a hotel booking ?? And whether this qualifies as tourist visa or transit visa ?? Thank you

    • Ashray Says

      You could do either a tourist or transit visa. The conditions are complex so you’ll have to look into it. If you’re flying by Malaysian airlines then you could get a transit without visa exemption. Please check with your airline.

  • Yuvraj Rathore Says


    I wanted to visit Malaysia for the whole month of may 2017 (30 days). Then I wanted to come back to India for around a week and then go to Malaysia again for a month in mid June till mid july with, my girlfriend (as I wish to travel again to Malaysia but with her).

    Is this a valid thing to do. I ain’t violating any laws as I would have to apply for a fresh e-visa for my second Month journey.

    Need your help.

  • Sudha Pramod Says

    We are a family of 3 and going for vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. Our trip is planned as – Chennai to Singapore flight, Singapore to KL Bus and KL to Chennai flight.
    Can i take Singapore visa and Malaysia eVisa from Chennai. Will the above plan be OK. Will the evisa be recognized by the authorities in the bus station.
    Thanks !

  • Tarun Agarwal Says

    Can I apply for eVisa for the purpose of business trip for a week or is it meant for just tourism??

    • Ashray Says

      It says Tourism and Commercial trips (in the eVisa FAQ) so I suppose a business purpose is fine. It depends on what you intend to do so if in doubt, please ask the consulate.

  • Rams Says

    They asked correct some information to match with Passport (my bad i entered wrongly first time), after submission its in SUBMITTED stage not moving further from 3 days, is something i should do? or i need to submit fresh application again with payment?

  • Srinivas Says

    We are a family of 4 and going for vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. Our trip is planned as – Hyderabad to Singpore flight, Singapore to KL Bus and KL to Hyderabad flight.
    Can i take Malaysia eVisa from online. Will the above plan be OK. Will the evisa be recognized by the authorities in the bus station as well as Malaysian Airpots.
    Thanks !

  • Rahul Says


    Awesome page.. Great job,
    have a short question. My parents came to Malaysia on a e-visa last month. their visa ends on 22nd Mar. but I want them to stay a month longer.
    I plan a trip to Indonesia on 17-20 Mar. When they go out, I will apply for e-visa, and if approved. can they enter Malaysia again without any issues provided they have a return ticket back home.
    Please reply. Thanks

  • Ramesh Kumar Says

    From 1st April, 2017..i believe there is no need for a eVISA. We have something called eNTRI…which allows one to be on tourist visa for 15 days. Is anyone aware of this? If so does any one know who has travelled with the eNTRI Registration.

    • Ashray Says

      The eNTRI has some other considerations. You need to arrive on a direct flight from India or on a flight from Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei. It’s only for 15 days but I believe it’s free. The visa gives you 30 days stay and you wouldn’t need to arrive on a direct flight (you could be coming from anywhere). Those are the key differences.

      • Nikki Punjabi Says

        Hi Ashray,

        I applied for eNTRI today. I live in UAE. I asked in the chat window couple of times on the website: with the official people — that should I go with evisa or eNTRI — I told them my journey is from UAE – KUL – India. — They told me that you are eligible for eNTRI and eVisa. I was thinking what to do. They don’t give proper answer what you should do. So I booked — eNTRI. I have a journey in next month for 5 days. My eNTRI application status is shown as valid. And I have all the required data as said online:

        The following documents are required to be presented upon arrival at the Malaysian entry checkpoints:

        1. Valid eNTRI Note printout;
        2. Boarding pass;
        3. Valid passport;
        4. Sufficient funds (Cash / Debit or credible credit cards such as UnionPay / Travellers Cheque / eMoney such as Alipay) to cover expenses during your stay in Malaysia;
        5. Confirmed tickets coming in and leaving Malaysia;
        6. Complete travel itinerary; and
        7. Proof of accommodation in Malaysia.

        While applying for the visa, as I gave the payment online for eNTRI — I immediately got the email and valid eNTRI application. Does this guarantee that I’m allowed to enter without any issues?

        Can you please share your thoughts on this?

        Appreciate your help.

        Thanks Much!

  • Maggie Says

    Hi, I’m going to be staying at a friend’s house while I’m in Malaysia. So for the proof of accommodation, can I simply provide their address? Please advise.

  • Rebecca Says

    Good Day Sir ,
    For current Local address did you put indian address as there is no drop down menu for india .many thanks

  • Nikesh Sawant Says

    Hi , Nice article .Keep it up.
    Today I just applied for eNTRI and got it instantly . I am surprised is it so easy or I am missing something. I hope immigration in India are aware of eNTRI and would let travel hassle free. I have one more question how much cash I should show at malaysia immigration if asked for availability of sufficient funds

  • Grishma Agrawal Says

    Hello sir..we are from india n have come to Bali for vacation..on return our flight is through Malaysia,but we won’t be staying In Malaysia..only we wil have to change airport in malaysia for further onwards journey to we require visa for that??

  • Sai Says

    Hi. I want to travel to Malaysia from India and return to India. I am permanent resident of Canada and US work visa. Do I need to visa visit to Malaysia?

  • Arun Says

    Hi, Do i need to upload a covering letter with my travel details.Also my return is from Singapore via KL with a fly through ticket and i hope an evisa for Malaysia should suffice..our travel

    India – KL -Penang-Singapore-India…(Sing-india via KL Fly through)

    Also do we upload all pdfs for our flight tickets..thanks

    • Ashray Says

      No, a cover letter is not required. You can upload your flight details etc in any format that the system says is acceptable.

  • Ipsita Nanda Says

    Hello , I will be travelling to Malaysia this July. I had applied for e-visa along with me five others applied. Everyone has got their evisa approved except mine(they have asked me to upload resident proof documents) as my passport address, bank statement address and current address is different. I am an IT personal and currently shifted twice for project purpose (first in Mumbai and now in Pune). My bank statement is of Mumbai address but as I have shifted to pune now , I had no proof of my local address as I am crashing at my friend’s place. They have asked for my adhar card but of course it wont confer to my current address. GIVEN THE FACT THAT YOU PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS ON MOVE AND HAS NO PROOF OF LOCAL ADDRESS, CAN YOU TELL ME WILL ADHAR CARD WILL BE SUFFICE(They have mentioned resident proof required:kindly upload licence and lease agreement/society letter/adhar card). Please help.
    P.s. Tried to contact Malayisan Consulate in Mumbai but to no avail, seems like their phone connection is in perpetually busy mode.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ashray Says

      I didn’t face this issue, infact I didn’t even think it could be a problem. If they’ve asked you for some proof of residence then you need to somehow arrange that. It could be a letter from your host saying you live with them and their proof of residence or you could just resubmit your application with residence addresses that match up. Also see if you can apply for an eNTRI in case you’re flying directly to Malaysia and visiting for less than 15 days. That might be simpler.

      • Ipsita Nanda Says

        Thanks a lot but we will be hopping next to Vietnam and the return ticket is via Kuala Lumpur. I have talked to the Indian consulate they said If I can generate my work location as my current location, it will be suffice.
        P.S. If I can have a notarized agreement (which is neither a society letter nor lease and rental agreement but a legal agreement acknowledged by the owner that I am staying here) will it be Okay. As in resident proof they have asked for society letter nor lease and rental agreement but as I have shifted just now I cant obviously have a rental agreement.
        Thanks again.

  • Sendil Kumar Says

    Hi A&Z,
    Thanks for such a great post. It was of great help to a first time traveller like me. I have got evisa for my wife and myself following your post.

    After spending few days, I will be travelling to Singapore from Malaysia and from there, i will return to Bangalore. I want your help on Forex, which is better?… carrying specific currencies for both the countries or to carry only Malaysian ringgit and exchange it to Singapore Dollor later on.. Please give your sugesstion.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Sendil

      Everytime you convert money you will lose a little money on the bid-ask spread from the agent. So it’s better to convert just once in each case. So, if your bank account is in INR, exchange from INR->Ringgit. And also separately from INR->SGD. If you do INR->Ringgit->SGD you’ll lose more money.

  • Amit Phayde Says

    Hi Ashray,
    Are you sure the new ENtri scheme is there for Indians?from the website I understand it is only for citizens of Mainland China.We have to apply for E visa only.when I went to E ntri page I could not enter anything.It was freezes.could only upload when I changed to E visa.


  • Ayush Says

    Nice Post.

    I want to Know whether Srilanka provide On arrival visa…??

  • Prashanth Says

    Hi. Thanks for the useful post. I am planning a business visit to KL for a week. I am also planning to visit Singapore in the middle for two days. Should I have to apply for two e-visas? Is Singapore visa also required?
    My travel plan would be Ind-KL-SN-KL-Ind.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Ashray Says

      You should get an eNTRI as it’s multiple entry. Otherwise you’ll need two visas.

      • Prashanth Says

        Thank you for the reply. I was searching everywhere for this. Will I require Singapore visa also?

        • Ramesa Says

          Hi… Im travelling frm dxb-kl-sing-kl-dxb.
          Kl to Singapore by bus.. Do i need to show return ticket?

  • Trivikram Says

    I have applied Malaysian visa through I was not aware of the official website with the Malaysian govt. Any ideas how fast is this as we have hardly few days left for flying to Malaysia?

  • Deepak Says

    HI Thanks for the post.

    I have a query on evisa.

    I am travelling from India to Indonesia in August via Malaysia. I have a layover time of about 15hrs.

    I am planning to come step out of airport and visit Malaysia for about 10 hrs, come back and continue my journey to Indonesia. I also have my return tickets from Indonesia to India via Malaysia. But during my return, I only have 3 hrs of layover. So I will not be going out of airport.

    I have applied for Malaysia eNTRI visa. Unfortunately I came to know that unless I have a return flight ticket to India, Singapore, Thailand or Brunei, eNTRI visa is not applicable. As my first exit point from Malaysia is Indonesia which is not in the list of 4 countries mentioned, eNRTI visa is not applicable.

    Now I want to understand if evisa is applicable in my case. I have already lost eNRTI visa fee for 7 people and cannot afford to lose further.

    Please adivse me if evisa is applicable for me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Divya Says

    Hey, I am planning to fly to Siem reap through Malaysia (air asia). Onward layover is 7 + hours in early morning (which I plan to rest) and return the layover is nearly 9.5 hours so I am planning go siteseeing. I understand the I would require a multiple entry visa – should it be for 30 days or 15 days either way?

  • Windows Malaysia Says

    Malaysian Visa for Multiple entries really can give us an opportunity to visit multiple entries at the same location for several days? I m looking for a visa agent who can provide me the instant visa for Malaysian visitors.

  • Kumar Says

    There’s a correction that you need to make in your write-up. E Visas are also given for multiple entries and valid for a period of three months, with each entry permitting a stay of thirty days. I used such a visa issued in November 2017.

  • Johanna Says

    Malaysian Visa for Multiple entries really can give us an opportunity to visit multiple entries at the same location for several days? When you visit Malaysia you must need a perfect home to use and rest a peaceful life.

  • SUMIT Says


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