macau looks like lisbon

Macau looks like Lisbon!

We’re currently spending some time in Lisbon, one of my favorite cities in the world. I remember when we visited Macau last year how funny it all felt to me: it was like my body was in Portugal while my mind had been transported to China. The blend of Portuguese and Asian elements in Macau is interesting and captivating, from both an aesthetically and cultural point of view.

Macau looks a lot like Lisbon – a lot! The hills, the sidewalks, the narrow streets… even the pastries!

Both places have a lot of character, they are cool.  And that’s probably because they don’t try to be cool as such – it’s a real and down-to-earth vibe (OK, maybe not inside Macau’s casinos.. but stepping beyond them).  Personality can’t be bought, can’t be faked. And both Lisbon and Macau have got that covered!

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  • Edgar Xavier Says

    Se fosse só Macau… No ano passado estive em Maputo e fiquei pasmado e só dizia “isto parece Lisboa”

    • Zara Says

      Tens razao!
      These cities look very pretty, but it is SCARY to think that we, Portuguese, went around the world changing everything to look like our stuff, imposing ourselves. That’s the part I don’t like one bit!

  • Sam Says

    Absolutely! I hadn’t been to Lisbon when I went to Macau, so I had this experience the other way around; when I visited Lisbon, I thought “hey, this looks like Macau!” Both beautiful cities, for sure!

  • I agree, it really looks like Lisbon! When I was there I felt really homesick, a very strange feeling.

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